Caravan & motorhome technical questions


I have a Truma S3002p. It goes out, but at no particular time or pattern. have sat and closely watched the blue flame stop, if i press the piezo quick enough it relights as the thermocouple is holding the valve open. i am Gas safe LPG etc and have thrown new parts at it, valve, thermocouple, burner, 30mb jets, electrode, the flue and cowl are spotless. The alloy casting was washed out with gallons of water, no sign of a blockage, gas pipe purged (aggressively) and of course a full bottle, It is a second-hand swift 2008 sportstyle 2. only had it 3 weeks but seems so very much more. please HELP !


There appears to be gas starvation at certain times. If you have replaced the gas valve then that is probably OK .It appears that the only thing that you have not replaced is the regulator and this may be giving an uneven supply due to gas oil contamination. Also fires have been known to extinguish due to wind direction.