Caravan & motorhome technical questions


We have connected a fully charged leisure battery to our motorhome but none of the interior lights/ water pump will work. Nor do they work when connected to the hook up however the plug sockets do work on hook up?? We are going to a site with no hook up for 10 days and need to rely on our aux system? Have we missed something?? Please help! :0(


The obvious oversight is that the 12 volt switch on your control panel is not turned on. There may also be a fuse close to the battery that has 'blown'.
Depending on the equipment fitted you may have a problem with the battery charger. Make sure that this is switched on. When you are connected to 230 volt hook- up make sure that you have at least 13 volts between the battery terminals with the positive terminal disconnected from the battery. If not you may have to consult your local approved caravan workshop.