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Dometic Seitz S4 Sliding Windows

£251.71 - £578.97
BRAND : Dometic

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Well proven pu-framed windows: Millions of customers can't be wrong.


Tried and tested millions of times, S4 sliding windows are a perfect choice for your motorhome or caravan. Friction hinges for smooth opening to any position, an insulation that matches the construction standards for homes, and a security locking system that prevents the windows from being opened from the outside.

Looking for a top-quality, attractive window to enhance the side of your motorhome or caravan? This model boasts superb workmanship, materials, and operating convenience. These are highly insulating, provide freedom from insects and offer privacy with a darkening blind.

A tried and tested success! This Dometic S4 sliding window boasts a built-in aluminium-coated darkening blind and a fly screen. A secure locking system prevents it from being opened from the outside. The fly screen and darkening blind can be clipped together allowing them to be conveniently adjusted with one hand. Double acrylic glazing of the window pane and a robust polyurethane frame ensure excellent insulation. The safety catch stops the window from being opened from outside. As a complete window system for motorhomes and caravans it is supplied ready to install, with grey acrylic double glazed pane, integrated roller blind and fly net. The Seitz S4 sliding window features a white interior with aluminium coating to the outside, as well as a black outer frame and cream inner frame.

This is a left sliding window (as direction of travel).

Please see the images for full dimensions of each window size.

- Fly screen and darkening roller blinds can be clipped together and simultaneously adjusted with just one hand
- High degree of insulation: darkening roller blinds with aluminium coating
- Quick and easy installation
- Robust quality with double acrylic glazing
- Highly versatile: for wall thicknesses of 26–41 mm (fitted by shortening/trimming the inner frame)
- The practical, central one-hand control system combines both fly net and blind for easy movement into various positions.
- Outer and inner frames are simply screwed together from inside, clamping the window to the vehicle wall, giving pressure for a continuing and lasting seal.
- Outer frame black RAL 9005. Inner frame cream white RAL 9001.
- Blind has white interior with an aluminium coating to the outside.

- Standard mount. material thickness : min 26 mm
- Possible material thickness : max 41 mm

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