Puriclean 100g Tub - Water tank Cleaner

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Puriclean. Cleanses water systems and tanks.
Puriclean 100g Tub Caravan / Motorhome Water System Cleaner. Cleans & prifies all stored water systems, tanks, containers, pipes. Cleans upto 90 Litre (20 gal) Essential Safeguard to Health.

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5 star review(5/5)
good quick service

Puriclean Tank Cleaner

5 star review(5/5)
This stuff did a very good job with very little effort needed

Very Very Small

5 star review(5/5)
Looks can be deceiving. The 100g product is tiny and will probably only give 2 full sterilisations of your water system.

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I have an Alde 3020 fitted in my new motorhome. Do you have any tips?
by James Atkins


Here is some important information that you should know:

- Do not run the system dry, empty of antifreeze solution. The boiler will be damaged beyond repair.
- Do not use greywater or desalinated water in the fresh water system. Only use potable drinking water to avoid corrosion of the stainless steel.
- Do not use a sterilising or winterising chemical in the fresh water system unless it is suitable for use with stainless steel. Puriclean by Clean Tabs is recommended.
- Do not rely on the central heating to prevent the fresh water from freezing, even if living in the vehicle. Always drain down for winter unless the vehicle is explicitly stated to be self-winterising.
- Do not mix incompatible antifreeze. Either top up with the same spec antifreeze, or use VAG G12++ or G13 Spec.
- Do not use hard water to mix the antifreeze solution. Deionised water is recommended.
- Do not dispose of antifreeze in any way except in accordance with PPG19, it is against the law.
- Do not open the bleed screws whilst the circulation pump is active. Air may be sucked into the system.
- Do not obstruct the air vents in the boiler compartment. The thermal fuse might cut out.
- Do not use gas heating whilst driving. Even with a crash sensor regulator fitted. Gas heating must be off when pulling into a fuel station.
- Do not rely on gas heating at high altitude. LPG combustion and performance is impeded above 1500 metres by the Laws of Nature. 3020 boilers in 2017 leisure vehicles have a High Altitude Mode on the control panel.

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