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SMEV 25mm Syphon Double Waste fitting

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SMEV 25mm Syphon waste fitting. Double... more
SMEV 25mm Syphon waste fitting. Double

5 Customer Reviews on SMEV 25mm Syphon Double Waste fitting

A Direct Replacement Fitting For My Rapido Motorhome.

by (20 Jun 2018)
5 star review(5/5)
I bought this Smev 25mm syphon double waste outlet as an exact direct replacement for a damaged one fitted to the shower of my Rapido motorhome. This UK supplier was the only independent I could find where I could obtain one. I could find the single standard waste outlet everywhere but this item utilises a syphon design where odours from the waste water tank are prevented from entering the living space via this outlet, something the standard outlet doesn’t allow. It is supplied with one side blanked off by a cap as used in the shower outlet, which can be removed to utilise it in the sink or even a bath outlet - one for waste water and the other for the overflow outlet. Also, unlike the standard waste outlet, there is a removable end cap which can be removed to clear blockages while remaining in situ. An excellent product.

Caravan & Motor Home Waste Device

by (11 Nov 2016)
5 star review(5/5)
A clever device, with two outlets that seem to (a0 prevent blockage and (b) improve the product's syphoning effect! Inexpensive and well worth the cost

Brilliant Service

by (07 Sep 2016)
5 star review(5/5)
Brilliant service great price excellent quality product

Smev Waste Traps

by (01 Sep 2016)
5 star review(5/5)
Both fitted. Dead easy job. Not yet tested "on the road", but hopefully will relieve recurring problem of waste tank stench on site. (Would it break the bank for manufacturers to fit these??)

SMEV 25mm Syphon Double Waste

by (22 Nov 2011)
4 star review(4/5)
Overall this is very good replacement product and would recommend it. The only thing about the design of these waste outlets is that if you overtighten the center screw, you could break the plastic inner moulding, so beware - only use enough force to secure the product and use some sealer to complete the job.
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