Fiamma Caravan Motorhome Security Products

Product Ref: 241538

Fiamma Duo-Safe Pro Security Bar - Grey

Strong security bar in anodized aluminiumStrong security bar allows blocking front doors from the inside. Quick and ready to use. Universal model thanks to the telescopic frame and Quick Lock hooks provided, to adapt to the most vehicles’cabins.Tested on: - Fiat Ducato, Citr...


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Product Ref: 241539

Fiamma Luggage Bar

Solid telescopic bar ideal for fastening your objects into the garage facility of your vehicle while travelling. Easy to regulate using the handy lever hooking. Rubber covered terminals to assure a steady grip without marking the walls of the vehicle. Made of sturdy and ligh...


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Product Ref: 235914

Fiamma Security handle 31 - White

The Fiamma Security 31 is a solid anodized aluminum bar that flicks over and locks in place over the side motorhome entrance door preventing thieves gaining quick and easy access to this usual weak point in a motorhome exterior defense. the Security 31 also acts as a sanity ...


£68.02 (inc VAT)  £81.99
Product Ref: 241540

Fiamma Security 46 Lock - White

Fiamma security handle made of solid anodized aluminium with 30mm diameter and 2mm thickness. When closed onto the door, it works as an anti-theft device and prevents accidental opening when travelling. It serves as a convenient handle to make entering and exiting the vehicl...


£78.16 (inc VAT)  £93.99
Product Ref: 241542

Fiamma Security 46 Pro Handle

Fiamma Security 46 Pro. Special version of Security for motorhome doors or for applications where a strong structure is required. Made in light but solid aluminium. Colour: white.Delivered with Kit Security Lock that offers major safety and strength thanks to a third fasten...


£100.51 (inc VAT)  £120.99
Product Ref: 241543

Fiamma Kit Security Lock

Fiamma Kit Security Lock. Optional safety lock kit for security 31 and Security 46 to be installed on the door of the Motorhome. Comes complete with keys and inside brackets. Made of sturdy yet light aluminium. Colour: white.

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Product Ref: 248890

Top hinge Cover - Fiamma Security Handle

Fiamma replacement upper cover for the Security 31 or 46 handles. Colour White

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Product Ref: 258591

Fiamma Security 31/46 Handle Security Grip

Comfortable polyester anti-slip cover to protect the safety grip of the Security handles. Delivered as standard with the Security handles, also available as an optional accessory for previous versions.

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Product Ref: 259994

Bottom hinge cover - Fiamma security handle

Fiamma replacement bottom cover for the Security 31 or 46 handles. Colour White

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