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IDL 99 Mastic Non Setting Sealant (Cream)

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Carafax IDL or Hodgson Seamseal CV. A budget price non-drying bedding sealant.

Carafax IDL 99 Caravan Mastic Sealant - Popular non-setting bedding mastic in Cream, Carafax IDL99 comes in a 380ml Tube


9 FAQs on the IDL 99 Mastic Non Setting Sealant (Cream)

reinstalling a carver cascade water heater and want to know what mastic to use for the external seal
We would normally use a non setting mastic such as IDL99
I've ordered a Remistar rooflight from you. Could you please tell me what you recommend for making a watertight seal. Thank you.
It is normal to use a non setting mastic such as the IDL99.
Hi I am trying to seal a Remis rooflight into a Hymer. Remis Recommend: You have to insert the sealing strip into the nap of the outer frame, ends overlapping by 10mm. Thickness of sealing should be min. Æ 6mm / max. Æ 8mm, The seal must be permanently elastic and suitable for its purpose. We recommend the following seal for our rooflights: Terostat M 110 / The manufacturer is Henkel Teroson This is not available in UK. what is the thickness of your mastic strip and technical specification? regards Ian Clark
We always seal rooflights in our workshop with Carafax IDL sealant. The mastic strip has insufficient flexibility, particularly for rooflights where there may be an element of bounce in the roof panel.
Hi there, I have a leaking front roof light (over driver/ passenger seats) in a lunar premier motor home. I need to remove the roof light completely clean off all the old adhesive and re-bond it. Could you recommend which sika product would be suitable . many thanks.
We would normally use a non setting mastic such as Carafax IDL. If you use a Sika product then these have an adhesive property making it almost impossible should you need to remove the rooflight at some time in the future
Hi Tom. I am ordering a Remis 400x400 rooflight from you for a like-for-like replacement on my Hymer B564. Can you advise whether it comes with all the bits needed, including seals and whether any mastic is required? ALSO, and most important - how to remove the old one? Many thanks
THis Remis rooflight is held by screws that connect the inner frame to the outer frame, thus sandwiching the roof. If you undo these screws the inner frame will come loose but the outer frame will need to be eased upwards carefully as it will be sealed with mastic. You will need some non-setting mastic, such as Carafax IDL, to seal the new rooflight.
How do I renew wood around caravan door?
You will need to remove the door and frame complete. This is screwed in from the outside of the caravan, screws being underneath the plastic herzim strip. when all screws are removed ease the frame from the caravan and clean off all old mastic. Remove existing wood from the wall where replacement is required.
The new wood must be cut to the exact size depending upon the thickness of the wall. Glue into place using a polyurethene adhesive.
Replace the door and frame using a non setting mastic sealant such as Carafax IDL or equivalent. Secure with new screws.
I have a water coming in from skylight frame on my van! What would be the best way to sort this out Many thanks.
You will need to remove the skylight complete and re-seal using some non-setting mastic such as IDL sealant.
Resealing awning rails at 35mm wide, Do I use 19mm or 32 mm mastic?
32 mm mastic would normally be used in this instance or you may wish to use the IDL mastic from a tube.
The awning rail has pulled away from the caravan and some of the screws are rusty can this be repaired would I replace the old rail or would I be best to buy a new piece of rail if so where could I get this and what could I do if the screws wouldn’t screw back many thanks Tracey
If the screw holding the rail are rusty it indicates that there has been some water penetration and in the worst case the wood that the rail attaches to has become rotten.
If the existing rail is serviceable then remove it completely and clean off all mastic from the rail and caravan.
Drill some small pilot holes in the caravan where the awning rail is to be fitted and insert a screw to determine whether the wood is sound and capable of holding the rail.
If the wood is OK then drill the new holes in the awning rail so that it will pick up new fixings when replaced
Apply a large bead of a non setting mastic, such as Carafax IDL, our part 118573, to the awning rail and refix to the caravan using the new screw holes and new screws.
If the wood in the caravan is not capable of holding the new screws then the wood will need to be replaced and this is accomplished from inside the caravan - a major job.

7 Customer Reviews on IDL 99 Mastic Non Setting Sealant (Cream)

Idl 99 Mastic

5 star review(5/5)
Quick delivery well packaged. Used it to seal around boiler cowl after removal did it perfectly, good colour match to caravan. Just had issue with length of tube it didn't fit my standard mastic gun had to cut it down


5 star review(5/5)
Great product used to fit new roof light ,easy to use will require 2 tubes for a 900 * 600 roof light may be get away with one tube for 400 * 400.

IDL/Hodgson Mastic Non Setting Sealant -Cream

5 star review(5/5)
Used this when fitting a new roof light. easy to apply, clean up with white spirit or WD40. highly recommend good value and service.

Idl/hodgson Mastic Non Setting Sealant Cream

5 star review(5/5)
This is great. Does what it says and is easy to use.

Carafax Caraseal IDL 99

5 star review(5/5)
This is one of the best all round caravan sealants - it does not harden. Good price found at Leisureshopdirect and delivery speed exceptional. Customer Services at Leisureshopdirect were also very helpfull.

Carafax IDL Mastic Sealant (Mortorhome Repair)

5 star review(5/5)
Very good product to resealed the trims on my Motorhome. IE: Remove the trim and clean, reseal with the Carafax IDL Mastic Sealant. I love the Carafax IDL Mastic because you can remove the excess with a rag and a can of WD40, it leaves a good clean finish.

Sealant, Carafax IDL

5 star review(5/5)
Carafax IDL sealant . I have used this product before. It "does what it says on the tin " very sticky and can be messy if your not careful but ideal for caravan sealing jobs especially rooflights ,which is what I used it for .It seals first time and every time ,you never need to seal the tube after use as the sealant doesn't set so the next time you need to use it it is ready rightaway.
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