Fiamma Table Legs and Fittings

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Fiamma 70cm Island Table Leg

Table legs ideal for making knockdown and revolving tables. Tubes made of aluminium with plastic ends. Diameter of leg is 55mm

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Fiamma Above Floor Base for Table Legs - Conic Connection

Fiamma Above Floor Base Polished alloy. Fits to the underside of the table. Diameter of top hole - 5.5cmNEW - Granular feel with glitter effect. No longer shiny chrome effect.

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Fiamma Recessed Floor Base for Table Leg

Fiamma Recessed Floor Base for Table Leg. Made of aluminium. Fitted flush to the floor with recess below floor level. Plastic cap 134298 available to cover the hole when table not in use. Overall diameter 110mm, internal pole diameter approx 58mm.Hole required in floor 65m...


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Fiamma Recessed Base Plug for Tables

Grey plastic plug for recessed base. Fitted when island table removed to cover hole in floor. measurements 2" 5 cm

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Fiamma Table Tripod Pro Base (Base only)

Convenient tripod stand allowing the table to be carried outside. Tripod remains in open position whilst moving the table. To fit pole diameter 55mm. New reinforced and more stable tripod to carry the table outside. THIS IS THE TRIPOD BASE ONLY PICTURE IS FOR ILLUSTRATION PU...


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