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Waeco Mobicool U32 - 12/230V Thermoelectric Coolbox

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The Waeco Mobicool U32 thermoelectric cool box is both lightweight and very economical. It has room for 2 litre bottles upright and its streamlined design means it will fit ...

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The Waeco Mobicool U32 thermoelectric cool box is both lightweight and very economical. It has room for 2 litre bottles upright and its streamlined design means it will fit nicely into the car for those long journeys. Also, the U32 smart lid features a cable tidy and a handle that can either lock the box closed or hold it open with the handle rest built into the lid for your convenience . The U32 has consistent thickness all around with continuous distribution of the insulating foam, allowing reliable cooling to 18°C below the ambient temperature.

The Waeco Thermoelectric Cool Box U32/ V30 DC/AC has a capacity of 29 litres. It's great value for money, ideal for picnics and days out. The unit includes the transformer and will just plug into the wall together with 12v connections.

The U32 will keep food or drink chilled up to 18 deg C below ambient temperature. There is a useful compartment to store the power leads and there is also an economy switch. There is now a USB port on the top of the coolbox.

The lid is locked down by securing the handle down.

Waeco Mobicool U32 Features
  • Dimensions: 44.5 x 39.5 x 29.6 (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 4.2kg
  • Powered: 12v DC & 230v Mains
  • Capacity: 29 Litres
  • Cooling: 18 °C below ambient temperature
  • Electrical: 230v Mains 3 Pin Plug & 12v Cigarette lighter
  • USB Port on top of box.
  • Grill at front of lid.


What is the difference between the cooling technologies?
Details of distinguishing features:
  • Gas-powered cooling independent of electricity
  • Three way cooling – Gas, 12 volts DC or 230 volts AC
  • Silent operation
  • Cooling performance depending on the ambient temperature

The Technical Bit
A concentrated ammonia solution is heated in a boiler and expelled as vapour. The pressurised ammonia gas is then liquefied in a condenser. Supplied with hydrogen, it evaporates and in the process extracts heat from the storage container. The ammonia gas then enters the absorber where it is reabsorbed in a weak solution of ammonia. Finally, the saturated solution flows back to the boiler where the whole cycle starts again.

Details of distinguishing features:
  • 12 / 24 / 230 Volt
  • Independent of inclination
  • Lightweight and low-cost
  • Cooling performance depending on the ambient temperature

The Technical Bit
The thermoelectric principle was discovered by J. C. A. Peltier, which is why the temperature generating parts of thermoelectric systems are referred to as Peltier elements. Thermoelectrics are based on the fact that cold or heat energy (depending on the polarity) is generated when a DC current is conducted between different types of metal. The heating or cooling capacity is further enhanced by heat exchangers and air fans. Ideal for low and medium cooling volumes.

Details of distinguishing features:
  • Excellent cooling performance even at extreme ambient temperatures
  • Refrigeration and deep-freezing
  • 12 / 24 / 100 – 240 volts
  • Low power consumption – suitable for solar operation
  • Battery protection
  • Quiet operation with little vibration
  • Independent of inclination

The Technical Bit
Compressor units operate using a refrigerant that changes from liquid to gaseous state in the evaporator. The evaporation extracts heat from the interior of the cooling unit – the temperature drops. The compressor draws in the refrigerant, compresses it and passes it on to the condenser. Here, the absorbed heat is released to the atmosphere. The refrigerant liquefies again and flows to the evaporator, where the cycle begins again.

19 Customer Reviews on Waeco Mobicool U32 - 12/230V Thermoelectric Coolbox

Great Coolbox

by (03 Jul 2018)
5 star review(5/5)
Great little coolbox. Has a few good features that not many others have. The seal around the lid is a good addition, helps seal the cold in. Glad we bought from leisure shop direct as they are a good choice and any issues were sorted out.

Waeco Mobicool Box

by (02 May 2018)
5 star review(5/5)
Purchased the Waeco Mobicool box for our caravan, great size and keeps our wine and beer very cold,great for transporting meat.milk from and to our caravan,and fits easily into our car 🚗 and cools on a long journey, read all your reviews and it certainly does as promised,great price compared to other products, we are very pleased with our cool box and great service ,would strongly recommend

First Rate Coolbox

by (02 May 2018)
5 star review(5/5)
After years of use my original coolbox gave up the ghost and needed to be replaced. We go abroad and use it continuously for at least 10 weeks at a time so I needed a good one. Lots of research and settled on the Mobicool U32. After a delay on delivery due to supply issues it arrived and very pleased. Particularly like the Eco setting for quiet running during the night outside the caravan. We look forward to nice cool beer, wine and water. We will also use in transit to keep our food nice and fresh. Excellent

Cool Box

by (14 Nov 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
My Son has borrowed our several times, so we have now bought him one. They have updated it from our but looks very nice.

Waeco Mobicool U32 Coolbox

by (01 Aug 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
Excellent service from Leisure Shop Direct, the Waeco Mobicool U32 works very well, is a good size, just the job for the white wine and beer when we're away in the caravan, leaving the fridge free for food. Temperature adjustment is useful and not too noisy. Can recommend.

Great Product And Excellent Service

by (25 Jul 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
Ordered on Saturday, arrived on Wednesday. So with one day to spare before setting off on a long drive through France, filled the coolbox with frozen homemade lasagnes. Excellent cooling using battery in car, took into hotel overnight, plugged into mains (eco setting is quietest and proved adequate). Lasagnes still frozen on arrival!

Cold Beers On The Move

by (22 Jul 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
Works well and looks great. Have tried on 230v mains and 12v in car. Look forward to travelling through France latter in the year

Cool Box

by (21 Jun 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
Great product does what it's supposed to Brilliant !

Brilliant Coolbox

by (02 May 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
Bought this Waeco Mobicool Coolbox for keeping cool items in the vehicle while travelling. Really good size and works a treat in the back of our pickup.

WAECO MOBICOOL U32/V30 -12/230

by (02 Sep 2016)
5 star review(5/5)


by (01 Sep 2016)
5 star review(5/5)
Would thoroughly recommend Leisureshop as a company, the goods were delivered the next day, fantastic service!! If only all companies were like this. Good product which I use additional to the fridge in our caravan. Fan is quite noisy but this does not bother me. Does drip a small amount of water. Well satisfied with the product

Thermoelectric Coolbox

by (17 May 2016)
5 star review(5/5)
Well made ,as described. Just the right size for a family.

Excellent Cool Box

by (04 Sep 2015)
5 star review(5/5)
Just received this after looking for some time at different alternatives. The product is excellent and cooled down from 17 to 5 degrees in about half an hour with nothing in the box. I like the variable control on the lid which means that you can reduce the speed of the fan so that it is barely audible at night when camping. Very good size that will take large bottles. It is very light in weight. Can use 12v or 240v as there is a transformer built in, this alone could cost you up to £20 on other makes. Useful compartment with sliding lid to put the cables and 12 and 240v plugs. Overall an excellent buy, value for money, with best price from Leisureshop direct.

Replacement Cooler Box

by (07 Jul 2015)
5 star review(5/5)
The Waeco U32 is excellent for picnics.The 12Volt and the 240volt is nice for using 240v power. The ordering process from Leisure Shop Direct was easy and the delivery by Interlink Express was very quick.

Replacement Coolbox

by (21 Apr 2015)
5 star review(5/5)
Off on holiday soon. Had tried various sources for replacement cool box. For lots of models, you require to purchase fitting to connect to mains elec. this waeco model has fitting. Delighted with prompt delivery - ordered on Sunday, delivered on Tuesday lunchtime- amazing!

Waeco U32 Coolbox

by (07 Aug 2014)
4 star review(4/5)
The Waeco U32 is excellent for picnics. The contents do need to be chilled before putting into the coolbox as the thermo-electric chiller would take too long to cool the contents from room temperature. The 12V connector gets very hot when powering the coolbox from the 12V socket in the car. The ordering process from Leisure Shop Direct was easy and the delivery by Interlink Express was very quick with a 1 hour time slot confirmed by text and e-mail.

Really Good Item!

by (17 Sep 2013)
5 star review(5/5)
We have been on a long trip around 1000 miles and the cool box has been in the boot of the Golf all the way with no problems at all. Noise from the fans was not audible at all and all the frozen goods in the Cool Box were in perfect condition on arrival. We have only had this for a couple of months and so far no problems at all, we are hoping that this will be the case for the foreseeable future.

Great Product-best Price!

by (27 Aug 2013)
5 star review(5/5)
Great service from LSD. The delivery company used is great- you can track your parcel to around the corner! Really useful. The cool box, too is fab. Deceptive in space- we fitted 30, 500cl cans in this weekend, and it was a godsend. Bought to free space up in the caravan fridge for actual food, it does its job perfectly. Cools wonderfully, but I would have to disagree with some of the claims of quietness. When not on Eco it still has a very audible buzz to it, that I certainly couldn't stand in the van! Took some zoning out to sleep with it on in the awning tbh, but maybe I have sensitive hearing! Still a great product tho, and thoroughly happy with my choice. Would use LSD again too- was cheapest on net, even taking into account P&P.

Perfect. Very Pleased

by (12 Aug 2013)
5 star review(5/5)
Purchased the Mobicool U26 to take frozen food on holiday and was amazed that after nine hours the food was still frozen. Even though the U26 is not a freezer the insulation and cooling properties work perfectly. Perfect for camping and days out. The Leisure shop was the best value I could find anywhere in the UK and was recommended as one of the best buys online.
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