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Maxview Precision Satellite System - 65cm - Twin LNB

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The Precision is a tripod mounted manual satellite system used to receive satellite TV and radio channels. The Precision has been designed to simplify the assembly and alignment process for effortless use. This is taller, lighter, stronger and easier to set up than any other satellite system available. It is a great choice and is a top quality Tripod Satellite System for simple reception of UK and European television channels whilst you’re on holiday.

Featuring pre-assembled and easy to transport parts for a quick and easy set up, the Maxview Precision Portable Tripod Satellite System is supplied with straightforward illustrated instructions, an easy to follow guide for a quick set up and for further fast simplicity a compass, level indicator and integrated satellite finder.

Maxview design and manufacture these Precision systems in the UK specifically for caravans, motorhomes, campervans and canal boats. The Maxview Precision Portable Tripod Satellite Dish comes in three size options (55cm, 65cm and 75cm), is available in either single or twin LNB options (twin option is for 2 TV's or SKY PLUS satellite receiver allowing a different channel to be recorded simultaneously) and is supplied with a two year guarantee.

Integrated Sat Finder: Provides audio and visual indication of signal strength and proximity to satellites, overcoming the need to view a TV during the alignment process.

Elevation Adjustment: Allows the user to accurately set the antenna elevation within 1 degree of accuracy.

Limited Azimuth Zone: The azimuth search zone is limited to 75 degrees, reducing margin for error when searching for satellites.

Unique Flexible Cable: Weatherproof push fit connectors and easy cable handling minimises assembly and disassembly time.

Integrated Level Indicator: Indicates whether the tripod is on level ground.

Quick Release Tripod Clamp: For quick assembly and disassembly.

Folding LNB Arm: The magnetic lock allows the LNB arm to lock into its folded position, aiding transportation and storage.

Storage Bags: Separate storage bags for the tripod and dish unit provide easy transportation and compact storage.

- Simple and intuitive manual operation
- Single LNB and Twin LNB variants available (for PVR’s, SKY+™ or 2 receivers)
- Taller than other systems for improved obstacle clearance
- Pre-assembled for easy set up
- Easy adjust manual skew system
- Includes satellite compass
- High quality, durable and robust construction
- Designed and tested for outdoor use
- Designed and manufactured in the UK
- 2 year guarantee
- Registered community design No. 2207746

Application: Portable use in any outdoor environment
Compatibility: Transmissions from satellites worldwide (UK/European satellites as standard). Compatible with all SD/HD free-to-air satellite receivers including SKY
Operation: Manual
Mount Type: Tripod
Skew Adjustment: Manual -30° to +30°
Coaxial Cable Length: 10m
Power: Passive. LNB powered through Coaxial cable from satellite receiver. No separate power supply required.
Elevation Range: 10° to 50° (EU Variant)
- 55cm variants: 6.1kg
- 65cm variants: 6.6kg
- 75cm variants: 7.0kg

Due to the geographic limitations of terrestrial TV, satellite TV is a popular choice for vehicles, as these transmissions serve a much larger geographic area. The below information outlines the various factors which must be considered when choosing your preferred satellite system.

Required Equipment
To receive and watch satellite TV, you will require a TV, a satellite receiver and a satellite system. Satellite receivers are available on subscription (such as Sky®) or with Free to Air functionality, requiring no subscription. More information on Maxview’s Free to Air Receiver can be found here.

Choosing Your Satellite System
It is necessary to adjust the position of the dish every time the vehicle is moved; the function of the satellite system is to position the dish in the correct position.

A range of systems have been developed to offer this functionality, from completely manual systems which have a simplified alignment process, through to fully automatic systems which are capable of locating a satellite at the press of a button. Satellite systems are available in both portable and roof mount applications.

Choosing Your Dish Size
All systems are available in a variety of dish sizes, ranging from 35cm up to 85cm. The dish size determines the geographic area from which you can receive your desired satellite, this area is known as the satellites ‘footprint’. For UK channels, we require the Astra 2 satellite.

Generally, the larger the dish, the greater the geographic area or ‘footprint’ from which you will receive satellite TV. Typically, to receive Astra 2 a 65 cm dish offers coverage into the centre of France, whilst an 85cm dish will offer coverage approaching the Spanish border.

The official Astra 2 footprint is displayed below, as well as our estimations for Maxview’s specific dish sizes. These maps are designed to help you make an informed decision on your required dish size, based on the areas you wish to travel.

4 Customer Reviews on Maxview Precision Satellite Systems

Maxview Precision Satellite System 65cm Single LNB

by Mr Alan Taylor (28 Jun 2022)
5 star review(5/5)
I have received this new Satellite System for our caravan holidays to places in the UK where terrestial TV signals can be weak and for travelling in Europe to receive UK TV channels as well as local channels. Have not set it up and tested yet, but hope to soon, before our next holiday in July. Appears to be an easy to set up system that comes in two well made carrying bags. One item that would be useful would be to have a flat satellite cable to go through caravan windows, allowing the window to be secured. These are easily available from other sources. Looking forward to enjoying trouble free viewing in the near future.

Satelite City

by Apples to my friends. (19 Aug 2020)
5 star review(5/5)
Although initially picked up the European satellite soon found out as it was all in German! After that minor adjustment all was well. Bought the unit to use in France however the Pandemic has put paid to that this year. Lightweight and easy to assemble, looks good quality. The Maxview systems have a good name and this is no exeption.

Great Satellite System

by George Shanlow (12 Oct 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
I was recommended this by one of the members of our club and have been very happy with the purchase. Makes lazy evenings far more enjoyable!

Worked mostly in France

by Mr Jackson (13 Sep 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
I bought this 75cm as we were travelling to France. It worked fine in the North and Mid regions. It did get a bit dicey as we progressed to the South but overall very impressed with the dish. It is also very easy to set-up.
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