Water Hose

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Blue water Hose 1/2"

Blue 1/2" hose for cold water. 3mm side walls. Price per metre.Not suitable for mains water pressure.

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Product Ref: 231503

Clear hose 1/2" for drinking water

Clear hose 1/2" for drinking water. complies with food standardsBore: 12mm (1/2") x 1/8" wall, normally secured with jubilee clips to 1/2" fitting.This product is sold by the metre. Please select the number of metres you want in the basket and we will send it to you in one ...


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Clear hose 3/4"

3/4" clear hose, normally used for waste water buit may also be used as water supply pipe. Sold per meter.

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Product Ref: 231505

Clear hose 3/8" diameter

3/8" flexible hose for drinking water. Priced per metre complies with food standards

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Product Ref: 231506

Semi rigid hose 12mm blue

Semi rigid pipe 12mm outside diameter for cold water. Suitable for John Guest push fit fittings or similar. Priced per meter.

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Product Ref: 231824

Re-inforced Hose 3/8" -cold water

Re-inforced hose for cold water. May be coloured blue or black.

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Product Ref: 231825

Re-inforced Hose Red 3/8"

Re- inforced red hose for hot water. sold per metre.

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Product Ref: 236417

Drinking Water Blue hose 1/2" re-inforced

Hose for drinking water. Re-inforced for mains water pressure. Priced per metre. MAXIMUM OF 30M IN ONE LENGTH.

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Product Ref: 229440

Truma Waterline for Ultraflow water inlet

Waterline for Truma Ultraflow water inlet This 15 m long connecting hose is ideal for supplying water to your caravan or motorhome directly from the mains water supply. The hose includes the connection for the tap and a special pressure reducer to avoid mains water pressure ...


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Product Ref: 238226

Clear Hose 1/2" Reinforced

Reinforced colour-coded hose for water, used in camping & caravan applications.

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Product Ref: 227830

Semi rigid hose 12mm red

Red hot water semi rigid 12mm outside diameter tubing for hot water. Suitable for John Guest push-fit fittings or similar.An ideal solution for the installation of fresh water systems into Boats, Motor homes and Caravans. This tried and tested system using 12 mm Tube is easy...


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