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Isabella Spare Poles

£3.99 - £69.99
We hold a range of spare Isabella poles in stock. This includes Zinox, CarbonX and MegaFrame poles. If it is a less common pole you require, we have deliveries in from Isabella every few days.

How to find the correct Isabella Pole
Select the size of your awning from the boxes below (where it says further information). Click the relevant box to see an exploded diagram of all the poles for your awning. The poles on this page are for awnings which are 250cm or 300cm in depth. There are also three different pole types, these are explained further below. However, in brief Zinox is the steel pole, CarbonX is the carbon fibre poles and MegaFrame is the large diameter steel frame. These are usually for only used for permanent pitches.

Once you have found the pole in the exploded diagram find it in the list at the top of the page. Some of the Isabella poles fit both 250cm and 300cm but that is clearly stated in the drop-down. You will receive the pole with the end fitting shown in the exploded diagram.

Isabella Magnum Spare Poles
We offer the CarbonX version of the Magnum poles. Please select the Magnum Pole exploded diagram from below (it is on the far right) and select the correct pole. Please note that the some of the poles are all used in other awnings. Also, please note that some poles have changed since they have introduced the Magnum 340 & 400 in 2018. The dates are included in the drop-down on the affected poles.

To determine which frame you have in your awning, here is some information about each type:

A carbon-fibre reinforced fibreglass frame, is suitable for both permanent and touring caravanning. Carbon Fibres are combined with glass fibres in varying amounts, according to pole diameters, to offer maximum strength. The frame is light and fully corrosion resistant. All CarbonX frames are supplied with the IsaFix locking mechanism. With IsaFix in place, keeping the frame in position is easy. With one press of the hand grip, a discreet “click” tells you IsaFix is locked in position.

is hot galvanised both inside and out to extend its life and to meet all load bearing requirements. The steel frame is made of ISO-certified high-strength steel. The strength of the Zinox steel frame makes it particularly suitable for pitching your caravan permanently – and it is included with all All-in-One and winter part awnings, because caravanning in the off-peak seasons demands great structural stability due to weather conditions such as strong winds and snow.

For permanent pitchers wanting to camp all year round, we recommend the use of the brand new Zinox Mega Frame from Isabella. The Zinox Mega Frame is a durable tubular steel frame (material thickness: 32 mm/1.2 mm) with welded corners and double screw locks on the poles. The Zinox Mega Frame is designed for year-round use and can withstand powerful storms, snowfall and torrential rain. The Zinox Mega Frame is supplied with two extra rafter poles, as well as one Hercules 32.5 mm. The Zinox Mega Frame can be used for both 3-metre and 2.5-metre awnings.

More Details

Isabella Awning Sizes

  • G10 : 675-700-725cm
  • G12 : 750-775cm
  • G13 : 800-825cm
  • G14 : 850-875cm
  • G16 : 900-915-925-940cm
  • G18 : 950-962-975-989cm
  • G19 : 1000-1015-1025cm
  • G20 : 1050-1075cm
  • G21 : 1100-1125cm
  • G22 : 1150-1175cm
  • G23 : 1200-1225cm

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