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Leisureshopdirect are very pleased to be presenting to you Vango’s new pioneering Earth Collection’, a range of tents, sleeping bags and furniture, that any environmentally aware camper would be very proud to own! Read on to find out how plastics have been recycled to create the ground-breaking materials for this new Vango collection.

Well what a strange, unexpected year 2020 has been! I am sure we were all very grateful for the stunning sunshine over the summer season, making lockdown way more bearable, willing away the hours in the garden or on long countryside walks. With so many households’ holidays abroad cancelled, we saw a massive increase in the demand for tents and getting a pitch at your favourite campsite became a mission and a half! With this great swell in staycations in mind, we feel it’s Leisureshopdirect’s duty to ensure our new and existing customers can enjoy the many benefits of being outside, whilst being kitted out with the very best equipment. With Covid-19 still constantly in our thoughts and the uncertainty of how it will affect us in the next camping season, we have decided to really focus on innovative tents, utilising the very latest technology. Vango, with a twelve-year history of supporting the environment, upcycling and recycling, are taking their efforts a step further and launching their VANGO EARTH COLLECTION’. Read more below.

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Vango Aether Air 450XL Earth Tent (2021)
£99.01 Off Discount Flag

Vango Aether Air 450XL Earth Tent (2021)

Brand new for the 2021 season, the Vango Aether Air 450XL is an inflat

£599.99 (inc VAT)   £699.00
Vango Aether Air 600XL Earth Tent (2021)
£50.00 Off Discount Flag

Vango Aether Air 600XL Earth Tent (2021)

The brand new Vango Aether Air 600XL is an inflatable AirBeam tent wit

£699.99 (inc VAT)   £749.99
Vango Osiris Air 500 Earth Tent (2021)
£180.00 Off Discount Flag

Vango Osiris Air 500 Earth Tent (2021)

Brand new for the 2021 season, the Vango Osiris Air 500 is an inflatab

£519.99 (inc VAT)   £699.99
Vango Joro 450 Poled Tent (2021)
£150.00 Off Discount Flag

Vango Joro 450 Poled Tent (2021)

Being part of Vango's Earth collection of tents, means this poled fami

£449.99 (inc VAT)   £599.99
Vango Joro 600XL Earth Poled Family Tent (2021)
£210.00 Off Discount Flag

Vango Joro 600XL Earth Poled Family Tent (2021)

Being part of Vango's Earth collection of tents, means this poled fami

£549.99 (inc VAT)   £759.99
Vango Aether 600XL Poled Family Tent (2021)
£20.01 Off Discount Flag

Vango Aether 600XL Poled Family Tent (2021)

Being part of Vango's Earth collection of tents, means this poled fami

£479.99 (inc VAT)   £500.00
Vango Aether 450XL Poled Family Tent (2021)
£50.01 Off Discount Flag

Vango Aether 450XL Poled Family Tent (2021)

Being part of Vango's Earth collection of tents, means this poled fami

£399.99 (inc VAT)   £450.00
Vango Joro Air 450 Earth Tent (2021)
£39.01 Off Discount Flag

Vango Joro Air 450 Earth Tent (2021)

The brand new Vango Joro Air 450 is an inflatable AirBeam tent within

£649.99 (inc VAT)   £689.00
Vango Joro Air 600XL Earth Tent (2021)
£69.01 Off Discount Flag

Vango Joro Air 600XL Earth Tent (2021)

The brand new Vango Joro Air 600XL is an inflatable AirBeam tent withi

£749.99 (inc VAT)   £819.00
Vango Tellus Camping Chair
£9.00 Off Discount Flag

Vango Tellus Camping Chair

The Vango Tellus chair is from our new Earth Collection and is made fr

£19.99 (inc VAT)   £28.99
Vango Osiris Camping Chair
£9.34 Off Discount Flag

Vango Osiris Camping Chair

The Vango Osiris chair is from our new Vango Earth Collection and feat

£26.65 (inc VAT)   £35.99

Vango Aether Camping Chair

The Aether chair from our new Earth Collection features our EcoStem re

£28.44 (inc VAT)   
Vango Joro Folding Camping Chair
£15.01 Off Discount Flag

Vango Joro Folding Camping Chair

The Vango Joro chair from our new Vango Earth Collection features our

£49.99 (inc VAT)   £65.00
Vango Evolve Superwarm Double Sleeping Bag
£18.50 Off Discount Flag

Vango Evolve Superwarm Double Sleeping Bag

The Vango Evolve Superwarm Double sleeping bas is from our new Earth C

£52.49 (inc VAT)   £70.99
Vango Evolve Superwarm Single Sleeping Bag
£11.28 Off Discount Flag

Vango Evolve Superwarm Single Sleeping Bag

The Vango Evolve Superwarm Single sleeping bag is from our new Earth C

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£31.71 (inc VAT)   £42.99

The Vango Earth collection; Vango, a market-leading outdoor company, have taken giant commendable steps in the past few years into preserving our environment, whilst still developing outstanding prominent equipment so that we can enjoy the outdoors in comfort and style. Vango has a 13-year record of developing new products, whilst trying to support the environment and they triumphed in 2021, when they very successfully launched their Earth Collection, gaining many accomplished awards in the process. This privileged range is made using fabric that has been crafted from plastics that would have otherwise ended up in landfills, waterways or polluting our oceans.

Did you know that the award-winning Earth Collection is made using materials that have been 100% recycled from single-use waste plastics, preventing them from polluting oceans and waterways?

This award-winning Vango Earth Collection collates a range of tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks, and camping furniture that share one inspiring factor………. they are all made from environmentally friendly fabric made from recycled single-use plastics, preventing them from polluting oceans and waterways. Did you know that up to 8 million metric tonnes of disposable plastic (like plastic bottles, straws, carrier bags) end up in our oceans every single year? Quite horrifying! Vango are collecting some of this plastic waste that was destined to pollute, breaking it down into tiny pieces, weaving these pieces together into the Earth fabrics and then cutting it to fit tents, chairs, backpacks and sleeping bags. Not only is Vango creating market leading camping gear, but it is allowing us to enjoy the outdoors, whilst also being kind to the environment. The plastics that would have aimlessly floated around our oceans can travel the world purposefully with you instead on your adventures as!

In 2021 the Vango Earth collection encouragingly recycled the plastic waste equivalent of 1,861,134 plastic bottles, which is definitely something to boast about. But, for the 2022 season, Vango inspiringly aim to increase their recycled plastic use by nearly 4.5 times and use the equivalent of 8,250,000 plastic bottles. Wow! They have expanded their Earth collection right across poled and AirBeam® tents, camping chairs, sleeping bags, mats and rucksacks. Let’s go through the Vango Earth Collection of tents, camping furniture and equipment in more detail and take piece of mind that the next time we head out on our family adventures with the Vango Earth gear, we are being kind to the environment, whilst having oddles of fun and creating wonderful memories.

Vango’s desire to preserve the environment, along with the accomplished launch of the Earth Collection in the 2021 camping season, has encouraged Vango’s team to expand this award-winning collection. Probably one of the biggest decisions you will make after you have decided that the outdoor camping life is for you and your family, is which tent to buy. Last season, here at Leisureshopdirect, we found the Vango Joro, Aether and Osiris Earth AirBeam tents very popular amongst our campers. The Joro Air 600XL is not only made from plastic waste, but benefits from key features like the additional living space and integrated awning, providing a fabulous large and versatile home from home. As the Joro is over 2m tall and it has pre-andled beams, the standing room is rather impressive and you can use the space right up to the internal walls. In the Vango Aether Air 600XL there is a pre-attached extension, offering extra living space, with a real outdoors feel. So, along with the double living area, there is tonnes of space for the whole family to play and relax. It has a notably large front door, which can be fully rolled back to ensure you can embrace lovely sunny days, or the door can be fully zipped up to provide perfect shelter from the rain or privacy. The Vango Osiris Air 500 has a front door that can be king-poled open to transform the front into a large sun canopy so that you can bring the outdoors in. The Osiris Air’s queen sized bedrooms have been designed with a wider entrance with no step over, meaning you won’t trip after a few too many! Vango are adding the Tahiti III Air 850XL for the 2022 season, which will allow larger families to explore with all the space they could need. It has a fabulous spacious double living area, with a pre-attached front awning and it boasts king sized bedrooms. The double living area can be used as one large social room or be separated into a kitchen, dining area or storage space. It has a fantastic side studio which is great for extra storage or it could be used as an additional two-person bedroom. It has very large diamond clear windows, that literally let light pour into the living areas in the day, but can be covered up with the easy to use roll-away toggle curtains at night time. Vango are also introducing the Earth Trigon Hub, designed cleverly with AirBeam and King pole technology to create an enclosed room or an open tunnel, so that it can be used for events in the garden or as an impressive social space when camping. The pre-angled beams ensure it has outstanding internal space.

We have already discussed how the Sentinel Eco Fabric all these Earth tents are made from, is created from 100% recycled single use plastics, so let’s look into it’s impressive qualities that will help to ensure you have a fabulous, relaxed camping experience. It is very strong and durable, being 70D, but it is also light weight, highly waterproof (3000mmHH) and will perform reliably in all weather conditions. It has fully tapered seams to provide water tight seals and has Vango’s ColourLok technology to help prevent it fading in the sun, meaning you will be the envy of the campsite for many seasons to come. The Sentinel Eco fabric is easy to clean, has a UV protection factor, UPF30+ and it is fire retardant, meeting the ISO5912 international standards.

The Vango Earth Air tents are equipped with AirBeams and TBSII systems.
All of these Earth Air tents feature the Vango AirBeam technology, which Vango have been exploring, testing and improving over the past 10 years. This pole-free pitching system allows you to erect your tent within a matter of minutes, giving you way more time to sit back, put your feet up with your favourite tipple in hand and watch campsite life pass you by! The Earth Air tents also utilize Vango’s patented TBSII (Tension Band System), which ensures your tent will perform in adverse weather conditions, especially strong changeable winds. Let’s be honest, this TBSII feature will only give you peace of mind when you venture out in our British unpredictable weather! In calm conditions the system can be disconnected if desired, but when it is tensioned, the bands brace the AirBeams, preventing sideways movement of the beams, giving your tent a very rigid structure.

This range also features Villa Construction, which is a design that creates upright side walls, which really helps to increase the height within the tent all over. This means you can stand up in much more of the tent and there aren’t nearly as many sloping unusable areas. A great design, that fully maximises your internal tent space. Vango’s Eco tents also benefit from Nightfall Bedrooms that really help to reduce early morning light. Any parent of young children will let you know that Nightfall Bedrooms are a must if you want to stay sane on the campsite! There is nothing worse than your whole party being woken at sunrise and then everyone is tired and cranky by lunchtime! In Vango’s Eco collection of tents, both the living room doors have integrated mesh panels that not only keep the nasty little biting bugs out, but also increase the flow of air within your tent reducing the chance of condensation. They also come with Diamond Clear Windows, which are designed to maximise light and visibility. They create a lovely bright and airy feel inside the tent, but hiding away is also no problem due to the toggled privacy curtains that are rolled away when not in use, but can be installed in seconds.

Some of our Leisureshopdirect’s customers still prefer the poled tent version and Vango are also adding to this range too. Also designed using the Sentinel Eco fabric (100% made from recycled single-use plastic waste), the Vesta 850XL has an amazing central relaxing lounge area, which has a luxurious airy fell due to the panoramic windows and skylights making it relaxed and bright. This tent will really suit those families with older children (or those who just like their space!) due to the layout, bedrooms at both ends, and the Nightfall Bedrooms will keep that early morning light at bay. The Vango poled Earth tents also come with the beneficial Diamond Clear Windows, the Tension Band System (TBS II) and the Villa Construction to absolutely maximise the inside space. Instead of the AirBeams, the rigid, reliable structure is achieved by Vango PowerFlex Fibreglass poles. These strong poles are easy to erect, light weight and have been designed to achieve greater internal room than the standard curve in most tents.
Vango’s tent designs concentrate on clean lines and aesthetics, to give a sleek internal and external appearance.

Vango will also be introducing their Eco Dura Collection, which will still suit campers wanting to get away for the weekend, but will also perform for those adventuring away for longer camping expeditions. The Eco Dura fabric is still made from 100% recycled single-use plastics, that would otherwise have polluted our world, but has an enhanced performance without the addition of unnecessary weight. It is still a 70D material, has fully factory taped seams, meets the important fire-retardant standards, has the ColourLok technology to resist UV fading and has the useful UPF of 30+. However, the Eco Dura fabric has a 30% increase in strength compared to the Sentinel Experience Vango tents and has a higher waterproof rating of 4000mmHH, so will be thoroughly waterproof even on very long wet, windy days. Vango have combined this new fabric with the innovation of their AirBeam S.I Pro to create very reliable, top-quality tents, ideal for large families and friends to find their spirit of adventure. The AirBeam S.I Pro system is a single point of inflation; a new and revolutionary feature for super quick and easy inflation through the AirSpeed S.I Pro Valve. Through just one valve, you can inflate an entire tent or awning. The air flows into eat beam from a single point but cannot flow back out. Each beam has a deflation valave for quick and simple removal of air, making it quick and easy to pack away or you can top up individual beams during your holiday if you desire.This unique system ensures you a very nice quick pitching time, so you can relax even sooner on your favourite campsite. It has also made it possible for only one person to quickly pitch a large family tentThere are multiple AirSpeed valves which help with simple deflation and the added specification of self-isolated airbeams means that in the very unlikely event of a puncture, your tent will remain strong and most importantly functioning! Being committed to innovation, Vango continually analyse every tent part to give optimal performance. In 2015, they introduced this AirSpeed as a further refinment to their Vango AirBeam system. It is an easier to attach valve, located higher on the tent which makes attaching and using the pump much easier…..a lot less back breaking than other designs. There is also no need to unscrew or screw up a cap and deflating is just as easy, meaning you don’t need to pack up immediately on the day you are returning home. The Sentinel Eco Dura collection incorporates popular tents including the Rome and Joro, alongside new styles like the Vesta, give a great range of sizes to comfortably sleep 4 to 8 happy campers. They feature the SkyTrack II, which is a flexible hanging system, so that you can quickly and easily attach lighting or storage in numerous places in your tent living area. You can really tailor your indoor space to suit your family’s needs. These Eco Dura tents also have the essential Midnight Bedrooms, meaning the bedroom walls are made from a tightly woven fabric, blocking light from pouring onto sleeping campers, so hopefully all will get a wonderful night’s sleep. These Midnight Bedrooms are fire retardant, fully breathable and offer clear access through lower entry points. In this range, the tents boast Tinted Diamond Pro Windows, which are 67% thicker, but still Diamond Clear, which provides additional insulation and lovely clear views. With the zipped privacy curtains, which are very simple and quick to use, you can choose varying levels of opening so that you can plump for any level of privacy you require! The Vango Sentinel Eco Dura are the ideal tents to spend really relaxed, quality time with your family and friends, whilst camping in style and adding the WOW factor to the campsite!

Vango Earth Collection Tents

Tents in this Vango Earth Collection, come in different shapes, sizes, poled or air versions, meaning that every single campers’ preferences are met, so the only difficulty you will face is choosing which one of these highly desirable tents suits you best! All of the Vango Earth Tents are made from recycled single use plastics, examples being plastic knives and forks, plastic shopping bags, plastic coffee cup lids, plastic water bottles, just to name a few and represent the epitome of today’s throwaway culture. Somewhere in the region of only nine percent of the world’s nine billion tonnes of plastic has been recycled, with most of our plastic ending up in landfills, the environment and the oceans. As plastics do not biodegrade, they very slowly break down into smaller pieces called microplastics, contaminating our soil and water. The toxic chemicals used in the manufacturing of these plastics gets transferred into animal tissue and eventually enters the food chain. Also, for many animal species, plastic waste is disastrous, with turtles and dolphins mistaking bags for food, plastic straws get stuck in animals and can rings strangling birds and seals. Not a pretty picture and if this doesn’t sound bad enough, the world’s plastic problem is getting worse. Thank goodness for companies like Vango, who are making one of their main focusses of this coming season, to manufacture an environmentally eco designed collection, the Vango Earth Collection. Firstly PET (polyethylene terephthalate), single use plastics are collected, sorted, washed and crushed. The plastic is then made into pellets and spun into a thread, which is woven into the Vango Sentinal Eco fabric. This fabric is then made into the Vango Earth Tents and is all ready to accompany you and keep you safe from the elements in comfort, on your next camping adventures!

Let’s look into the Vango Sentinel Eco fabric in a bit more detail. This Sentinal Eco fabric boasts a waterproof rating of 3000MM HH and can be easily cleaned. 1000MM is the lowest level considered to be waterproof, using a hydrostatic head test. To give you assured peace of mind from weather egress, the seams are fully factory taped and the material is 70D (a very high-density weave) recycled polyester, which is highly waterproof, reliable and robust, whilst being low weight, making it easier to transport your chosen tent from storage to your car and from your car to your perfect pitch! It really is a durable material, with strong weather resistant features, enabling you to adventure in the rather unpredictable British climate! The Vango Sentinel Eco is fire retardant, meeting the ISO5912 standards (these are stringent international standards, which specify requirements on safety, including fire, performance, rain resistance and fitness for use). With a UPF (an ultraviolet protection factor), which is a rating system for clothing and fabrics that protect you from the sun) of 30+, you can be sure your family will be shielded from the sun. Vango have also incorporated their ColourLok technology into this Sentinel Eco fabric, which aids colour retention from UV light, meaning you will be the envy of the campsite for years to come!

Considering Air Beam tents seem to currently be more popular, let’s look into the Vango AirBeam Earth Tents first. In 2011, after eleven years of development and testing, Vango revolutionised tent design and camping by launching their inflatable AirBeam technology for rapid pitching in any environment, in place of the more traditional poled tents. Vango are currently celebrating their tenth AirBeam anniversary by continually developing their AirBeam range, ensuring they stay at the forefront of this innovative industry, bringing their exciting, finest features to campers far and wide. The AirBeam features allows you to be the envy of the campsite by inflating your tent in a matter of minutes, meaning you won’t waste your holiday time, but sit back and relax, watching other campers struggle with their older style poled tents! This system uses inflatable tubes instead of metal poles, meaning tents can be easily pitched by one person in a matter of minutes. The super strong rigid structure gives you total peace of mind that unpredictable weather won’t ruin your adventure away.

If you want to investigate this further then visit our Vango’s AirBeam technology blog.

There are three AirBeam tents in the Vango Earth Collection, the Vango Joro Air, the Vango Aether Air and the Vango Osiris Air, and they all have a feature called Nightfall Bedrooms, meaning the sleeping compartments are made from a tightly woven yarn fabric that helps reduce early morning light. If you are camping with little ones, this feature is essential to ensure your sleeping patterns aren’t dictated by the sunrise. There is nothing worse than the whole family being awake from the crack of dawn and then being tired and grumpy all day! They all have Clear Access Bedrooms, with a wider opening and no step over into the bedroom area. Much easier access and no trip hazard in the dark! In the bedrooms there is a toggled inner divider, that allows you to either split the bedrooms for more privacy or remove it totally to create a fabulous master bedroom. Both living room doors on all the designs have integrated mesh panels, increasing the airflow within the tents, while keeping all the nasty biting bugs out! They also possess the Vango AirZone feature, which involves high and low-level ventilation panels, that not only create a comfortable air flow through the tent, but also help to reduce condensation.

Vango tents and awnings always create a very bright and airy atmosphere inside and this is largely due to the Diamond Clear Windows, that really maximise light and visibility. All the Earth tents have living rooms, capable of having seating and table areas, so it’s great to be able to sit back and relax inside your tent and watch campsite life pass you by! Also, it’s important to let the children have their freedom, whilst being able to keep an eye on them.

Another very notable feature of these Vango AirBeam Earth tents is they have the Vango TBSII, Tension Band System, which ensures the tent performs in challenging conditions, especially in strong changeable winds. When tensioned, the bands brace the AirBeam at three points and this really reduces any sideways movement. With these tents, you won’t need to let a day or two of bad weather cut your camping holiday short. Vango tents possess the AirSpeed Valve system, enabling you to not only inflate, but deflate your tent effortlessly in minutes due to the unique and conveniently positioned valve. It is an easy to attach valve and is located higher on the tent, making it easier to attach the pump and way more accessible.

The Vango AirBeam Earth collection boast an attribute called Villa Construction, which entails upright side walls, that increase the height within the tent, even at the sides, allowing campers to fully maximise the internal space. The King pole door feature allows campers to increase the external space of the tent, with the addition of king poles to create a sun canopy. This can provide a great shelter from the sun, but also a space to take off welly boots and coats, or rub the dog down on a rainy day. A flexible door step can easily be dropped to ground level allowing you to enter your tent without needing to step over the entrance…………a valuable feature when you have had one too many or you have a clumsy camper in your group!

As with all Vango AirBeams, these Earth Collection tents are supplied with a double action pump, which allows campers to effortlessly pitch their tent. The strong sewn-in ground sheet, creates a bug and draught free environment for living and sleeping. This ground sheet is attached to the flysheet with an external storm skirt in all three of the Earth AirBeam tents, to provide all round protection.

The Joro Air 600XL is the largest family tent in the Vango AirBeam Earth collection, with dimesions of 705cm by 380cm. It can sleep a family of six campers, with the ability to sleep in 3 different toggled bedrooms. The Joro benefits from many key features, including an integrated front awning and a large front door. Great for sun shade, or a porch for removing wet gear, enabling campers to keep the main tent area clean and dry. As we have already discussed, the Villa Construction really helps to increase the height in the tent, but you really will be spoilt and the envy of the campsite with the Joro’s large dining and social area with its extensive living room. Once you have put the Vango Joro Air tent up once, you will be a pro and it will only take you about 12 minutes to pitch up on your next adventure. It has a surprisingly small pack size of 80 x 46 x 46cm and a weight of 25.5kg, so it is very manageable to manoeuvre and store at home. However surely the most impressive fact is that the Joro Air 600XL is made from recycled material equivalent to 261 plastic bottles! You can camp in luxury, whilst still feeling you have done your bit for the environment!

If you really like the look of the Vango Joro Air, but you are a couple or family of four and can’t justify needing that much room (the Joro 600XL is a very roomy and spacious tent!), then don’t panic Vango also make the Joro Air 450. It is of a very similar layout, with smaller dimensions of 600cm by 300cm and only has 2 toggled bedroom areas. However, it’s definitely worth mentioning that in the Joro 450, both the bedrooms, along with the Nightfall feature, are King-sized, which means there is a 70cm sleeping area for each person, allowing for a super comfy nights sleep, with plenty of space even for a bedside table. The Joro 450 has a lighter weight of 19.6kg and a smaller pack size of 80 x 43 x 43cm.

The new Vango Aether AirBeam Earth tent also comes in two sizes, the Aether Air 450 XL being produced from recycles material equivalent to 153 plastic bottles. This Aether design boasts not only the Villa Construction for maximum internal space, but also a pre-attached extension (giving it a different overall outside look to the Vango Joro), as well as a double living area and large front door. These Earth tents really give the camper excellent living room beyond the sleeping areas. In the Aether 450, along with the reduced early morning light due to the Nightfall thick weave fabric, the bedrooms are king-sized, offering an enjoyable and comfortable 70cm sleeping area per person. With a very practical weight of 22kg and a pack size of 80 x 40 x 40cm, campers won’t find this tent too cumbersome to transport around or store at home. If the Vango Aether Earth tent is for you, but you have a bigger family, or accompanying dogs or you just like having the extra space, then don’t panic, Vango have catered for your needs! The Vango Aether 600XL allows six campers to sleep comfortably and will only take 2 minutes more to put up with a pitch time of 12 minutes. You will definitely be environmentally friendly if you decide upon the Vango Aether Earth Air tent, as it is made from recycled material, equivalent to 221 plastic bottles.

The last AirBeam tent in the Vango Earth collection is the Osiris Air 500. It comfortably sleeps five campers in two toggled bedrooms and although it does not have as much internal space as the Aether and Joro designs, it has key features of a covered entrance and an extended living area. Your choice of Vango Earth tent all depends on how big your camping party is and how much space individuals in your group need, thinking about how much equipment and baggage they require. The Vango Osiris Air 500 has a pack size of 73 x 34 x 34cm, weight of 15.3Kg (lighter weight then the other two designs) and an enviable pitch time of 12 minutes.

Vango’s high quality materials and craftmanship, not only gives campers peace of mind but complete comfort, whether you prefer spontaneous weekend trips with friends or longer summer holidays adventures with family. Both Vango AirBeam tents and their poled versions are guaranteed to give owner satisfaction, so the choice is really up to the camper. The AirBeam versions are definitely quicker to pitch and you need less campers for the erection process, but poled tents are generally a lot more budget friendly and you can usually pick up bigger poled tents for less. Also, pole tents are commonly much easier to transport and carry as it is possible to separate the poles from the tent to distribute the weight. The weight of the airbeams are heavier; the weight cannot be split up for carrying and if anything goes wrong with a beam, it can be costly to replace, whereas standard poles are readily available. Having said this, Vango have made it as easy as possible to repair or replace airbeams, with their fantastic aftercare service and the AirBeam tents usually have a much sleeker look, making them more popular with the next generation of campers off on their adventures.

So, let’s have a look at a few poled Vango tents in their innovative Earth Collection. They too are made from the Sentinel Eco fabric, giving durability and quality (waterproof with 3000MM HH, easy to clean, fully factory taped seams, 70D polyester, fire retardant, UPF 30+, durable and ColorLok), but also peace of mind you are helping to protect our great outdoor environment. These poled Earth tents give a strong, light and reliable structure due to the Vango PowerFlex Fiberglass poles, which are also pre-angled to achieve greater internal space than would be achieved with standard curved poles. These pre-angled poles give very effective bracing against side winds. The poled Earth tents also boast many of the key features the Air Earth tents do, like the fully sewn-in groundsheet, Nightfall Bedrooms, TBS II (Tension Band System), Diamond Clear windows, Mesh living room doors, flexible door step and clear access bedrooms, that you can read about in the section above.

The Vango Joro poled tent comes in two sizes to meet the requirements of small and large families. It has an integrated front awning and large front door which can be king poled open giving a great undercover outdoor space. It also has a large dining room and social area, with it’s extensive living room…… really provides a great family space. The Vango Joro poled 450 tent is ideal for the smaller family and offers two king-sized bedrooms, giving each camper a very comfortable, luxurious 70cm of sleeping space. Along with the thick weaved Nightfall bedrooms, you are ensured a comfy nights sleep so you are ready for the next days antics and fun! It is produced from recycled material equivalent to 180 plastic bottles and has a pitch time of around 20 minutes and a lighter weight of 17Kg. The Vango Joro poled 600XL tent, does not have quite as bigger bedrooms, giving 60cm of sleeping width per camper, but it has three bedrooms and can comfortably fit up to six happy campers. If you decide this is the tent for you and your loved ones, you can boast to all how environmentally concerned you are and that your tent is made from recycled material, equivalent of 225 plastic bottles!

The Vango Aether poled tent also comes in two sizes to accommodate camping groups of varying sizes. The Aerther benefits from key features, including pre-angled poles for greater head height to maximise internal space and with a ore-attached extension offering fab extra living space, as well as a double living area and a large front door. Again, the Vango poled Aether 450XL provides two king-sized bedrooms each with a generous 140 cm sleeping width (70cm per camper). It has a very manageable weight (which can be split if necessary) of 22Kg and a quick pitch time of 15 minutes. To make this enviable poled tent, the equivalent of 144 plastic bottles of recyclable material has been used. The Aether 600XL has three bedrooms, each comfortably sleeping two campers. It has a separatable weight of 26Kg and a slightly longer pitch time of 20 minutes. If this is your chosen tent, you will be pleased to find an impressive recycled material amount equivalent to 203 plastic bottles has been used. Very impressive!

Vango’s collection of Earth tents really are something to boast about and their range has never been so comfortable with innovative technology and features that can only add to your holiday experience and fun adventures. Whether you are looking for the perfect tent for a quick weekend trip or one for longer summer exploits, the Vango Earth range will suit you and your loved ones down to the ground.

Vango Earth Collection Chairs

The Vango Earth Chair collection is made from EcoStem recycled fabric.
The EcoStem fabric the Earth Chair collection is made from is also created from 100% recycled single use plastics, so it is environmentally friendly, very resilient, but still soft to touch and very comfortable to sit on. They have a stylish embossed grass design and the foldable designs make them very easy to store and to transport from home to your favourite campsite. This Earth family is made up of 4 chairs, so there is one to suit everyone and all four chairs are really eye catching. The Tellus has a rich bronze frame, which is extremely light weight and comfortable. It is ideal for fishing trips, carrying to a music festival or to sit around the campfire. As it folds flat, it is super easy to store and can comfortably hold a weight of up to 120KG, even though it only weighs 2.84Kg itself. The recycled fabric is very resilient, whilst being soft to touch. It is made from recycled material equivalent to 3 plastic bottles. The Osiris is more your typical camping style of chair. It has a comfy padded surface which offers great relaxation inside or outside your awning, but as it folds to a very compact size, it is easily transportable and doesn’t take up much room when storing. It has a padded seat and a padded backrest so definitely offers increased comfort. It also features an insulated cup holder ideal for a maintaining the temperature of your cuppa or keeping your favourite tipple cool! It is made from recycled material equivalent to 9 plastic bottles. Perfect for catching the rays and chatting with friends on your pitch or getting comfy and winding down ion the awning. It can comfortably take a load of up to 120Kg and comes with a recycled polyester handled carry bag to make transportation even easier. The Vango Aether Earth chair is easy to fold away, in a compact form so it’s great when boot space is limited. It features a bronze steel frame, which is vibrant and will stand out on the campsite, and the padded surface has a wrap around design for added warmth and comfort. Ideal for campsite evenings or perfect for watching the sun go down in your garden. It is made from recycled material equivalent to 12 plastic bottles. It also comes with a recycled polyester handled carry bag to ease of transportation. In the Vango Earth Joro chair you will find you don’t want to get up and definitely won’t want to share it with other campers, even if they are family members! The Joro is produced from recycled material equivalent to 17 plastic bottles. It is supremely padded to offer upmost luxury and with it’s wrap around design it is ideal for reading a book, watching the children from afar or just watching campsite life pass you by for hours! It has an all over padded design. Why not add a pop of colour to your camping essentials with these Vango Earth camping chairs, whilst supporting the environment?

Vango Earth Collection Sleeping Bags

Not only have they produced amazing tents and furniture from 100% recycled plastic, but Vango have also designed exceedingly comfortable, durable sleeping bags, to make your nights of your camping adventure, as cosy and relaxed as possible. Designed with all the best Vango features, the Earth Collection of sleeping bags benefits from 100% recycled fabric, filling, shell and lining. Your last thought at night, nestled in your snug sleeping bag, can be how well you have done having great family fun, whilst still supporting the environment! Your home away from home, camping furniture and bedding are all made from 100% recycled plastic and what’s even more amazing is that they are all just (or maybe even more) as comfy, stylish, affordable and reliable as the leading tents and gear available on the market today. The Era and Evolve family sleeping bags feature a stylish embossed design and the Evolve also has a double layer construction to create an open structure that retains heat, while the integrated head rest provides additional comfort and warmth. The Evolve Single is produced from recycled material equivalent to 90 plastic bottles and the Evolve double 180 plastic bottles. The recycled fabric is very resilient, whilst being super soft to touch. They have hanging loops and a stuffsack with a drawcord for storage. The Era features Vango’s Polair Snug Lining and Insulation Lock which keeps heat in and distributes it evenly throughout the sleeping bag. The Era Grande is produced from recycled material equivalent to 122 plastic bottles and the Era Double 182 plastic bottles. These sleeping bags have won camping awards and have hanging loops. Integrated head rests, an auto-lock two-way zip and zip guard. Very impressive! Lovely to be snug, warm and comfortable after a full day of fun on the campsite.

So, as you can see Vango are no strangers to striving for greater sustainability If you respect the outdoors and our environment and it is on your mind to do all you can to preserve it for future generations, then the Vango Earth Collection is a perfect choice for you and your family to travel comfortably and in style on your adventures. Enjoy the great outdoors, a place to explore, make memories, reach new found limits or just relax and spend time together. For any adventure, big or small, the Vango Earth Collection will look after your family, whilst also being kind to the environment.