Caravan & motorhome technical questions


This is just a query really. I have a 2016 Lunar Delta TS with the Alde 3020 heating system where the 12v header tank circulating pump is fitted in the wardrobe next to the head of one of the beds. Not only does it whine like a banshee it is making a clicking noise which is most annoying when you are trying to sleep, I think it probably needs to be replaced. However, can you tell me if the 230v circulating pump will fit in my system, is it difficult to install but importantly is it quieter in operation than the 12v pump fitted at present. Which by the way, in their handbook they call an emergency pump. I look forward to your reply.


The 230 V inline pump has been deprecated, and the recommended solution is now the 12 V inline pump, 256825. It is quieter than the 230 V inline pump, has variable speed, allowing it to be used for purging air, and can run from the 12 V leisure battery if off-grid. The motor is the same make as the 230 V. And it's cheaper.

In short, there are only advantages to using the 12 V inline pump over the 230 V inline pump. (As an illustration, Airstream USA stopped using the 230 V inline pump in 2014, using the 12 V inline pump instead.)

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