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Thule Omnivent Fan Ventilator 12v Kit

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Omnivent Fan ventilator 12v Kit. It is installed with only 4 screws and can easily be mounted in a previously installed Omni-Vent, from the outside in and without drilling. In ad... more

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Omnivent Fan ventilator 12v Kit. It is installed with only 4 screws and can easily be mounted in a previously installed Omni-Vent, from the outside in and without drilling. In addition to 12 ventilation speeds, this ventilator has an energy-saving function, a boost function, and a safety mechanism to guard against excess voltage and incorrect connection and blockage. Includes control switch, touch control panel, fan motor, fan blades, flyscreen and plastic casing

Measures 400mm square - for Thule Omnivent rooflights.
The top section measures: 350mm by 380mm
The section facing the caravan or motorhome interior measures: 330mm by 357mm

7 Customer Reviews on Thule Omnivent Fan Ventilator 12v Kit

Great Replacement Item

by Macone (09 Mar 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
Easy fit and a great way to replace and update the omnivent. My 7-year omnivent has failed and was covered in fatty deposits - replacement was a doddle to replace. Highly recommended and at a reasonable cost.
5 5

Perfect Replacement

by Chris Cook (21 Apr 2016)
5 star review(5/5)
Perfect replacement fan now works perfectly at last. Thank you
5 5


by David Clarke (27 Mar 2016)
5 star review(5/5)
Although I admit to being sceptical on reading the installation instructions I am pleased to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the ease with which it fitted. Very pleased all round, with delivery, ease of fitting and operating efficiency.
5 5

Omnivent Fan Replacement

by Mr Whiteley (29 May 2015)
5 star review(5/5)
The original Omnivent fan unit fitted to our Bailey caravan failed after 6 years. I was told by caravan service centres that the whole unit including the housing would need to be fitted at a cost of nearly £400 because spare parts were not available. However I traced this unit from Leisureshop Direct at a total cost of £115. Fitting is extremely easy. The old unit is removed from the outside after releasing four screws. The new unit drops into place and clips into the existing frame - no screws required. The only problem I had was needing to extend the flying lead connections but easily overcome. Aesthetically a much better piece of equipment with more sophisticated modern touch control.
5 5

Omnivent Fan Ventilator Kit.

by Mr Hebden (30 Oct 2014)
5 star review(5/5)
this is to replace a fan with a faulty control panel. it seemed a more sensible option to replace all the components in one go.
5 5


by Big T (11 Oct 2014)
4 star review(4/5)
After having had a fan failure of our Omnivent ceiling fan, and after reading a product review, I was a little surprised that installing this Omnivent Fan replacement fan was not as easy as stated, perhaps I have a different set up? Nevertheless, after some scratching of the head, and reading and re-reading the installation instructions sent with it, I finally managed to get it fixed and working. It was not a straightforward four screws undo and replace solution but the inner sections of the vent assembly, both outer and inner rings, had to be carefully removed, the fan dropped into place from above, then connections made, and the whole assembly put back. In all, it took me about an hour to complete, but perhaps this was because I'd never done it before? Finally, the replacement fan is now installed and is working properly. I like the touch panel controls and the ability to incrementally increase, or decrease, the fan speed. It's good that there's now a detachable mosquito screen above the fan which can be cleaned; we could have done with that on a recent trip to France!
4 5

Omnivent Fan

by Mr Berry (17 Jan 2012)
5 star review(5/5)
I had to replace the original unit whuich repeatedly failed when in use, initially in hot weather when abroad but then almost continually. To date, the replacement works fine and we have found it very useful in our Motorhome to assist the air changes needed. Excellent repalcement service of the product which was a fault in manufacture. Thanks again.
5 5
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