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Whale Caravan Water Pump Pressure Switch

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Whale In-Line Pressure Switch WU7207. Convenient way to install a pressure on a demand system in caravan or motorhome. It is recommended that a surge damper- Ref 258219, is fitted in conjunction with Whale Elegance, Elite & TB faucets. Hose bore:12mm (1/2")

- It is recommended that a surge damper (Search Ref: 258219) is also fitted.
- Switches the pump on/off by detecting the change in pressure in the water system.
- Recommended for use with whale submersible and inline pumps.
- Can be used in conjunction with Whale Elegance, Elite andTB faucets.
- One switch operates multi outlet system.
- Prevents pump cycling on & off.
- Enables water systems to be converted to an efficient pressure system
- Weight:64g (2 1/4oz)
- Hose bore:13mm (1/2")
- Current rating: 10a 12v - 24 systems.

  • Maintenance-free design
  • Adjustable cut in / cut out pressure setting
  • Suitable for installation into a soft hose system
  • Controls the pump turning it on and off by sensing changes in water system pressure
  • Connects directly in-line to Whale Quick Connect Plumbing
  • Weight : 0.1kg

4 Customer Reviews on Whale Caravan Water Pump Pressure Switch

Fixed Our Water Supply Problem

by (23 Nov 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
Water supply into caravan “iffy”. New pressure switch fixed the problem. Delivered to Spain in good time.

Whale Pressure Switch

by (29 Jul 2017)
4 star review(4/5)
It does the job well- sensitive action, seems robust

Whale In Line Pressure Switch

by (25 Sep 2010)
5 star review(5/5)
Part arrived on time. no problem with fitting, have no hesitation in recommending this web-site to others.

Whale In-line Pressure Switxh

by (16 Sep 2010)
5 star review(5/5)
Good service again. Item arrived well packed and in time promised. We'll return to this web-site as our 1st choice every time !

4 Technical Questions on the Whale Caravan Water Pump Pressure Switch


Hi Tom. I've got a crystal compact mk2 water socket/pump fitted to my 2001 caravan and I'm having some connection problems. It'll work intermittently, then I'll have to give it a little wiggle and it'll start again. Also sometimes the pump will be running even though there are no taps on. I notice that it is obsolete, so if I need to change it what is the alternative part. Many thanks :-)


There are generally two types of water systems used in caravans. The first is the microswitch system where each tap is fitted with a microswitch. When the tap is opened the switch is turned 'on' and power is supplied to the water pump. This pump is normally a submersible pump that drops into an external water container. When you close the water tap then the switch is turned 'off' and the pump will stop. If the pump continues to run then there is a fault with the microswitch which normally means that it will need replacing. The switches in the taps are wired in parallel so that whichever tap you turn on, power will be supplied to the pump.
The second system is the pressure switch system. With this arrangement you have a pressure switch in the water system which senses the water pressure. When you open a tap the pressure in the system will drop, and this drop in pressure on a diaphragm in the pressure switch causes movement of the diaphragm. This movement has the affect of turning the switch 'on' and thus supplying power to the water pump. Conversely when you turn the tap off the pump will continue running for a few seconds which has the effect of building up pressure in the system. This increase in pressure again causes movement of the diaphragm in the pressure switch which has the affect of turning the switch 'off' and thus stopping the pump. If the pump continues to operate after the tap has been turned off then it may simply be due to the pressure switch needing adjustment or there may be a fault with the pressure switch where a component or the whole assembly may need replacing.
With pumps such as the Shurflo or Flojet the pressure switch is part of the pump itself. On some systems where the Crystal 2 water inlet is used the Whale pressure switch, our ref 105500, is installed in the cold water pipe work, normally under a seat and close to the water inlet. On the Whale Watermaster system the pressure switch forms part of the water inlet and an adjustment screw can be found on the rear of the inlet.
The Crystal 2 water inlet has now been superseded by the Ultraflow inlet and a conversion kit is available, our ref. 135667.


Hi Tom having problems with my Whale water pressure switch nothing serious but I intend to change it anyway but the only information I have is its a " supersub 881 " but I have been informed that there are two types the ES5001 and the ES1001 . will either one work for me


The normal one fitted into caravans is the ES1001, our ref 127861. This is the water inlet fitted into the side wall of the caravan with combined pressure switch. If you wish to fit an in-line pressure switch then this is our part 105500.


Hi Tom, I have a bailey discovery avalon 1994, I have problem with water pump keep running i have followed instructions from your list and adjusted the pressure switch, This as stopped the pump running but about every 30 seconds it clicks in and out, I have tried adjusting the switch a 1/4 turn but it still does it, will it be a faulty switch.


It is probable that the switch is faulty. you can replace the complete item, our part 105500 or there is a service kit available, our part 119235.


Hi Tom I have a whale 881 supersub pump when I plug it into the Caravan the pump runs but I can hear a clicking noise when I turn the taps off the pump carries on running could you please advise me on the problem


This is a problem with the pressure switch that controls the pump. If you have a Whale Watermaster inlet then the screw to adjust the pressure switch is on the back of the inlet fitting. If you have a Truma crystal inlet then the pressure switch, probably our part 105500, will be in the pipework, normally fairly close to the inlet.
To adjust the pressure switch you should first undo the adjusting screw as far as possible without removing it from the threaded hole. Then open one of your cold taps. If the pump starts then there is a problem with the pressure switch and you may need to replace it or dismantle and fit a service kit.
When you open the tap the pump should not start, and then you gradually screw the adjuster clockwise until the pump starts. Close the tap and the pump should stop.
If the pump does not stop then a quarter to half turn anticlockwise should be sufficient.
Operate a tap again a few times to ensure that the pump operates correctly and some minor adjustment may be required at the adjusting screw to prevent the pressure switch 'clicking'.
I hope that this helps.

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