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Microswitch for Reich Deluxe Taps

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Microswitch for Reich Deluxe taps, Trend A and Trend B. Comes with blue and red water marker clips. Wire is fitted....

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Microswitch for Reich Deluxe taps, Trend A and Trend B. Comes with blue and red water marker clips. Wire is fitted.

1 Technical Question on the Microswitch for Reich Deluxe Taps


I need to replace the micro switches on my smev tap, the model of the sink is 8005 and the tap came with it


You will need to remove the red and blue inserts on the tap and then release the handle with a small Allen Key. The switch that you need is our part 133276.

6 Customer Reviews on Microswitch for Reich Deluxe Taps

Arrived Quickly And Easy To Fit

by (13 Mar 2018)
5 star review(5/5)
Works great, was easy to fit (so long as you don't mind damaging the old one when you remove it) - haven't had it long so don't know how well it will last, but I'm enjoying having a working tap in the van.

Microswitch Hymer

by (06 Sep 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
Awesome super fast delivery well happy and good price.

Replacing A Microswitch

by (01 Aug 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
It was replacing the microswitch (£12) and not the tap (£48) that cured the problem. A bit fiddly to replace but, as long as you note where everything went, it was not difficult

Repair Of Faulty Reich Shower Control - Fitting New Microswitch.

by (20 Jul 2016)
4 star review(4/5)
When searching for a replacement micro-switch it was not immediately obvious what model tap I had. This caused some uncertainty when I ordered this micro-switch. Because of this I'm sure some people would simply buy a new tap/controller, in my case this would have been £105. This switch is very easy to fit, no rocket science, although you do need to completely dismantle the control/tap. Then simply prise the old switch out from the housing (no retaining screws, just friction) and push the new one in place. The switch is quite delicate, especially the soldered connections, so take care. You will need to adjust the angle at which it sits so that it engages the lever arm. Put the controller/tap back together, reinstall and connect wires. Bingo! you've just save £100.

Microswitch For Reich Trend A Taps

by (15 Dec 2014)
4 star review(4/5)
perfect value for money. strongly recomended.

Reich Delux Mix Tap Micro Switch

by (16 Aug 2012)
3 star review(3/5)
I have had to replace these micro switches on a number of times (on average once every 18 months due to failure (hot water tap in particular) .There appears to be no particular reason for this. I have even tried spraying switch with specialist electronic aerosol to no lasting effect. Over the years it has become increasing difficult to purchase these unts locally, however, thanks to the internet Leisure Shop Direct have solved this problem. Thanks for your excellent service
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