Plastic diesel fuel tank 6 gallons (61 liter)

Vetus Plastic Diesel Fuel Tank - 61 Litre

£119.99 (inc VAT) £162.99NewCondition
Excludes installation kit. Not suitable for petrol.... more
Excludes installation kit. Not suitable for petrol.
VETUS fuel tanks are manufactured of Linear Polythene. They are much less liable to explode than metal tanks and there is no possibility of rust formation. the fuel level can be seen from the outside; the most reliable check there is!
These VETUS tanks are manufactured in 10 different shapes and sizes, with volumes of approximately:
6 1/2, 11, 16, 23 1/4, 29, 36, 45, 56 3/4 and 103 gallon.
The 23 1/4, 36, 45, 56 3/4, 88 1/2 and 103 gallon models are provided with baffles, as standard construction

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