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Vango's range of adventure, airbeam and poled tents

Vango Adventure, AirBeam and Poled Tents explained!

With the massive choice within the Vango range of camping tents, there is literally the perfect tent for everyone. Whether you and your loved ones are casual campers, avid adventurers or genuine outdoor enthusiasts, you won't be disappointed with Vango's cutting edge design, outstanding tent technology and innovative tent features. Explore Adventure Tents, Airbeam Tents, Family Poled Tents and Technical Tents in the Vango Tent Collection Get your families outside to adventure and enjoy the great outdoors, spending the days creating those all important memories and the evenings around the campfire, before retiring for a good night's sleep.

Vango's exemplary history!

The Vango company was established in the West of Scotland in 1966 and is still based at the gateway to the impressive Scottish Highlands, Port Glasgow. Vango makes a range of tents and equipment for families, like rucksacks and sleeping bags, so that they can go camping in style and comfort. It caters for adventurers with its lightweight tents and for mountaineers to survive in extreme conditions.

With Vango, every tent, all awnings, rucksacks, sleeping bags and accessories have been designed by genuine outdoor enthusiasts resulting in gear packed full of experience that epitomises the Vango ethos of reliability, quality, innovation, design and usability. In 2011 Vango pioneered AirBeam technology and by 2012 they had a range of AirAway drive-away awnings and AirAwnings for campervans, caravans and motorhomes. Celebrating 10 years of AirBeam technology, in 2021 they released S.I Pro Single inflation into their AirBeam technology proving they are at the forefront of cutting-edge design and innovation.

From the trail to mountain, Vango products allow everyone to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Vango and the great outdoors

Vango Adventure Tents explored

Vango tents in their Adventure range combine the durability of a Vango tent with affordability, which is most likely why Vango Adventure Tents have been a favourite for many campers for a long time. Whether you are new to camping and want a great value, reliable and durable small tent for weekend getaways or festivals with family and friends, or you need a warm and comfortable shelter after a great day mountain biking, then the Adventure Experience Collection is well worth investigating. If you are looking for something slightly more technical then the Vango Adventure range will still meet all your needs as there are a wide variety of tents in this collection.
Probably the easiest way to categorise tents in the Vango Adventure range is by the material they are made from and these include Sentinel fabric, Sentinel Eco fabric and Protex Zero Fabric.

What is Vango's Sentinel fabric?

Vango designed this fabric with a focus on pack size and weight, making lightweight and easy to carry/store tents. It is a very durable and waterproof material. It has a waterproof rating of 3000mm HH, but can also be easily cleaned. Being a 70D material is is lightweight, yet strong. It boasts Vango's ColourLok TM eco technology, meaning it has improved colour retention and UV protection, whilst reducing environmental impact, which means during manufacturing there is reduced water usage, chemical wastes and lower carbon emissions compared to conventional dying processes. Tents made from Sentinel have fully factory taped seams for complete protection from the elements and it obviously meet ISO5912 Fire Retardant standards for your safety.

The Vango Tay Poled Tentis made from Sentinel fabric and it has a Gothic Arch pole, making it dome style. It has a robust structure due to its traditional poles. The entrance provides ample shelter in dodgy weather and due to the dome shape it is spacious inside and very stable. This really is a great tent for festivals and weekend camping due to its small pack size and the fact it is very affordable.

The Vango Tay Poled Tent is a dome style tent due to the Gothic Arch pole.

If you are looking for an Adventure tent with a few more technical features, the Vango Teepee Air 400 tent is also made from the Sentinel fabric. If you like to stand out and be the envy of the campsite, then take a close look! It has a unique glamping style structure and impressively high overall height, giving space and an airy internal feel. Again, these family tents are ideal for weekend getaways and festivals.

The Vango Teepee Air has a unique glamping style about it.

The AirBeam range of Vango Tents

In the last 12 years Vango have completely revolutionised tent design with the innovation of AirBeam technology, meaning even larger tents take very little time to pitch and you can be sat back with your favourite tipple in hand in no time at all.

This AirBeam collection has never been so comfortable, with top quality materials and features all designed to make your camping experience as perfect as possible. You may just be looking for a base for short weekend trips or for longer summer family adventures and in this AirBeam range, there is something for every camper, ensuring you will turn heads wherever you go.

Which AirBeam tents are made from Vango's Sentinel fabric?

We have already discussed the Sentinel fabric above, with its qualities like 3000mm HH, 70 D (lightweight), ColourLok technology and fully tapered seams. So which Air Beam tents are made from this quality material?

The Vango Harris Air 350 is the ideal tent for summer breaks. This AirBeam® tent has been designed with a focus on ventilation making it the perfect tent for summer adventures. The combination of king-size and Midnight bedrooms ensures you have a great night's sleep and it also comes in a 5 man size if you are looking for extra space.

Enjoy the great outdoors in the Vango Harris Air tent.

If you have a larger family or just like the idea of tonnes of internal space, then take a look at the Vango Castlewood Air 800XL Family Tent. The tunnel format has a mirrored layout, with bedrooms at each end and excellent living spaces in between. This ideal large base can be pitched in a matter of minutes, giving you maximum time for relaxing.

Relax in the perfect base with the Vango Castlewood Air Tent.

How does Sentinel Eco fabric differ to Sentinel?

Vango's Sentinel Eco fabric has all the same excellent reliable qualities as the Sentinel, like the waterproof rating of 3000mm HH, lighweight of 60g/m2 and the ColourLok technology. However, instead of the more traditional materials, these Vango tents are created from recycled single-use plastic waste, thus reducing the environmental impact.

The Vango Tahiti Air 850xl 8 person family Air Tent is made from this Sentinel Eco fabric and the equivalent of 360 plastic bottles as single-use plastic, was recycled to make this tent. What a great idea.....you can have amazing family adventures, whilst knowing you have been considerate to the environment!

Perfectly suited for larger families, the Tahiti Air 850XL 8 Person Family Air Tent features a side studio that serves as an additional 2-person bedroom or extra storage space. The Villa Construction style offers increased headroom near the sides, especially for the taller campers out there, while the double living area and pre-attached front awning provide an abundance of space for relaxation, meal preparation, and dining together.

Which tents are made from Sentinel Eco Dura in the Vango AirBeam collection?

The Vango Vesta Air 850xl Tent is a very spacious 8 man inflatable that is completely designed around a fabulous centeral living area with large panoramic windows and skylights that create a lovely bright and airy atmosphere. There are 2 bedrooms at either end, giving great privacy for older kids or friends that may have joined your camping entourage.

It is made with Vango's Sentinel Eco Dura fabric, which has been developed with a focus on environmental stability, having used recycled single-use plastic waste in the manufacture. It is a great lightweight (68g/m2)material and really very durable (70 D). It's ColourLok technology really aids colour retention from UV light.

The Vango Vesta Air 850xl Tent.

Would you prefer a Vango Poled Tent for your family?

If you like to camp big and stretch out in comfort, or you prefer to keep it small and compact for quick unplanned adventures, there is a Vango poled tent to meet your outdoor expectations. We have discussed the benefits and features of Vango's Sentinel fabric above, so which tents can you get in this fabric that are poled? The Vango Harris Poled Tent is a great economical choice for families or groups of friends who want a spacious and durable tent. It comes in two sizes, 3 or 5 man, and has been designed to be easy to set up and pack away as it has colour-coded Vango PowerFlex fibreglass poles.

The Vango Harris Poled Tent.

If you are looking for a bigger tent in this range, take a close look at the Vango Lismore 700 dlx. It is a fantastically spacious tent ideal for up to 7 happy campers, with its villa construction and upright side walls, the height creates a wonderfully airy space and allows all corners of the tent to be used.

The Vango Lismore 700dlx.

Why does Vango's Sentinel TC fabric stand out?

Vango's Sentinel TC material is a quality, durable fabric which combines the leading properties of both cotton and polyester, creating a rich polycotton fabric. This means tents made from this material are climate controlled, meaning they are much more breathable and adjust internal temperatures to suit the environment. These tents can not only be used comfortably in the UK, but will keep you cool in much sunnier climates and suffer from a lot less condensation. The Mokala TC 450 Cloud Grey Tent is made from this innovative fabric and is ideal for getaways in hotter weather.

Why chose a poled tent over an inflatable one?

Nowadays many campers prefer the idea of the quick pitch time with AirBeam tents, but there are many outdoor enthusiasts who still like poled versions. Poled tents come in smaller pack sizes then their equivalent sized AirBeam tent due to the Air tubes. This makes them more space efficient and lighter to carry around, making for much easier storing and transporting. It is also easy to separate the poles form the tent material, further reducing weights to move around.

Poled tents are more cost effective and are generally more budget-friendly than air tents. Poled tents often offer more space as they is usually more headroom and interior spaciousness. This is due to their taller centre poles.

When would a Vango Technical Tent come in handy?

Vango's Technical range include tents that are ultralight, generally 1 or 2 man. They are designed to be very lightweight, with a small pack size, meaning they are easy to carry on your expeditions. They still deliver great stability and strength to keep you safe and warm in adverse weather conditions. Whether you are heading out on your first wild camping adventure or preparing for a long challenging expedition up a mountain, Vango will have Technical Tent to suit all your requirments.

Get into the spirit of camping and create those wonderful family memories with the Vango range of tents creating your perfect holiday base.