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Dometic RF60 Combicool Caravan Refrigerator

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Dometic Combicool RF 60 Caravan Refrigerator

Free-standing absorption refrigerator - Silent Operation - 12 volts, 230 volts and gas.

The Dometic Combicool RF 60 3 Way Portable Cabinet Fridge is a lightweight, affordable, great quality absorption portable camping fridge which runs on 12-volt or 230-volt mains. You can use it at home or in your caravan/motorhome as convenient drinks fridge. This is also perfect to use in the awning.

It can be switched to operate on a small butane or propane gas bottle. This is great to use in remote locations where there is no DC or mains power.

Its absorption refrigeration works silently so it won’t disturb your family's sleep. Its thermostat temperature regulation is very accurate so you can be sure that this great portable fridge will always achieve the desired temperature regardless of the influences of changing weather.

This useful portable cabinet achieves 7 degrees cooling at up to 30°C below ambient temperature, and can also make ice cubes for your drinks, an ice cube tray is included.

For 12 volts, 230 volts and gas, single-door model, width 486 mm, with 12-volt Battery ignition. New design, absolutely silent operation, secure door lock with vent option, Two door trays, Adjustable shelves, 12-volt Battery ignition.

This is a silent fridge so will not disturb you at night and being a Dometic fridge you can rely on it being reliable and keeping to the correct temperature.

Freestanding USE ONLY, NOT to be built in.

Further Details

  • Gross capacity with freezer compartment: : approx. 60 litres
  • Absolutely silent operation
  • Secure door lock with vent option
  • Two door trays
  • Adjustable shelves
  • 12-volt Battery ignition
  • Energy supply : 12 volts DC, 230 volts AC, LPG
  • Gas pressure : 50, 30 or 28 - 37 mbar
  • Input rating 230 volts: : 110 watts
  • Input rating 12 volts: : 110 watts
  • Input rating Gas: : 14.8 g/h
  • Consumption 230 Volts: : 1.9 kWh/24 h
  • Consumption 12 Volts: : 1.9 kWh/24 h
  • Consumption Gas: : 325 to 375 g/24 h
  • Cooling capacity: : Up to 30°C below ambient temperature
  • Ignition system: : 12-volt Battery ignition
  • Insulation: : PU foam all around
  • System: : Absorption cooling
  • Material: : Cabinet: coated sheet steel, Door: plastic, Panel: aluminium
  • Colour: : Cabinet: black, Door: aluminium
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): : 486 x 615 x 490 mm
  • Weight: : 26.0 kg
  • Test mark: : Certified to European Gas Appliance Directive 90/396/EEC
  • IMPORTANT NOTE : Must not be used whilst sleeping in a tent.

EAN-13 : 5999024848130

19 Customer Reviews on Dometic RF60 Combicool Caravan Refrigerator


5 star review(5/5)
Works well easy to install

It Works Fantastic And Easy To Use

5 star review(5/5)
We needed a new fridge for our camper

Useful Size Fridge

5 star review(5/5)
This was the second fridge as the first one arrived damaged.
So far it is working ok and will hopefully make camping a more pleasant experience. This fridge is slightly larger than normal so will be able to keep food chilled as well as drinks.

Great Fridge. But Poor Handling/transit.

5 star review(5/5)
Great little fridge. But it arrived with damaged control facia. Probably due to poor handling! Had to remove the top and glue the fixtures on.


5 star review(5/5)
It did everything we expected to.


5 star review(5/5)
Outlet in,a different place to old one. Have had to changed gas leads. Being installed today

Great Bit Of Kit

5 star review(5/5)
Great bit of kit I use it on butane gas and it is very economical. I use this fridge as my main fridge it does me my girlfriend and baby so it's a grand size

Good Quality Fridge.

5 star review(5/5)
Excellent fridge, bit of work to fit it but that was due to our camper. Working great and good amount of room inside.

240/12v Works

5 star review(5/5)
Good fridge for a boat

Good All Round Service

5 star review(5/5)
We bought this fridge for our vw transporter fitted perfectly.cannot say there were any dislikes.fridge has bigger inside capacity as no freezer compartment which we don't need.extremely pleased with it.was delivered when they said.we had text message to say time slot.would recommend to other people.brilliant.

First Class I Use It On My Boat On Either ...

5 star review(5/5)
First class I use it on my boat on either 12 volt or mains, (not gas) word to the wise it gives off a serious amount of heat until the fridge gets cold enough to trip the thermostat

Awning Fridge RF60

5 star review(5/5)
This is a review as much about the staff at leisure shop direct as the domestic rf60. Both are 5 out of 5. The fridge is a great buy although it's made of fairly flimsy sheet metal so it causing damage to it is rather easy if your a DPD driver! But I highly rate it. People say you can't tell if it's on well that is true unless it's on gas then you have the pilot light so the inclusion of an LED would have been great but hayho. The staff at LSD are really helpful and nowt it too much hassle for them.

Four Stars

4 star review(4/5)
very good in this country, it struggled in high external temperatures

Short Review

5 star review(5/5)
An excellent, small gas fridge. Reliable, easily cold enough, and very reasonable price.

Great for our awning

5 star review(5/5)
We bought this as the fridge in the caravan never seems big enough...particularly on hot days. This one sits in our awning and works great. We would recommend it and have done to many people on campsites!


5 star review(5/5)
Best off grid fridge on the market by far.
As its induction it's most efficient on gas apose to 12volts. Quite amazing a little flame can create cooling. On full power it's powerful enough to freeze food/drinks.
With all gas products I recommend a professional fits the exhausts system (if using gas + buy a carbon monoxide alarm).

This Is Amazing, It Really Is Silent So Silent Infact That ...

5 star review(5/5)
This is amazing,it really is SILENT so silent infact that we didnt think it was working until i scratched the back and got some ice on my fingers.

Looks Good. Expensive But They All Are

5 star review(5/5)
Does its job. Looks good. Expensive but they all are.

Silent Running

5 star review(5/5)
Great fridge for camping, we used it this summer for three weeks of camping in glorious hot weather. We loved the ease of access ie; the door for front loading unloading rather than the top loader were you have to lift everything out to reach stuff in the bottom of the fridge. We used it on 12volt and on mains 240volt, on mains if you turn the thermostat to full you can freeze items which is good for quick initial cool down and then just turn the thermostat down.
The best bit for camping it is silent you can not hear it running like others on the market the only thing that gives it away that it's running is the cooling stack at the back of the fridge gets hot, so keep away from the side of the tent. It also runs on gas but we have not got around to using it on gas yet. My wife loves it over our old noisy top loader fridge / cool box.

1 FAQ on the Dometic RF60 Combicool Caravan Refrigerator


There is a lot of ice formation in the refrigerator. How can this be fixed?


Check that the door closes properly. You can easily test this yourself by placing a torch in the refrigerator. If you see a light slit along the edge of the door opening, then the door must be closed properly or newly hung.

Perhaps the thermostat is set higher than necessary. Or food with a high degree of saturation has been placed in the refrigerator, forming condensation on the evaporator. We recommend thawing the refrigerator and drying it properly. Afterwards, bear in mind these possible causes.

If you’ve changed your mind about keeping your purchase, please return it in its original condition with proof of purchase and we’ll exchange or refund it. Unless faulty, this should be within 30 days of receiving your order. By original condition, we’d expect this to mean that you’ve kept packaging and labels, and that the item is undamaged and unused.

For further information of how to return your item, please visit the "Returning an Unwanted/Faulty/Damaged Item" section on our Help Page.
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