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Status 580 Directional Antenna (Long Mast) - Digital and Analogue reception

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The Status 580 Directional Antenna (Long Mast) - Digital and Analogue reception is an efficient, wide-band, log periodic dipole array with an integral electronic booster. With the addition of specially designed telescopic antennas, the Status 580 produces exceptional performance across all UHF, VHF and FM signals. This is based on a LTE Protect dipole array with improved performance and efficiencies. It is manufactured in corrosion resistant materials, with high quality ABS plastics designed for external use.

One of the most significant features of the Status 580 is the setting up and positioning of your antenna when you arrive on site.

Tuning your caravan TV literally takes seconds to complete, thanks to the TV Signal Finder that is integrated into the Variable Signal Gain Amplifier. The LED light either shows red, yellow or green dependant on signal strength.

Firstly we had to overcome the problem of receiving horizontal and vertical signals with an antenna fixed to a mast mounted through the roof. Our solution is to incorporate an integral gearbox into the antenna dome, operated by a winder handle, which cants the antenna through 90 degrees. A clever and unique feature only offered by STATUS.

The greatest benefit of our design was to simplify locating a TV transmitter whenever you arrived at a new destination. Firstly, raising and lowering the antenna dome and adjusting its direction can all be performed in the warmth and comfort of indoors. Then simply turning the folding winder changes the antennas' polarity from horizontal to vertical.

Featuring Digital TV, DAB and FM radio reception, fixed FM radio antennas and a variable gain control with which to adjust transmission for strong and weak signal areas, the Status 580 Caravan TV Aerial is exceptional at finding and receiving signal easily and quickly and with the LED light power indicator, signal strength can furthermore be monitored with ease.

Includes VP5 Digital TV & Radio Amplifier (shown at the bottom)

Status 580 Directional Antenna Features
  • Horizontal & Vertical Polarisation Indicator
  • Includes 3 TV Connections and 1 dedicated Radio connection (VP5 Digital TV & Radio Amplifier)
  • 12 – 24V DC Power Input connection
  • Antenna IN connection
  • On / Off Power switch
  • 3 Year Warranty

  • Mast Length 920mm
  • Mast intrusion into locker 875mm inc winding handle (Roof cavity being 3cm approx)
  • Antenna dome Installed - Length 412mm - Width 348mm - Height 108mm
  • Mounting Foot & Gaiter - Diameter 122mm - Height 35mm - Roof cavity range 25-50mm

Please note that the roof mounting assembly kit that is supplied with this product is not suitable for sloping roofs. You will need to purchase the Angle Adjustable Mounting Foot shown below.

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20 Customer Reviews on Status 580 Directional Antenna (Long Mast) - Digital and Analogue reception

Decent Aerial

5 star review(5/5)
Seems mu h better than the simple circular non-directable aerials

Best Price I Could Find Online.

5 star review(5/5)
The additional length pole does help to received greater signals. I hope this is better made than of original Staus Antenna that was broken and it has replaced, so far so good, but the idea that a cable twists when the antenna is turned is not a good design. This could be done through a rotary joint, which would probably be cost prohibitive; or a face rotating connector such as a MCX.
The irony was that after many years trying to achieve reception with an intermittent fault, the first time I used this was in a high signal strength area and it found so many from two transmitters, the TV asked to select one set from the available two!
in built direction finder worked okay but I still use an app signal finder as well.

A Good Upgrade

5 star review(5/5)
I could have done with a bit longer to try it before you ask for reviews, but after saying that, i have noticed a good difference from my old omnidirectional Maxi View Gazelle, when my Motorhome is parked up on my drive i got most TV channels, but with this antenna i managed ALL stations with 100% strength & quality, i never achieved that with the Gazelle, I just hope it performs as well in other areas in Scotland as we have a lot of black spots, The signal finder is a good thing but very sensitive & takes a bit of play to get it right, One thing it could do with is a marker on the bottom of the pole to show which way its pointing, i marked mine with a sharpie, without it you are really blind, as for raising & lowering the antenna that's not too easy either, to keep water out the bushes are really tight so you have to saw it back & forward to lift it. Basically Yes it is a great antenna, Yes its worth buying but its not perfect yet.

Great Updated Aerial Product

5 star review(5/5)
Excellent product ,well made and easy to fit.easy to tune with signal finder.

Great Peace Of Kit

5 star review(5/5)
Replaced my old status with this longer new model. I can now get a great signal and loads of channels where I struggled before. It’s also got a a window in the bottom of the tube so you can see what orientation the aerial is in without looking outside or cricking your neck.

Brilliant Antenna

5 star review(5/5)
Brilliant antenna would recommend to anyone


5 star review(5/5)
Having to replace german sat dish every thing fits and works using same hole

Status 580 Antenn

5 star review(5/5)
This was my first purchase with this company and they dealt with all my questions and concerns with patience and Knowledge!

A Great Buy

5 star review(5/5)
A very swift and straightforward transaction. Bought Status 580 to replace a dead Status 530. A very simple switch of equipment. I live in a valley with very poor reception at ground level but after fitting the new equipment I thought I'd just give it a try. Wow.....delighted when I got 80+ channels with the vehicle parked in my drive! I must also praise the amplifier/signal finder. It is well designed and makes tuning a cinch. I would certainly recommend Leisureshop and the product.

Good Service, Good Product

5 star review(5/5)
Received this Status antenna within 24hours of ordering, and got text with delivery time to within an hour. Very impressed. Product itself is what I expected, with good assembly instructions, some of it a bit fiddly, but I think that is down to my 70 year old fingers! Installed and working so very happy.

Vision Plus Status 580 4 G Directional Tv Antenna

5 star review(5/5)
I am very happy to have purchased this item, I had the circular satellite which gave me very poor reception since installing the Vision Plus I can now get over 60 tv channels with perfect picture and lots of Radio stations, I have no problem in recommending this Ariel.


5 star review(5/5)
Bought one last year to replace 530 on my Bessacarr E410 and it was great, easy to tune, great reception. Sold me E410 for E560 and the the same problem the 530 just not good enough. New 580 fitted before I went touring. Also bought Status TV to go with the 580.

Status 580 Aerial

5 star review(5/5)
Easy to install & operate ,but not near 240v at the moment to be able to try it out ,recon there should be no problems as most caravan's have the short version fitted as standard these days .

Great Buy

5 star review(5/5)
Really pleased with this. Picture quality is great.

Quality British Product

5 star review(5/5)
Well made and well designed antenna for motorhomes and caravans. The items are well packaged with good instructions, and the staff at vision plus are happy to help via email. The 580 has a longer mast, so you need to make sure the inside of the caravan (locker or cupboard) can accommodate the 800 plus mm of the mast. The amplifier/booster seem to be the same as the other VP series, with more connectors. The signal finder is ok, but you might do better with an iOS or Android app such as Antenna Aligner. The H and V indicators are a blessing. All in all a very well made product, but a little on the pricey side, but you do get what you pay for and the quality in the product is clearly evident.

An Old Mans Dream

5 star review(5/5)
I have not tried it yet but installing was simple and quick.The status 580 will make setting up so much than having to climb on the roof.

Five Stars

5 star review(5/5)

Status 560 (long Mast)

5 star review(5/5)
Excellent reception indicator for direction-finding. Long mast is excellent, and necessary when the nearby obstructions or caravans are a little higher than yours, shorter mast would not work well in these situations. We use full extension more than 50% of the time. Set up is in 20-30 seconds, from inside the van. Good installation instructions, need to fit in a wardrobe or similar, and plan aerial route to TV! Never had a problem with Leisure Shop delivery.

Status Aerial

5 star review(5/5)
excellent product, price and delivery, will buy from this company again, first class.

Status 560

5 star review(5/5)
Much better results than previous Status 530 since digital switchover. Good Value from Leisureshop Direct.Speedy Delivery.
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