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Truma Control Panel Cable - 5M

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Cable for Control Panel Ultraheat and Trumatic C 6002EH- 5M. 10 pin.... more
Cable for Control Panel Ultraheat and Trumatic C 6002EH- 5M. 10 pin.

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Cable Fitted, Which A Cured Design Fault On My 1999 Autotrail Mohican

by (24 Jan 2013)
5 star review(5/5)
The problem The Ultraheat electric heater would not heat the habitation area above 21˚C. I replaced both the overheat devices thinking that maybe one of them was cutting out early, but this made no difference. Then realising the thermostat control had been placed directly above the Ultraheat location, I did some temperature checks. The area of the thermostat was consistently about 9˚C hotter than the rest of the habitation area. The thermostat was cutting out when it reached the pre-set temperature, so if it was set to max at 30˚C, it would cut out when the habitation area was around 21˚C. The solution I fitted the "Truma Control Panel Cable - 5M" and routed it from the Ultraheat control box, underneath the motor-home and up to the 2 x 3 way socket panel on the other side of the habitation area. (Tip: If you fold one plug so it lays the same way as the cable and wrap it with insulation tape for protection, you only need to drill about 11mm holes for routing). There I removed one of the mains sockets and fitted the control panel in its place. The socket I removed is fitted where the control panel came from. The result The thermostat now switches the Ultraheat on and off, more or less when it should do, about ±2˚C.
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