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Truma D C motor 12v for the Trumavent Fan

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Truma D C motor 12v for the Trumavent TEB2/TEB T. Only for fans after 01/99 with fan wheel secured with grub screw

7 Customer Reviews on Truma D C motor 12v for the Trumavent Fan

Reliable Company

by (27 Feb 2017)
5 star review(5/5)
Used this company before . Excellent customer care and helpful staff.

Truma DC Motor For Trumavent Fan: Product And Its Fitting Excellent

by (07 Mar 2016)
5 star review(5/5)
After over a total of 30 months use of our motorhome, the fan motor in the blown air system had worn its carbon brushes down to the level that it would only run for a few minutes at a time. The replacement of the motor in the unit was straightforward, although the accessibility in the base of the wardrobe left a lot to be desired. I needed to swop over the the motor lead (a soldering iron job) as the connector was damaged, almost certainly by being hit by the heavy motor or another in the batch, since manufacture. Lesson: do not throw away the old bits until the new one is installed and working satisfactorily.

Replacement Fan Motor

by (22 Sep 2015)
3 star review(3/5)
Truma replacement fan motor,easy to replace once you've managed to dismantle the back of the heater(not easy when there's no direct access on a 2008 Ace Jubilee Viscount).Bit pricey but no alternative supplier,hence 3 stars. Original motor has lasted 7 years of heavy use. Excellent service from Leisure Shop Direct, as always.

Leisure Shop, The Place To Go

by (14 Sep 2015)
5 star review(5/5)
This seems an extremely pointless exercise, the product is produced as a part of a well known caravan supply company and you can only use the approved part. the last one lasted for 9 years and I would expect this one to as well but I will watch it closely over the next 9 years to make sure and keep you informed. WHAT is good and important is that it was supplied quickly. at the right price with no fuss and really good service, We will definitely deal with you again, thank you


by (25 Jun 2013)
5 star review(5/5)
The original motor for the fan for the van central heating air circulation is very small for the work it performs, The replacement is an exact replica; so I'm not expecting that to last any longer. As a professional aircraft test engineer of 38 years experience I know a little about engineering. I was dismayed that not only were the carbon brushes of the motor worn out, which could have been replaced very cheaply, but the commutator was also badly worn meaning that the whole motor had to be replaced. If the system was designed to take a motor substantial enough for the task this would not have been necessary. The replacement motor seems expensive for what it is, but Leisure Shops service is excellent.

Replacement Fan Motor For Trumavent Heating

by (12 May 2013)
5 star review(5/5)
as original motor in quality, does produce a quiet humming noise, also as original fitted to heater...will last for yrs running almost permanently, highly recommended

Trumavent 12v Motor

by (08 Nov 2010)
5 star review(5/5)
Over 7 years service totaling some 30 weekes constant running time the motor brushes failed. Having replaced the motor I hope the new12v trumavent motor will give as good a service as original .

3 Technical Questions on the Truma D C motor 12v for the Trumavent Fan


Hi i hope you can help me we have an Elddis Superstorm 2005 i am having trouble with the blower on the Truma Trumavent fire, it blows o/k when the fire is switched off but when the fire is switched on after a couple of minutes the fan slows right down and stops, i have changed the printed circuit and also the TEB2 Fan Control Switch, we also have 13 plus volts feed incoming from the 12 volt feed thats what it read with the multi meter hope you can help Cheers Mac & Dee Pearey


The fault may lie with the fan motor or the motor brushes. The fan motor is our part 137439.


Hi hope you can help My Truma fire blower blows o/k when the fire is not on but as soon as the fire is put on after about 2 minutes it slows and stops, I have changed the printed circuit and fitted a new TEB2 Fan control switch and also checked the incoming voltage @ 13 plus volts and we have replaced the fuse that had blown , Thanks in anticipation


I believe that the fault may lie with the fan motor or the motor brushes. You will need to replace the fan motor.


not sure wether i need a new motor or control board on motor housing on the truma vent fan. have cleaned the fan of all dust but as soon as the fire heats up the fan starts to slow down and gets a bit noisy and eventually stops no matter whether it set on auto or manual turn fan off for a while and it will start back up for a while. the fan is attached to the motor shaft by a grub screw so which motor is it i require the 42000 or the 42400 also do these motor have brushes that may need replacement as could not spot any or could it be the circuit board steve


It is more likely that you will need to replace the motor rather than the circuit board. This is our part 137439 which is the 42000 motor.

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