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Whale RT 9000 Microswitch (2)

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Spare microswitch for Whale Elegance tap Pair....

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Spare microswitch for Whale Elegance tap Pair.

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Hi Guys, I can not see any wires on the tap in the kitchen sink. it is a swift conqueror 640 lux year 2000. the tap feels faulty but used to work the pump. should there be wires inside? also in the bathroom the cold tap has wires and runs the pump but the hot tap does not and will not start the pump? I am really confused and could really do with some help. thank you in advance. James


The Swift website indicates that the kitchen tap does have microswitches and is our part 128114. In the bathroom you should have the Whale white mixer tap with microswitches. The microswitch on the hot tap is clearly not working and will need to be replaced. The replacement switches are our part 105625. To access the switches you will need to remove the screws and lift the taps away from their housing.

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Timely Arrival Of The Item

by (11 Aug 2015)
5 star review(5/5)
Thought I had better order these before a two week holiday. Arrived following day and they were used on our first day of the holiday. Shower has never been so good. Very happy with this item.
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