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Vision Plus - FM DAB Radio Diplexer

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The Vision Plus - FM DAB Radio Diplexer represents a significant leap forward in the world of digital radio reception for caravan, motorhome, and camping enthusiasts. This innovative product by Vision Plus is expertly designed to merge DAB and FM signals into a single feed, ensuring a seamless and high-quality audio experience. Its compatibility with a range of STATUS antennas, including the STATUS 550/560/570/580 and 355 models, makes it a versatile addition to your mobile entertainment setup. However, it's important to note its non-compatibility with Swift & Lunar factory-fitted UHF TV-only units that use a single white coax cable.

One of the key benefits of the Vision Plus - FM DAB Radio Diplexer over standard splitters is its meticulous design to encompass all eighteen blocks allocated to DAB in the UK. This comprehensive coverage ensures that users receive the widest possible range of DAB channels, enhancing the listening experience. Moreover, this product has been specifically engineered to diplex FM/DAB frequencies, which means it allows only the signals of the correct frequency through each leg. This selective frequency passage ensures clearer and more consistent signal quality, significantly improving your radio listening experience.

In terms of technical superiority, the Vision Plus - FM DAB Radio Diplexer boasts a lower in-band insertion loss than a standard splitter or combiner. With a typical insertion loss of more than 2.5dB, it stands far ahead of the usual splitters, where losses can range between 3.5-9dB. Such high losses in standard splitters often result in DAB signals breaking up and FM fading, along with a lack of signal isolation. The Vision Plus Diplexer, on the other hand, offers high rejection of unwanted signals, ensuring that the audio output remains crisp and clear.

The design of the Vision Plus - FM DAB Radio Diplexer also merits attention. Its compact and neat design does away with the need for makeshift fly leads, contributing to a tidier and more efficient setup. Additionally, the correct plugs are already fitted, meaning no adapters or joints are required, which further reduces signal loss. This thoughtful design aspect ensures that the product is not only effective but also user-friendly and easy to integrate into your existing system.

Vision Plus - FM DAB Radio Diplexer Features

  • Versatile Compatibility: Works with multiple STATUS antenna models while highlighting non-compatibility with specific factory-fitted units.
  • Comprehensive DAB Coverage: Engineered to cover all DAB blocks in the UK, ensuring extensive channel access.
  • Advanced Technical Design: Lower in-band insertion loss for superior signal quality and high rejection of unwanted signals.
  • User-Friendly Construction: Compact design with pre-fitted plugs for ease of installation and use.

Why choose a Diplexer over a Splitter?
  • Designed to cover all eighteen blocks allocated to DAB in the UK
  • Designed to specifically Diplex FM/DAB frequencies (only passes signals of correct frequency through each leg)
  • Lower in band insertion loss that standard splitter/combiner (Typically >2.5dB)
  • Far better than a normal splitter, where losses are typically 3.5-9dB, resulting in DAB signals breaking up and FM fading and no isolation of signals
  • High rejection of unwanted signals
  • Correct plugs fitted (no adapters or joints required, reduces losses still further
  • Compact, neat design (removes the necessity of “made up” fly leads)

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