Truma Combi 4 - 6 L.P. Gas and Electric heater

Truma Combi 6E

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Truma Combi 6 E, 30 mbar, 12 V with electrical heating 230 V, 450 W
Whether you are after gas, gas and electric or now even diesel, we have the combination heater for you. Combining your hot air and water heating in one discrete unit, the Combi range offers you a highly efficient and award winning solution for your vehicle.

Flexibility is a key feature of the Combi range allowing you to choose what energy source you want to be working from and what function you desire, be it just hot water, just heating or both.

  • Constant comfort temperature
  • Four main warm outlets for ideal heat distribution
  • Reduced water heating times
  • Highly durable, stainless steel
  • The lightest and most compact combination heater
  • Frost-control, the non-electric bleeder valve with frost monitoring comes fitted as standard
  • Interior installation to protect from the effects of the outside environment such as gravel, dirt and frost
  • Approx 97% efficiency
  • Combined gas/electric operation possible
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Maintenance free
  • Incomparably low electricity consumption
  • Easily integrated into an existing system
  • Heating the water up time from approx. 15°C to approx. 60°C: : approx. 20 Min. (boiler), approx. 80 Min. (heater + boiler)
  • Air fl ow rate: : Combi 6: max. 287 m³/h
  • Current input at 12 V: (heater + boiler) : Combi 6: Ø 1.3 A (0.2 - 5.6 A)
  • Current input at 12 V: (heating up boiler): : 0.4 A
  • Rest current: : 0.001 A
  • Water capacity: : 10 litres
  • Water pressure: : max. 2.8 bar
  • Weight: (without water) : Combi 6: 15.6 kg

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