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Truma Combi 6E Boiler and Space Heater

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Whether you are after gas or gas and electric, the Truma Combi 6E (6000W) has the combination heater for you. Combining your hot air and water heating in one discrete unit, the Combi range offers you a highly efficient and award winning solution for your vehicle.

Flexibility is a key feature of the Combi range allowing you to choose what energy source you want to be working from and what function you desire, be it just hot water, just heating or both.

The Truma Combi 6 E is a warm air heater with integrated hot water generator. It’s different from Combi 6 due to its integrated electric heating elements. These allow you to run the heater in gas, electrical or mixed mode. For stationary use at camp sites, you can run the Combi heater with the 12V power supply unit without the vehicle battery.

All you have to do is set your preferred temperature on the digital control panel and leave the rest to the powerful fans in the Combi 6 E. They distribute warm air evenly throughout the vehicle through four air outlets. If the water tank is filled, water is heated at the same time. In summer, you can heat just the water without using the space heater. At temperatures below approx. 3 °C, the FrostControl drain valve opens and automatically drains the tank. The water is drained intermittently so that the drain doesn’t freeze.

The Truma Combi 6 E is not only powerful and economical, it can also be installed flexibly in any vehicle and requires little space.

  • Intuitive operation of Combi 6 E with the digital CP plus iNet ready control panel or iNET X control panel
  • Automatic climate control possible in combination with a Truma air conditioner
  • FrostControl drain valve integrated (requires no electricity)

What comes in the box with the Truma Combi 6E boiler?

Quick View     Truma CP Plus Control Panel – iNet ready
Quick View     Truma iNet X Control Panel

Quick View     Truma Combi 4E/6E Through Wall Flue Kit (Bianco / White)

Quick View     Truma Combi John Guest Assembly Pack

Quick View     Truma Combi Control Panel Cable 6M

Main Features of the Truma Combi 6E

  • With integrated heating elements: runs in gas, electric or mixed mode
  • Fast, even water heating in a very short time
  • Very low power consumption
  • Lightweight and compact, allowing various installation options
  • In hot water mode, water can be heated independently of the space heater
  • New: Up to 25% faster heating of the interior

More Features of the Truma Combi 6E

  • 6000 W rated thermal output
  • The most lightweight and compact combination heater available
  • Unrivalled low power consumption
  • Comes with FrostControl, the current-free safety/drain valve featuring frost monitoring, as standard
  • Optimum distribution of warm air through four warm air outlets
  • Short water heating time, but no need to cut your shower short - enjoy!
  • Durable stainless steel water tank
  • Available with a LCD control panel CP plus or iNET X Control pane;

Additional benefits of the Truma Combi 6

  • Four warm air connections ensure optimum air distribution via a quiet yet powerful fan
  • The temperature can be infinitely adjusted on the ergonomic control panel
  • During winter operation, the vehicle is heated and the water is warmed up at the same time; during summer operation, only the water is warmed up
  • The asymmetrical shape of the 10-litre stainless steel water container enables the water to be mixed more efficiently - so it warms up more evenly and rapidly - which means you can enjoy longer showers without the need to readjust any settings
  • The heater can be operated even if the water container hasn’t been filled
  • The compact design enables a high degree of flexibility when selecting the installation area
  • Water, gas and warm air duct connections at the side make servicing easier
  • The innovative microprocessor control system ensures even more safety

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Standard Fittings are not available as a kit. You will need both of the below items:
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Quick View     Truma Combi 4E/6E Through Wall Flue Kit (Cream)

Quick View     Truma Combi 4E/6E Through Wall Flue Kit (Pale Grey)

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  • Energy source : Liquid gas (propane/butane)
  • Operating pressure: 30 mbar
  • Water capacity : 10 litres
  • Water pressure : Max. 2,8 bar
  • Heating time (from 15°C to 60°C): Water container/Heater and water container* : Approx. 20 min / Approx. 80 min
  • Rated thermal output : 2000 / 4000 / 6000 W
  • Rated thermal output in electrical operation : 1800 W
  • Rated thermal output in mixed operation : max. 5800 W
  • Fuel consumption : 160 - 480 g/h
  • Air flow rate : Max. 287 m3/h
  • Power consumption (at 12 V): Heating and water container operation : 0.2 A up to temporary max. of 5.6 A (average approx. 1.3 A))
  • Power consumption (at 12 V): Heating up water container : Max. 0,4 A
  • Power consumption (at 230 V) : 3,9 A / 7,8 A
  • FrostControl heating element (optional) : Approx. 0,4 A
  • Rest current : Approx. 0.001 A
  • Weight (without water) : 15.1 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 510 x 450 x 300 mm (Attention: Dimensions are not the required minimum installation dimensions)


All products and parts must be installed by engineers who hold a valid certificate of competence. The installation must comply with the manufacturers instructions and local regulations. We cannot be held responsible if these instructions are not followed.

Please note we are a camping, caravan and motorhome company and NO gas product that we sell is suitable for mains (domestic) gas supply.

14 FAQs on the Truma Combi 6E Boiler and Space Heater

Is it possible to run the Truma Combi 6E on electric only?
The Combi boiler 6E can be run on electric only and is designed to be run from a 230v hook up. A standard leisure battery will supply 12v to the boiler.
Can Truma heaters also be installed in mobile homes?

Approvals for fixed buildings have changed so that Truma heaters cannot be installed in mobile homes. Our appliances are approved for recreational vehicles.

Heaters that are already installed are protected by a grandfather clause.
May I install a Truma heater in the awning?

Our current appliances are approved only for recreational vehicles. Therefore, installation in an awning is unfortunately not allowed.

But you can retrofit your Truma heater with an awning warmer. This directs the warm air from the existing caravan heater directly into the awning.

Heaters that are already installed are protected by a grandfather clause.
Can Truma heaters also be operated while I’m driving?
Yes, heating while driving is possible with Truma Combi and VarioHeat heaters.

With Truma S and Trumatic S heaters, operating the heater while driving is possible only with a cowl top, which must be installed freely in the air flow. Truma recommends the cowl tops T-3 or T-2. Otherwise the flame can blow back and cause damage to the heater.

The cowl top must protrude at least 10 cm above roof attachments, such as roof boxes, ski or luggage racks so that the heater works properly.

For heating while driving, Directive UN ECE R 122 for motor homes and caravans specifies a safety shut-off device. The Truma MonoControl CS gas pressure regulation system fulfils this requirement. Throughout Europe, a type-tested LPG heater may be used while driving (according to Directive UN ECE R 122) if the system includes this regulator with an appropriately configured gas installation. National regulations must be observed.
Do Truma LPG heaters require maintenance?

However, with heaters that are supported by fans, we recommend that you clean the heat exchanger and the fan wheel fins with a paintbrush or vacuum cleaner before winter.

If the heater has an auto ignitor, we recommend that you replace the batteries about every two years or if the ignition frequency becomes slower. Use only batteries that are heat proof and that do not leak.
How must the exhaust duct of my Truma heater be installed and what needs to be considered with the exhaust gas system?
Exhaust ducts must always be laid rising from the Truma heater towards the cowl.

If the exhaust gases from your Trumatic S still pass through an aluminium pipe, replace this with a stainless steel pipe.

Please note that the pipe must be replaced by an expert (e.g. Truma service partner).
With the Combi (E), can a warm air outlet or warm air duct be completely closed off?
To prevent heat accumulation, no warm air outlets or warm air ducts must be closed off on the Combi 6 (E).

With the Combi 4 (E) no more than one warm air outlet or warm air duct may be completely closed off. But it is always better to use all four warm air outlets. Individual outlets in the same pipe may be closed only if T/Y-pieces are used and the heat can be directed to another open warm air outlet.
In summer, can the Truma Combi heater heat just water without heating the living area?

Simply set the switch to summer mode and select 40 or 60 degrees Celsius water temperature. When the yellow LED on the control panel goes out, the respective water temperature is reached. The heating system heats only water and the circulation fan does not run. Output in summer mode is 2 KW.
Can I also heat the living area with my Truma Combi heater if it is not filled with water?

The water container of the Truma Combi heater may be heated also without water.
Why does the circulating air motor keep running when the Truma Combi heater is switched off?
This function protects the Combi heater from possible overheating caused by heat build-up. The circulating air motor gives off the possible heat build-up into the vehicle interior during the after-run period. The after-run is activated every time the system is switched off, even if the Truma Combi heater was only switched on for a short time. You cannot deactivate the fan after-run.
Does the water container of the Truma Combi heater have to be decalcified or sterilised?
For hygienic reasons you should decalcify the water container occasionally. Use special decalcification products from camping specialists or conventional vinegar essence or citric acid, for example. Fill the decalcifying product in the recommended ratio into the appliance via the water system, allow it to work and then rinse the Combi heater thoroughly with fresh water.

Do not use the water from the Truma Combi as drinking water.
Can the standard Combi 4 or Combi 6 be retrofitted with electric heating elements?

You cannot retrofit the heating elements in the standard model. In the electric version of the Truma Combi heater, the heating elements are integrated in the heat exchanger.
Which Truma heaters can I retrofit with the digital CP plus iNet ready control panel?
The digital CP plus iNet ready control panel can be retrofitted with all Truma Combi heaters. Truma has been producing Combi heaters since 2007, they can be recognised by the grey cover. Since 2013, they have had a black cover.

With older heaters, such as Truma C heaters, the digital CP plus iNet ready control panel cannot be retrofitted.
How does the Truma Combi heater work?
Truma Combi 6 Heating Diagram

1 Control panel
2 Gas connection
3 Solenoid valve
4 Combined combustion air/exhaust cowl
5 Combustion air fan
6 Gas burner
7 Ignition electrode
8 Combustion chamber
9 Flame tube with baffle
10 Circulating Air Motor
11 Heat exchanger
12 Electric heating elements
13 Four warm air outlets
14 Stainless steel water container,10 litres
15 Hot water connection pipe
16 Cold water connection pipe
17 Room temperature sensor
18 HDF thermal jacket

The heater is started and the desired temperature for heating and hot water is set on the Truma Combi LCD control panel (1). The heater is connected to the gas supply of the vehicle via the gas connection (2). The gas supply to the heater is controlled via the solenoid valve (3). The required combustion air enters the appliance through the outer duct of the combined combustion air/exhaust cowl (4) and is fed to the gas burner (6) with the help of the combustion air fan (5). The gas burner, which has two ignition electrodes (7) and a flame rectification electrode, ignites the gas-air mixture in the combustion chamber (8).

The hot exhaust gases are diverted at the end of the combustion chamber on the baffle of the flame tube (9) and flow back between the flame tube of the burner and the inside wall of the heat exchanger. They are fed to the atmosphere via the exhaust cowl (4).

The circulation fan (10) blows the air that is to be heated into the appliance. There, the air flows along the fins of the heat exchanger (11) which ensures optimum heat transfer because of its large transfer surface area. Inside the heat exchanger are additional 1800 W electric heating elements (12). They can be used to heat water and/or warm air alternatively or additionally. The warm air is then distributed in the vehicle via four warm air outlets (13).

Fresh water is in the outer stainless steel water container, which holds up to ten litres (14). It is heated by the heat transfer from the heat exchanger (11). Because of the eccentric shape of the water container, the warm water circulates, which ensures optimum mixing of the water and better thermal stratification. The warm water connection pipe (15) connects the Truma Combi with the hot water lines in the kitchen and bathroom. Cold water is pumped from the freshwater tank via the cold water connection pipe (16).

The room temperature sensor in the vehicle (17) measures the air temperature in the vehicle. The water temperature is also measured by internal temperature sensors. The appliance reduces the heat output before the desired heating and water temperatures are reached. When the set temperature is reached, the burner switches off. When the temperature falls below the set heater and water temperatures, the Truma Combi switches on again automatically to heat air and water (winter mode). In summer mode it is possible to heat up the water independently of the space heater. The HDF thermal jacket (18) provides good insulation for the Truma Combi heater.

Further Information

4 Customer Reviews on Truma Combi 6E Boiler and Space Heater

Great Heating Upgrade

by Ian TH (21 Apr 2022)
5 star review(5/5)
Bought a Truma 6E to replace a 20 year old Truma system and it is a great improvement, in both performance and controls. I had a minor problem that was quickly solved by the support team working with Truma support. Very pleased with my purchase, not cheap but hopefully this system will also last over 20 years.

Fantastic Service

by John Newton, France (09 Mar 2021)
5 star review(5/5)
This company is professional, helpful and pride themselves in offering a first class service. No hesitation in giving them 5 STARS

New Replacement Truma Combi 6e

by The Leisure Vehicle Artisan (06 May 2020)
5 star review(5/5)
An excellent product, sourced quickly to support an Essential worker during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recommended 100%

by Claire T (24 Jan 2018)
5 star review(5/5)
We were truly amazed with the customer service from Leisure Shop Direct. Very rarely do you come across old fashioned customer service such as this. We needed this item as a matter of urgency and nothing was too much for their after sales team. We will definitely be shopping here again.!
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