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Shurflo New Accumulator Tank

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Shurflow pre-pressurized accumulator tanks reduce cycling pulsation and pressure spikes, increase the life of your pump and even save battery power. NSF certified. Precharge to 20 ... more

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Shurflow pre-pressurized accumulator tanks reduce cycling pulsation and pressure spikes, increase the life of your pump and even save battery power. NSF certified. Precharge to 20 psi. 24 oz. Nylon Tank. Dimensions: 230 x 100mm. Maximum PSI: 125

The standard accumulator is pre-charged to 20 psi [1.4 bar] at the factory for ground shipment. Do
not exceed this pressure for long-term storage, shipping, or during system non-use. Accumulators
with more than 40 psi [2.7 bar] pre-charge and no liquid pressure may damage the bladder.
· It is recommended the pre-charge be checked on a monthly basis. Use a standard tire pressure
gauge to check the pressure. The pre-charge valve stem cap MUST be tight to prevent air leakage.
· The accumulator may be placed anywhere in the pressurized side of the plumbing. The ports are
non-directional in flow and do not have to be plumbed in line (one side can be plugged).
· Can be mounted in any position. However, for complete sanitizing/winterizing, the recommended
mounting position is with pre-charge valve stem up. Do not freeze or mount near a high heat source.
· Models with 1/2-14 ports: Insert the rubber washers in each port. Threaded fittings (plastic/nylon only)
should be torqued approximately 1/2 to 1 turn after hand-tightened. Never exceed 6 ft/lbs [88 Nm] of
torque on the ports. Plumb the system using high pressure (2x pump rating), braided, flexible tubing
to minimize vibration/noise.

1 Technical Question on the Shurflo New Accumulator Tank


We have just bought a new Autotrail Savannah motorhome with a Truma Combi 4E heater/boiler, the analogue controls are very coarse, either too hot or too cold, I would like to replace them with the 'CP25' digital control panel. Do you stock them ? What is the price ? can i fit it without invalidating the warranty ? is it a 'straight replacement' into the same housing? and is a new connecting cable required ? How much. Also we suffer from 'water hammer' what cost is a 'Shurflo Accumulator' with fittings ? Thanks.


To check whether a CP25 panel can be retro-fitted to this Combi boiler you would need to make sure the version number on the PCB is a version 13/13A or higher, if not then a new PCB as well as the panel would need to be purchased. The fitting of the CP25 not a direct replacement for the Truma switches, as we are not aware of the vehicle layout we would be unable to advise whether it would fit in the existing space where the control switches are currently located.

Fitting the CP25 panel would not invalidate the Truma warranty but we would advise you to check this with the vehicle manufacturer as to whether it would invalidate the warranty for his vehicle.
The Shurflo Accumulator Tank is our part 127896 at £42.15. Please advise if you have 12mm semi rigid piping in your vehicle so that we can advise the fittings required.

2 Customer Reviews on Shurflo New Accumulator Tank

Shurflo Accumulator Tank

by Mustang (24 Apr 2015)
5 star review(5/5)
I bought this accumulator tank because of noise and rapid cycling of my Shurflo pump. Fitting the tank has made a huge difference with reduced noise. It was also easier to adjust he pumps cut off point to avoid cycling. Would recommend this product if anyone is having problems in this area. Very easy to attach to the pump with the enclosed fitting.
5 5

Shurflo New Accumulator Tank

by Mike (25 May 2014)
5 star review(5/5)
After listening to the water pipes hammering in my motorhome for 3 months during our winter visit to Spain this year, I purchased & fitted the Shurflo accumulator tank. Can't believe that such a simple piece of kit would completely eliminate the water pipes hammering & knocking !!!! Why don't the manufacturers fit these in the first place ?
5 5
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