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Truma iNet X Control Panel

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The Truma iNet X Panel is the central control panel of the iNet X System for retrofitting. The panel is therefore the key to our new technology that makes your vehicle smart.

The Truma iNet X Panel enables central control of various appliances. As a central part of the Truma iNet X System, the control panel is reaping the benefits of our new technology and can be updated and extended. The Truma iNet X Panel can be installed as a retrofit product.

Highlights of the Truma iNet X Panel at a glance

  • Central control unit: manage your appliances with just one operating system
  • Full overview: always keep an eye on your indoor climate and notifications
  • Future-oriented: subsequently add new appliances and services by means of updates
  • Connected on the move: also use your smartphone for advanced control
  • Independently on track: eradicate malfunctions independently, thanks to detailed error descriptions
  • Quality you can trust: benefit from regular optimisations

What are the benefits of retrofitting to the Truma iNet X Panel?
The Truma iNet X Panel is our central operating system for retrofitting, it is best suited to users who already own Truma CP plus and Truma CP classic. It offers the option of switching from the static iNet System to the future-proof, open system solution of the iNet X System.

The Truma iNet X Panel enables products compatible with Truma and other appliances to be connected and controlled with a central control panel.

  • Easier operation: control with the Truma iNet X Panel is much easier than with the preceding system: mechanical control knobs are a thing of the past, as all functions are controlled conveniently and intuitively via the 4.3” colour touch display in the clearly laid out menu.
  • Bluetooth-enabled: the Bluetooth connection to the control unit runs directly via the Truma iNet X Panel itself. The iNet Box used to be required in the preceding iNet system.
  • Updatable: downloading updates is a piece of cake with the Truma iNet X App. Meaning your operating system will continue to get smarter and better step by step.

Do you fancy controlling your heater from the ski slopes? Remote control from the ski slopes – this will also be possible in future with the Truma iNet X System. We are currently working to find the right way to implement and produce this function.

Retrofitting pays off: the update capability and constant further developments are a big step forward and future-proof the panel. The prerequisite is that the infrastructure for it is available and the connected appliances are compatible. We recommend contacting your dealer directly about this. At initial overview can be found in our compatibility list.

Scope of functions of the Truma iNet X Panel

The scope of function varies depending on the vehicle equipment. A basic scope is currently available, which is being constantly expanded. Additional appliances or services can also be smoothly integrated following installation in the vehicle.

Current basic scope
  • Operation of Truma appliances (may vary depending on vehicle equipment.)
  • Operation of third-party air conditioning systems*
  • Automatic climate control
  • Inside and outside temperature display (Only possible with the “iNet X room temperature sensor”)
  • Precise fault description with advice on independent solutions
  • Control possible via app

Control your heater from the ski slopes – this will also be possible in future with the Truma iNet X System
Truma iNet X Control Panel
Truma iNet X Control Panel
Truma iNet X Control Panel
Truma iNet X Control Panel

Sophisticated menu guidance and user interface
The system features a rather intuitive design, meaning you will quickly find your feet with it. What’s more, lots of small details await you, make camping even smarter and more comfortable.

The exact range of functions depends on whether a Truma iNet X Panel or a Truma iNet X Pro Panel is installed and which appliances are connected in the vehicle.

Please note: We are optimising our system on a continual basis, meaning that changes may be made to the user interface and your panel may not look exactly like the ones in our images.

Truma iNet X Control Panel
Intuitively operate the sophisticated touch display
  • Tile view of all appliances and functions for the full view
  • Intuitive menu guidance in six languages
Truma iNet X Control Panel
Centrally control the indoor climate
  • The heater, cooling, automatic climate control and ventilation can be monitored and controlled in a central view
  • Conveniently adjust the target temperatures using +/-
  • Energy source can be chosen simply and quickly: Gas, diesel, electrical or mixed mode
Truma iNet X Control Panel
Adjust appliance settings in line with individual requirements
  • To get a better night’s sleep: Night Mode enables particularly quiet operation
  • The ventilation intensity can be conveniently controlled in different levels
  • Colour pulsing rings indicate the heating (red) or cooling process (blue)
Truma iNet X Control Panel
Heat water quickly in an energy-saving manner
  • Three target temperatures for precisely heating water in an energy-saving manner based on your individual use
  • Instructions for use make it easier to select the right heating level:

    • Dish washing: 40 °C
    • Single shower: 60 °C
    • Several showers: 70 °C

  • Turbo mode: Start extra fast heating with just your fingertip
Truma iNet X Control Panel
Troubleshooting help in the event of malfunctions
  • Rather than cryptic fault codes in the event of malfunctions, specific instructions with details on the possible cause make it easier to eradicate malfunctions yourself. For instance, information appears indicating that the gas heater is not currently working as the gas is empty.
  • Nevertheless, Truma Service is more than happy to help if you are not able to solve the issues yourself.

Free app that works with the Truma iNet X Panel

Mobile version of the Truma iNet X Panel: the Truma iNet X App has the same basic functions as the Truma iNet X Panel. If the temperature gets chilly overnight, you can conveniently set the heater to a higher level without having to get out of bed. What’s more, advanced control and configurations are available. Additional practical features will also be added on a continual basis.

Connection via Bluetooth: the connection is currently via Bluetooth. In future, remote control will also be possible.

Prerequisite for updates: the iNet X App is required for downloading software updates to the Truma iNet X Panel. This makes it possible to effortlessly connect further appliances in future and to integrate all new smart services.

The operating system includes the free Truma iNet X App, allowing you to control appliances via your own smartphone. The layout and design are the same as the Panel, meaning you will get to grips with the app in no time at all.

Installation Instruction Error
Please note that the installation guide states that the room temperature sensor must be connected to the iNetX Panel, however, in actual fact, you should leave the room temperature sensor connected to the boiler PCB and the system will operate as normal.

  • Power supply : 12 V (8 V – 16 V)
  • Power consumption : 1.5 W (approx. 130 mA)
  • Display : 4.3 inch resistive
  • Interfaces : TIN bus, CI bus, CAN bus
  • Bluetooth : Class 2

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