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Aquaroll vs Aquaroll Economy

Aquaroll vs Aquaroll Economy

Caravanning wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without a large and easy-to-carry container filled with the fuel of life - water. But jerrycans are a thing of the past. Today's holidaymakers store and carry their water in the Aquaroll. Made in England by FL Hitchman, this 40-litre fresh water carrier rolls its way onto the campsite and into your good graces. And it even comes in a budget-friendly version now, too. The choice for today's caravanner isn't so much between the Aquaroll and other rolling water carriers; it's more a matter of Aquaroll vs Aquaroll Economy.

Aquaroll is an award-winning water carrier known across the world for its clever design. Featuring high-quality tyres on deep rims that make light work of transporting the water to the campsite, it's used primarily by caravanners and campers. The latest model even features a side neck that can be fitted with a mains adaptor to provide a continuous supply of fresh water from the mains available on site. It also features collapsible and removable metal handles with rust-proof ball joints. And it comes with a variety of handy accessories, such as a filler hose, a tap connector, and a storage bag.

Weighing around 5 kilos, Aquaroll is the must-have outdoor gear for the avid caravanner. And it's also extremely easy to use. Simply roll it to your campsite, lift it upright, fit the tap, tilt it over the frame until it's horizontal again, and enjoy your water. Forget about carrying heavy water barrels and single-handedly juggling the whole family's jerrycans. The Aquaroll spares you the effort.

At Leisureshopdirect, we stock the Aquaroll not just because it's probably the UK's best-selling portable water carrier, but also because its design and convenience are unrivalled. It comes with a 10-year container guarantee, and it offers unbeatable lifetime value. Ask our first Aquaroll customers, and they'll tell you their water carrier is still shipshape, a decade on. Manufactured entirely from 100% food-grade virgin polymer material of the finest quality, its thick walls with UV colour protection keep your freshwater clean, safe, and drinkable.

Ergonomic and practical, the Aquaroll pays for itself in a few years. But if you'd like to pay less for your water carrier and still enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the brand and its reputation, then look no further than the Aquaroll Economy. It features thinner container walls and it doesn't offer the original model's UV colour protection. However, it's backed by a 2-year container guarantee, and you know you can take the good people at FL Hitchman at their word. So, if it boils down to value for money, the Aquaroll vs Aquaroll Economy account is balanced.

Similar to the iconic grey Diamond model in design, the budget-friendly Aquaroll Economy version is made entirely from recycled polymer material. If you're nature-friendly and passionate about the environment, the clear winner in a Aquaroll vs Aquaroll Economy match is the latter.

But if you're more concerned with having year-round access to water, then the original Aquaroll may have the upper hand thanks to its thicker walls and improved insulation. For shorter holidays, the Aquaroll Economy is more than enough to cover the needs of the whole family, though. And it's still a more robust and higher-quality alternative to many of its competitors.

Whichever of the contenders in this Aquaroll vs Aquaroll Economy match comes out on top, you can find it here at Leisureshopdirect. And while you're here, don't hesitate to look up some of the handy little accessories made by FL Hitchman specifically for these containers. We also stock original mains adaptors, mains extension hoses, and ball valves for your water carriers at Leisureshopdirect - your one-stop shop for all things Aquaroll.