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Clean hands, stay safe

Clean camping during Covid

We all know the joy of being on site, but many of the everyday things we barely considered before have had to change due to the risks associated with Coronavirus. A trip to the shop can seem more like running a gauntlet these days, and with advisory social distancing guidelines to take into consideration, it can be very daunting: we have had to learn to be more self-contained, keep 2 meters apart and wear face coverings. Taking a mask with you has now become just as vital as remembering your phone, if not more so. Your chosen camp site will be following government guidelines, but there are things you can do to help and minimise the risk. With that in mind, here are 9 tips on how to stay safe.

Stake your pitch – the main thing is to create a safe, controlled space that you can enjoy and feel content in. You may already have a tent or an awning, but if you surround your pitch with windbreaks, you add privacy and a notable barrier between you and the rest of the camp. You are not claiming that the rest of the people on site are contaminated, you are just taking the correct measures and precautions to ensure Covid does not have a chance to spread. As the government would like you to remember, stay alert, stay safe. With your pitch surrounded, you can then entirely control your space and what goes on within it. With the Vango Air beam modular windbreak, you can inflate in minutes and can customise the size with add on pieces; an easy way to surround your whole pitch. These come with a very efficient hand pump that makes quick work inflating your chosen air beam. The pumps come with universal fitting, so you can be assured that all Vango air technology is compatible with a Vango air beam pump.
Stock up and store your food - avoid frequent trips to the on-site convenience store. Fridges and cool boxes can help you store your goods correctly and prevent any spoiling. Create a functional pantry or even an extension to your kitchen, with this handy kitchen unit. With fiberglass doorframes and sewn in magnets, the cupboard doors are easy to open and close securely, and it also features an integrated drying rack for airing off your crockery after washing up. This unit is simple to collapse and light enough to transport easily, making it ideal for self-contained camping.
It can be tricky to store goods at the correct temperature and prevent spoiling; Store your perishable food in a cool box. Ever popular on leisureshopdirect.com, these wonderful devices come in a range of shapes, capacities and some even come on wheels for easy transport! You can choose from electric, battery or gas powered boxes to suit your individual need. Battery powered cool boxes are perfect for a day of fun, where you can access refreshingly chilled food and beverages at your leisure. If you need a cord free cool box, that is easy to transport for a day out of adventure, these are the boxes for you. Mains Electric cool boxes can achieve anywhere up to 30 degrees cooler than ambient temperature, and some can even make ice cubes! Thermoelectric cool boxes feature a fan or a heat exchanger in the lid that helps boost the cooling process. A mains powered gas cool box can be supplied continuously with power at your campsite, and there are 12V varieties that can run on the cigarette lighter in your car on shorter journeys.

Avoid the utility block – invest in a portable washing machine. By washing your clothes yourself, you are saving time and money. You don’t have to put coins in a slot, or be waiting around the utility block while your load washes – this self-contained twin tub makes it easy to wash clothes when required, and all within your pitch.

Change your shoes – it sounds simple, but just changing your shoes when entering and exiting your pitch can keep unwanted contaminates out of your space. Clean any mud off, hands free, with this handy boot brush and then you can safely store your shoes off the floor, so they don’t get kicked around and become a trip hazard. Your shoes will be easy to locate and you will be ready to venture outside of your pitch again.

Set up a sanitising station - you could use a slim hanging storage solution to set up your own sanitizing station – fill the pockets with wipes and antibacterial gel so that you can ensure clean hands in your pitch. Or you may prefer to mount stowage somewhere convenient so that you can keep all your sanitation products together and available, and can wipe down surfaces as and when needed. You need to be wiping down door handles and regularly touched surfaces at least 4 times a day, and avoid touching any soft furnishings until you have washed your hands thoroughly for at least 30 seconds. The virus can live on soft surfaces for longer, and they are harder to clean, so please make sure you take that into consideration.
toilet rolls and porta pottis
Use your own toilet – investing in a portable toilet is a wise and easy way to avoid coming into contact with other people’s germs. If you want to have a toilet within your pitch, you can get a self-contained unit.
Having a reliable toilet that doesn’t leak, which flushes effectively and is efficient in water usage is extremely important. It needs to have a quiet flush and be straightforward to empty. If you are looking for a comfortable, practical and durable portable toilet that doesn't have to be connected to a drainage or water system, Thetford have produced the Porta Potti, which is an ideal solution. Made of durable high-grade plastic, moulded into a classic rounded shape, they are easy to clean and maintain. These portable toilets have many innovative features that optimise comfort and ease of use, such as an integrated emptying spout, a luxury electric flushing system and a level indicator for the waste-holding tank. Sanitary, odorless, and leak proof, Porta Potti is the world's leading brand of portable toilet.
Leisureshopdirect.com has seen a huge rise in the amount of portable toilets being sold over the past season, and there is a clear reason. The simplicity of the new units means that dealing with waste is far easier than ever before, but remember that these toilets do require specialist toilet paper. Specifically designed to quickly dissolve on contact with water, this soft tissue prevents toilet blockages. Due diligence is important when deciding upon the ideal unit for your specific needs, and always ensure that you chose the correct chemicals! There are even eco-friendly options that are not detrimental to the environment.

Hose things down – keep covid out of your caravan; use an external hose and shower head to clean off things outside. From muddy bikes to dirty dogs, hosing down is simple with the ultraflow technology from Truma. The Ultraflow Outdoor Shower allows you to have an outside water supply that operates off your existing water supply. Ideal for washing up, or any other every day task that could be better carried out outside your vehicle, the outdoor shower is available either as an immediate addition to your Ultraflow Filter Housing or as a retro-fitted kit. It comes complete with a connector bridge for easy attachment.

Take your rubbish home – no one wants coronavirus in their motorhome! Communal bins are a hot spot for excessive traffic and bacterial growth. If possible, avoid touching bins and take your rubbish home to dispose of. Sorting your rubbish into recyclables while on site will save you having to rummage through your bin once you return home. Get a few mountable bins that you can secure on a cupboard door or wall to keep things tidy, and label one for trash, another for cardboard, then one for glass and so on (please refer to your local council guidelines) then all you have to do is empty them straight into your recycling bins at home.

Create your own entertainment – if you are a regular campsite goer, you will know that evening entertainment is a staple on many sites. Due to covid, this kind of indoor gathering is restricted at the moment. The policies will vary from site to site – some may have shut down the entertainment completely, while others may have adjusted to adhere to the guidelines, offering table service to ensure the least amount of transmission risk. Some campsites have even moved their entertainment outside so that it can still be enjoyed in the fresh air. Evening entertainment is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! Sit back and listen to some good music on an evening with an integrated Bluetooth speaker – multi functional and aesthetically pleasing too! Or you could invest in a quality television that is specifically designed to run off a 12 or 24 volt supply. Leisureshopdirect.com has a range of portable televisions that feature ultra-low power consumption and integrated Freeview. Imagine cuddling up and getting cosy with a hot drink on an evening, ready to enjoy a good film or documentary after a day of adventuring!

Camp sites were one of the first sections of the tourist trade to reopen, due to the nature of camping. Once booked in, you don’t have to see anyone else if you don’t want to! This makes it one of the safest ways to holiday. So what do you have to think about when camping Covid style? The facilities may be limited, but many places may still offer food take out and other services. It is scientifically proven that it is safer to socialise outdoors due to covid being an airborne virus. So avoid indoor areas and enjoy the fresh air! Why don’t you go hiking, fishing, cycling or climbing: whatever you wish that is a solo or small group activity. Stay in your bubble and always ensure you have a mask and sanitizer with you – avoid touching your face between hand cleaning and you can enjoy your outdoor pursuit in safety.
Bearing in mind that the whole ethos behind camping can be adjusted to social distance, you can understand the high demand for pitches. Covid guidelines have meant that sites have had to compensate for social distancing – the amount of pitches on site might be reduced in order to keep people safe; this means sites have less availability, and are booking up fast for the next season. Make sure you check with your chosen site as to what their plans are if the government closes them down again – some places will offer a free rebooking, but there are varying site policies; double checking before booking will help ensure you do not lose out. Check the current travel restrictions and group gathering limitations – this may alter between booking and travelling, so do keep up to date with the evolving policies.
These are uncertain times, but we must adapt and evolve to cope – this certainly does not mean that you need to press pause on enjoying your life. Take this time to re-evaluate what is important and what you enjoy, and do more of what makes you happy.
So whether you enjoy pitching a tent, towing a caravan or driving a camper or motorhome, do it safety, so that we can all enjoy it in the future. Camping during Coronavirus doesn’t need to be scary.

Information was correct at time of publication.

Please do not visit any camp site if you, or any other in your social bubble, have coronavirus symptoms:
  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

    You need to get a test and self-isolate to protect yourself and others around you.