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Enjoy the Garden of England: Your Guide to Camping in Kent

Why Should You Try Camping in Kent?

If you are already a camping enthusiast, you probably don't need a lot of convincing to take your caravan on the road and get out into nature. Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Kent County. There are about 5,757 tourism-based businesses within Kent. Whether you are from the county or traveling for holiday, there are a lot of attractions and companies that cater to those looking for a place to relax. You will find a lot of recreational vehicle parks, camping grounds and trailer parks.

All About Kent
Kent County is known famously as the Garden of England. It is well regarded for its various towns, villages and attractions. From beautiful natural exhibits and a gorgeous coastline to museums and historic buildings, Kent offers a little bit of everything to every camper. If you enjoy rural tourism and recreation, you'll find a lot to do while in Kent.

Benefits of Camping
In general, camping in Kent comes with various benefits. The natural environment can boost your mental health and help you learn to cope with stressors in your life. When you spend time in nature as a child or young person, you have a higher likelihood of developing protection against stress. Additionally, you know where you can go for mental rejuvenation. Not only does camping benefit adults, but it is an essential part of childhood too.

Nature is therapeutic. When you stand outside and feel the sun on your face or breathe in the fresh ocean air, you connect with nature, reduce the chances of depression, and improve your sleep and moods. Basking in nature can lower your blood pressure and reduce the stress hormones in your body. When you experience less stress, you may be able to increase the power of your immune system.

Sometimes, we need to detox from technology and the bustle of daily life. When you immerse yourself in nature, you may calm your brain and experience lower frustration levels. Likewise, when you pack your caravan and leave with the family, you can bond with your family like you never have before. Camping creates various memories you can hold dear to you for a lifetime.

How Do You Prepare for Your Next Camping Trip?

Even the most experienced campers could use help when it comes to preparing for their next trip. Preparation for camping in Kent is the same as preparation for any trip. The last thing you want is to arrive at your campground with less than the necessities. Being unprepared can result in everything from minor inconveniences to safety hazards and disasters. To ensure you're ready for your trip, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Start With Organisation
Organization may be one of the single most important aspects of camping preparation. Before you start, create a checklist of everything you need. You should double-check your inventory for every item on the list. In addition, make sure you have adequate storage in your caravan. You may require collapsable crates and other storage options to make room for your family and all of your belongings.

On your trip, store everything in the same place. Organize your bins and crates with labels and keep your supplies in their proper space. You do not want to be hunting for a first aid kit, for instance, if someone becomes injured on the trip. Consider hanging storage and other collapsable organizers for your clothes, kitchen items, and belongings you take.

Pack Essential Safety Items
To ensure you have everything you need for an emergency, always prepare for anything. While no one wants to think about emergencies or injuries, a lack of preparation usually makes any crisis worse. Make a checklist of key safety items, including first aid essentials, blankets, tarps and a satellite GPS messenger. If you get lost, you need to be able to send your coordinates to emergency responders.

Think of tarps as safety items with multiple uses. On the one hand, a tarp can keep you dry on a rainy day, but you can also use it to shield you and your family from the sun. Tarps can protect you from dehydration and overheating.

Other items to consider are camping toilets. Camping toilets can be helpful when traveling, at the campground and whenever you need to have a portable toilet close at hand. Check that you have supplies and fuel for any fire you plan to build. You may need windproof lighters, stormproof matches or fire starter cubes.

Test Different Gear in Advance
Never go into nature without checking your gear. For example, if you have a camping stove, make sure it works properly before you leave. You do not want to reach the park just to find out that your stove doesn't work correctly and wonder how you're going to make your meals. Likewise, if you plan to engage in outdoor activities like kayaking, check that your safety gear works properly. Check your life vests, tools and other equipment before leaving your house.

If you plan to go backpacking, ensure you can carry your bag. If needed, invest in a pack that feels uncomfortable on your back. Do not overstuff the backpack. You need to have enough room in your bag for the trip and keep it light enough that you can comfortably hike.

Learn About Your Destination
When camping in Kent, it helps to know about your destination. Find out as much information as possible about your caravan park beforehand. You need to know which amenities you can count on, what kinds of accommodations you'll find and which activities and attractions are closest to you. Plan your itinerary around your destination. When it comes to your campground, get to know the campground hosts and find out where you can obtain more information. Make sure you have a map of the area to make it less likely that you become lost.

Plan for Any Weather
No one can predict the weather. You may think your trip will be nothing but sunshine, but you still need to prepare for a potential downpour. You should be able to keep yourself, your family and your belongings are as dry as possible. Consider waterproof gear for your trip.

Safely Pack Food Items
When camping, you may not want to spend money on dining out all of the time, if this option is even available. You can't have the food you bring with you spoiling. Instead, you may want to have extra space than your caravan fridge/freezer can supply. A coolbox fridge/freezer such as the Dometic CFX range of mobile fridge/freezers coolbox will allow you to bring perishable items with you. Likewise, you are less likely to have to worry about the ice chest all of the time. Before you leave, check all of the expiration dates on your food. Store all of your food where it is easily accessible and don't forget to clear it out of the fridge when you return home!

Allow Yourself At-Home Entertainment
Your motorhome is a home away from home. There may be days when you want to lounge in the caravan and enjoy yourself like you would in the comfort of your own home. Be sure to bring ways to occupy yourself and your family. For example, you may want to get playing cards, board games or sports nets to set up outside. Additionally, consider a 12v TV system so you can watch your favourite channels or listen to your favourite music while on holiday. Camping does not have to mean stripping away modern conveniences and entertainment.

Give Yourself a Good Night's Rest
When you're on holiday, you deserve to rest as much as possible. Part of sleeping well means having a comfortable bed with you. When camping with a caravan, you have an opportunity to control your environment. For example, you can sleep with a fan and your favourite blankets on a comfortable mattress. Built-in beds make it easier for you to have a good night's rest. Since you cannot always predict the temperatures at night, make sure you pack plenty of blankets in case you get unexpectedly cold.

A Traveler's Guide to Camping in Kent

When it comes to camping in Kent, there may be something for every camper. Beaches, castles, seaside towns, safari parks and hiking trails are only a few of the different attractions you can find while traveling through the county. Before you set off on your trip, there is a lot you should know about Kent.

Visit Attractions
Kent is full of historical attractions, including the historic city of Canterbury. Visit local towns and villages to see the landmark timber buildings. You can also find historic castles, fishermen's cottages and medieval houses. While many campers choose to enjoy nature on their trips, feel free to step away from your caravan for a day to enjoy the various towns, museums and historical attractions.

Engage in Water-Based Activities
When camping in Kent, you can spend days at the beach or on the water. Those looking for ways to be active on the water can engage in surfing, swimming, paddling, and other watersports. If you love to jet ski, check out Herne Bay, where the waves are surprisingly warm. Botany Bay has surf schools available for visitors for those who want to surf.

Consider sailing in the historic Ramsgate Royal Harbour Marina for calmer adventures on the water. The Historic Dockyard Chatham, on the other hand, allows you to seek sailing lessons and learn about the history of sailing. Some of the coastal waters are better suited for canoeing and kayaking. In Canterbury, Canoe Wild has calm waters and a lot of events for families, couples, and other groups.

Appreciate Nature
Kent contains 11 National Nature Reserves. When visiting the NNRs, you can experience various habitats, geology, and animal species. For example, if you want to head to Romney Marsh, you'll find wetlands, shingles, beaches and grazing marshes. On the other hand, the Isle of Sheppey has rare plants, short-eared owls, and brightly colored butterflies throughout the saltmarshes and mudflats.

In Kent, you'll also find one of the largest ancient woodlands in England. Blean Woods is about 11 square miles. At Buckland Lake Nature Reserve, you can adventure along the cliffs, watch birds from views around the lake and walk through the grasslands.

Gaze at the Stars
When camping in Kent, take the opportunity to look towards the skies at night. In Kent, you'll find the only desert in the U.K. Dungeness has an open landscape and a skyline that extends over the sea. If you want to see the stars, Dungeness is a unique location to do this. You may also want to try Knole. Knole is about 100 acres of medieval parkland. There are no city lights to contend with, limiting light pollution and making the stars easy to spot.

Prepare Your Caravan for Camping in Kent

When camping in Kent, preparation is the most important component of a pleasant holiday. If you want to enjoy your time in a new county, make sure you have all your supplies organized and research your destination in advance. At Leisureshopdirect, we have a variety of camping supplies for everyone, from beginners to experts. No matter the type of camper you are, we have something for every outdoor enthusiast. Contact us at Leisureshopdirect for answers about our current products.