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Your Complete Guide to Planning a Wales Camping Trip

Your Complete Guide to Planning a Wales Camping Trip

Wales is an incredible destination for camping or a weekend away in the country. This gorgeous landscape includes mountains, rugged coastlines, three legendary national parks and five Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. A Wales camping trip can be a great way to explore this beautiful, unspoiled land or get away from the stress of the city.

Preparing for a camping trip takes a little more time and research. At Leisure Shop Direct, we can help you and your family get ready for an unforgettable camping trip in Wales that will be fun and exciting for everyone involved.

Choose the Perfect Wales Camping Spot

First, you have to figure out what style of camping suits you and your friends or family best. Some campers prefer a "glamping" type of experience, where they stay in a camping resort or an area with cabins or large tents that are set up by staff members. Another option is to drive to your destination in your own well-equipped caravan and enjoy most of the comforts from home. You can also choose to rough it and do a primitive camping trip in a tent out in the Wales wilderness.

Once you pinpoint which style of camping suits you best, you can then choose where you want to go. Wales has a variety of locations, from rugged mountain ranges to sleepy seaside villages, that offer camping spots for individuals and groups. There are wild camping areas, campgrounds and caravan resorts that have what you’re looking for.

Snowdonia National Park
The first spot that should be on your list for a Wales camping trip is Snowdonia National Park. This beautiful place gets about 10 million visitors a year. The park is home to Wales’ highest mountain peak, Snowdon, or Yr Wyddfa. Snowdonia has several motorhome and caravan camping sites that are available for visitors to pre-book. Wild camping is not permitted unless the landowner has given the guest permission to stay there.

A camping adventure in Snowdonia offers many fun things to do during your stay. Guests can enjoy gorgeous scenic walks around the park and discover the historic sites in the region. There are several medieval castles to visit, such as Conwy Castle, Harlech Castle, Dolbadarn Castle and Cricieth Castle. There is also an ancient Roman fort mound, Tomen y Mur, to explore.

Brecon Beacons National Park
Consider choosing Brecon Beacons National Park as your location for a Wales camping adventure. It's located in the southern region of Wales on the Brecon Beacons mountain range. The park offers plenty of things to do for people who want to get active. There are numerous camping, caravan, glamping and farm-stay resorts for visitors to book.

Glamping child

Visitors to Brecon Beacons can participate in plenty of fun activities. There are a few centres for pony trekking and horse riding that help guests explore the trails around the park. You can also bring your bike and try road cycling or mountain biking with friends or family during your stay. Other options for leisure at Brecon Beacons include fishing, geocaching, foraging, going on guided walks, golfing, rock climbing or stargazing at night.

In 1956, Gower became the country’s first official Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty. Located on the southern tip of Wales by the seaside, Gower features breathtaking, deserted beaches, rolling hills and a dramatic coastline lined with cliffs. It has several camping options for caravan owners or visitors who want to set up their tent along the beaches. Some vendors also offer glamping experiences for those who want a bit of luxury.

There’s also a lot to do in Gower, especially when it comes to activities taking advantage of its beautiful coastal location. Visitors like exploring beaches, such as Pwll Du or Rhossil Bay. There are also opportunities for surfing the waves around the peninsula. Gower is part of the iconic Wales Coast Path for walkers as well. Foodies will also find lots of great options in this region. Try tasting this area’s regional delicacies, such as Laverbread, Salt Marsh Lamb or Penclawdd Cockles.

Another beach area that offers a gorgeous backdrop for a Wales camping trip is seaside town Tenby. Situated on the southwest corner of Wales, Tenby offers visitors history, outdoor activities and the charm of a small town. Camping enthusiasts will find farm camping sites, caravan resorts, cabins, glamping and tent camping options around town. The coastline here has windy, cool summers and year-round clouds, so be prepared to dress warmly.

The biggest draw to this area is the beach. Tenby has several wide, sandy beaches that are great for beachcombing, swimming, sunbathing or surfing. Families and groups can spend the day at North Beach, South Beach or Castle Beach and have plenty of room to relax. Tenby’s historic centre is also fun to explore, with streets and buildings going back to the middle ages, and be sure to schedule a visit to the ruins of Tenby Castle.

There are lots of things to see and do in Barmouth, Wales. Sitting on the northwest corner of Wales’ extensive coastline, the town features a stunning backdrop of mountains against the beautiful beaches of Gwynedd County. If you want to camp here, you can choose a seaside Caravan park, tent camping in the woods or farm stay campsites.

When you visit Barmouth, be sure to check out the highly rated walk on the Heritage Trail. This trail takes visitors along a path that highlights the history of this special place. You can step back in time and explore Roman hill forts, Victorian railway stations, medieval halls and a Georgian bathhouse in the village. Adventurists can also enjoy the plentiful water activities on the bay, such as paddleboarding, canoeing or fishing.

Invest in Wales Camping Gear

Once you’ve made your choice about your preferred Wales camping style and booked your spot in the region you want to explore, the next thing to do is buy camping gear. Your buying list will depend in part on what your campsite already provides to guests. Glamping, cabin rental options and full-service resorts may provide lots of supplies to visitors. If you are camping in the wild or going to a primitive caravan park, you need to invest in quality camping gear for your adventure.

You also need to consider what everyone’s needs are in your party for gear. Solo campers or couples don’t need a lot of supplies if they are experienced with the outdoors and mostly self-sufficient. Family campers may need to buy more items so their children can be comfortable and entertained during the trip.

Caravan or Tent
If you’re not staying in a cabin, you’ll need to secure your shelter for your Wales camping trip. The most economical option for singles, couples, groups and families is a tent. For camping trips in this region, you should look for a tent that is waterproof and can withstand the winds that may batter the coastline. Your tent should also be roomy enough for you and your other guests to manoeuvre in and sleep comfortably.

You can also invest more into your camping adventures and buy a caravan. Caravans are priced for different budgets, so most campers should be able to find something in their budget. At the lowest end of the price range are lightweight pop-up models that you can tow with your car. Higher-priced caravans may be heavier and have more features, such as kitchens, bedrooms, living spaces and bathrooms. The most expensive caravans are motorhomes or van conversions.

Sleeping Bags
The next item that should be on your buying list for a Wales camping excursion is a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are a necessity for a camping trip, even if you rent a cabin or are staying in a caravan. Choose a sleeping bag model based on the conditions of your campsite and how warm you want to be at night.

Sleeping bags are rated for comfort depending on the season. Summer bags are appropriate for camping in summer or in the later spring or early fall when the temperatures are above freezing on a consistent basis. Three-season sleeping bags should be comfortable in colder temperatures in the winter here in Wales. Winter sleeping bags are the most insulated type and are best suited for the coldest temperatures or for people who struggle to stay warm during a camping tour.

Sleeping Bags

Cooking Supplies
Part of the fun of camping is cooking over an open fire or on a grill. When you are staying at a camping resort, in a tent or in your own caravan, you’ll need extra supplies to have a hot meal. For people who go on regular outings to campgrounds, it’s a good idea to invest in a camping kitchen that you can use each time you go on a trip.

The first essential item for a camping kitchen is a camping hob and fuel. Consider buying a portable camping grill that can be folded away for storage and transport. Camping cooks also need pots and pans, cooking utensils, mixing bowls, pot holders and a cutting board. You also need plastic cutlery and plates for serving your food. If you want to prepare tasty, gourmet meals, look up recipes suitable for camping and prep and store your food and ingredients.

Other Necessities
Besides items for sleeping and cooking, your camping gear buying checklist should include other necessities that make this type of trip more fun and enjoyable. A Wales camping trip wouldn’t be complete without a cosy fire, so make sure you have a hatchet for cutting wood, a firestarter, matches and a shovel. Bring a few camping chairs and a folding camping table so you and your party can sit by the fire at night and relax.

Campers should also have plenty of torches so they can navigate their site late at night safely. A headlamp is a great idea so you can set up things at night without holding onto a torch and slowing your work down. For rain protection, get a few tarps to cover your tent and keep everyone inside dry. Finally, don’t forget to bring things to keep everyone entertained, such as games, cards or battery-powered music speakers.

Plan a Fun Itinerary
Before going out to your camping destination, make sure to plan a detailed itinerary. The campgrounds in Wales often offer plenty of fun things to do within the resort, so check with the activities director to see what’s on before you leave for your trip. There are lots of family-friendly caravan resorts that prepare their own fun-filled itineraries for kids and adults during their stay.
If you’re staying in a low-key resort or area, you can also design your own itinerary. Wales is full of historic sites, outdoor recreation areas, shops and restaurants that visitors can see and experience. If you have a car, you can see Cardiff Castle in the capital, St. David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire or the rides at Barry Island. Wales is also home to caves, rivers, meadows and mountains that make for excellent day trips from your campsite.

Prepare for the Unexpected
Finally, don’t forget to prepare for the unexpected when you venture out on a Wales camping experience. Campers should always carry a well-stocked first aid kit with their gear in case of an accident, cuts or burns. Have plenty of plasters, antiseptic ointment, bandages and other essentials.

Caravan owners should also be up to date on their motorhome’s regularly scheduled maintenance and should carry vehicle emergency supplies, such as a spare tyre, flares, a hand crank, blankets, food and water. Always be aware of your surroundings when out in the wilderness in Wales and have a plan if your mobile phone doesn’t get reception.

A Wales camping trip can be the highlight of your summer, spring, winter or fall holiday. If you want to get outdoors and experience this incredible, wild region of the United Kingdom, let the team at Leisure Shop Direct help with our comprehensive supply of camping accessories. Stock up on your gear and get outdoors and see your wild side.