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Camping Cookware and Gear: Making Great Meals in Your Caravan or Motorhome

Camping Cookware and Gear: Making Great Meals in Your Caravan or Motorhome

Camping Cookware

Most caravans and motorhomes come outfitted with a small sink, some stove-top burners and a travel-sized refrigerator. Adding some gear of your own will enhance your dining experience.

Pots and Pans
You don't want to overload your motorhome with pots and pans, but you need the basics. A non-stick frying pan and two or three pots should be enough for most people. Choose cookware that is lightweight, durable and easy to clean. Consider purchasing a space-saving stackable pots and pans set. Though the weight and need to avoid rust can be a drawback, a cast-iron skillet is a versatile choice that can be used with a camp stove, open fire or even on the grill.

Extra Burners
If your caravan or motorhome doesn't have a stove or you want some extra cooking space, a gas stove is a good addition to your camping cookware. These stoves are portable for use almost anywhere and can save you from being confined to a stuffy, motorhome kitchen on a hot day.

Portable Grill
If it doesn't feel like a real camping trip without doing some grilling, a portable grill is a must-have. Grills come in many shapes and sizes, from small tabletop models to large propane grills with foldable legs. Consider your storage space and the number of people you will be cooking for when choosing an option.

Gear for One-Pot Meals
Gear you can use to cook large, one-pot meals will take up less of your storage and prep space in the kitchen. A slow cooker, dutch oven or pressure cooker is ideal. All three are versatile and work well for stews, casseroles, rice dishes, pasta and braising or slow-cooking meats.

The best choice to go with depends on the size and type of caravan or motorhome you have. Dutch ovens are good choices for smaller rigs that only have a stovetop. They work well for braising or slow-cooking, and can also be used for cooking over a campfire.

If you have a large motorhome with plenty of counter space and electrical outlets, a pressure or slow cooker can be a good camping cookware choice. Alternatively, you can purchase a multi-function device that can be used for both pressure and slow cooking.

Kitchen Camping Kettle
If you can't go without your coffee or tea, you need a portable coffee maker or kettle. Look for a camping kettle designed for use in a caravan or motorhome that can be mounted to your worktop. This will make sure it doesn't slide off and splash hot liquids around your rig when you are on the move. A kettle can also be used for boiling water for making soup or other convenience foods.

Camping Cookware Accessories

In addition to cookware, a few accessory items will help you get the most out of your portable kitchen.

Camping Kitchen Table

Kitchen Table
One of the toughest aspects of cooking in a caravan or motorhome is the lack of prep space. A camp kitchen table provides you with some extra space to prepare your ingredients and a storage area for utensils, pots and pans. Choose a table that is stable and can easily be set up and packed away. Pair it with a set of non-slip cutting boards for safe slicing and dicing. Using separate boards for preparing proteins and vegetables will help avoid cross-contamination.

Kitchen Utensils
Avoid single-use gadgets and utensils you might only use once in a great while. Instead, get a basic camping utensil kitchen set that can be easily washed and stored. At a minimum, make sure you have a spatula, ladle, serving spoon, a chef's knife and a spoon for mixing or stirring food. A whisk is a useful addition to your camping cookware if you plan to make pancakes or scrambled eggs frequently.

Rubbish Bins
A messy campsite is unpleasant for you and can attract pests and wild animals. Keep it clean with a portable rubbish bin. Alternatively, you can save some space by using a door or wall-mountable bin bag holder.

Portable Wash Bowl and Draining Rack
Washing up may not be the most fun part of camp cooking, but it has to be done. A portable wash bowl will make your job easier. Choose a model that is easy to transport and put away. If you prefer to let your crockery and cookware air-dry, consider adding a dish drainer.

Crockery and Cutlery
A great camp meal deserves to be eaten off a nice set of crockery with real cutlery. Choose crockery that can easily fit into the storage space you have and that will not break. Using crockery over disposable plates and cutlery saves money, is better for the environment and means less rubbish for you to clean up at your campsite. Adding a cutlery tray prevents the need to search through a drawer full of loose cutlery when it is time to serve your meal.

Dometic CFX3 Range

Drink Cooler
Even if your caravan or motorhome is equipped with a refrigerator, space is probably limited. You will have more room for food and easier access to your drinks if you pack them in a drink cooler. We have a selection of coolboxes & drinks coolers available here ranging from a simple thermoelectric coolbox to a 100 litre compressor cooler/freezer.

Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or Notebook
One of the best things you can do for yourself is plan out your meals before you pack up your caravan. Figure out how many meals you need to cook based on the length of your trip, make a plan and store it on a portable device or write it down in a notebook for easy reference. Write down, print out or save the recipes you plan to cook to local storage on your device in case you can't get a mobile signal at your campsite.

Camping Cookware at Leisureshopdirect

Whether you are a hardcore camper or an occasional caravaner, Leisureshopdirect has the perfect camping cookware for your needs. Visit us online to choose your gear and never settle for a sad takeaway meal or soggy sandwich again.