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Dometic Product Warning & Recall

Dometic Product Warning & Recall

Product Warning and Recall

Liquid gas cookers & replacement assemblies for liquid gas cookers from Dometic

- Leaking cooker gas tubes and gas regulators
- Risk of serious injury!

Affected Items:

SKU 9600037319 – Dometic MO9722R Piezo (Combi)
SKU 9600037320 – Dometic MO9722L Piezo (Combi)
SKU 9600037324 – Dometic MO9722R AM (Combi)
SKU 9600037325 – Dometic MO9722L AM (Combi)
SKU 9600027605 – Dometic PI8022 EU (Cooktop)
SKU 9600072606 – Dometic PI8022 12V Ignition AM (Cooktop)
SKU 9600027608 – Dometic PI8023 AM (Cooktop)
SKU 9600037309 – Dometic CE99-ZF AM (Cooktop)
SKU 9600037310 – Dometic CE99-ZF OEM (Cooktop)
SKU 9600037313 – Dometic CE99-DF AM (Cooktop)
SKU 9600037315 – Dometic KSK2007R (Cooktop)
SKU 9600037317 – Dometic PI9003 (Cooktop)


Dear Customer,

We set very high standards for the safety and quality of our products which we continue to develop and improve on a continuous basis. Furthermore, we attach great importance to open communication with our customers in a spirit of trust. Therefore, we are writing to you to draw your attention to the following voluntary product recall and, to request your support: The background to this decision is information from our supplier concerning a potential leakage of the regulators and / or supply tubes installed in our liquid gas cookers. Should your product be subject to the leakage, an undetermined amount of gas can leak, which where a suitable ignition source is present, can ignite. As a result of this, a flame formation can occur around the regulators. Furthermore, in worst case scenarios there is the potential for the gas-air mixture to explode. This can result in serious injury to the user of our products and uninvolved third parties To date we are not aware of any incident in the field where an injury occurred.

Please see full letter below from Dometic:
Dometic Recall Letter