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Campervan Cookers & Hobs

Campervan Cookers & Hobs

Campervan cuisine without an oven or hob? Perish the thought. With such an astonishing array of cutting-edge technology packed into today's compact campervan hobs, the notion that proper cooking in a campervan is cumbersome and pointless is not only outdated, but downright laughable. So, if you thought the Sunday roast is off the menu this holiday, cheer up. Take a gander at some of the latest ranges of campervan gas hobs and ovens, and make sure your goose is cooked – literally.

Whether you're spending the summer abroad, touring the British countryside this spring, or taking your campervan for a spin, you have every reason to kit it out with cooking gadgets that could rival – nay, outdo - the ones you have at home. And why shouldn't you take your best recipes with you on the road, if your kitchen is your family hub? You're out in the open, settling into a slower and quieter way of life, and taking everything in. There's no better time to savour every morsel of your home-made cooking, and no reason to settle for anything less.

However, there are some things microwave ovens and suitcase stoves simply can't do, and you don't need to be a gourmand to notice. If you don't want to jeopardize your love affair with food when you're away from home, turn to trusty campervan cookers. Here are some of the reasons to deck your campervan galley with a purpose-built cooker, off the top of our collective head:

Specifically designed to fit this type of vehicle without taking too much space or causing any inconvenience, campervan gas hobs and ovens feel like they belong there – indeed, they do. They make the most of your space and they come in a variety of colourways, including steel, black, and see-through. Flush-mounted, sleek, smart, with ergonomically positioned controls, and available in all shapes and sizes, they blend in well and cleverly enhance the look of your home on wheels. Our collection of Thetford hobs and cookers is a good case in point. So, you can dispense with outdated devices, which may have been considered compact back in the day but are far too bulky for modern campervans bustling with life.

It goes without saying that a new campervan cooker, grill, hotplate or hob will be compliant with current fire safety standards and regulations. Having been built with cylinders, regulators, hoses, tubing, ventilators, cartridges, safety ignition systems, and valves that abide by these rules, newer cooking gadgets and appliances bought from reputable sources are inherently safer than they used to be, as well as easier and cheaper to repair than older models. Also, they come with fail-safe lids, high-quality heat resistant lids, handles, and knobs, and many other safety features. As a side note, integrated campervan hobs and cookers also benefit from greater stability than portable burners and microwaves, so they don't need to be secured into place when you're on the go.
Whether it's a snack or a gourmet meal, this type of cooker will deliver. A quick glance at our Dometic Smev hobs and cookers range will reveal neatly positioned burners, hotplates, and grills that are deceptively effective in terms of how they disperse heat. Whether it's an integrated mini-oven or a full-size cooker, the models in this range can take you beyond basics like pasta and pizza, and on to roasts and soufflés.

The whole point of campervanning is to experience the world freely and self-sufficiently. Rather than restrict your meal choices to whatever's on the menu at the nearby restaurant, enjoy full course meals al fresco with all your nearest and dearest wherever in the world you may be. Whether it's on the campsite or elsewhere, campervan hobs and ovens will minimize the time it takes to cook several courses in comfort, sheltered from the elements, and at your own pace. In a mere hour, a family meal can make its way from the worktop to the table, hygienically, safely, and without odours wafting whichever way the wind blows.

When space is at a premium, why not opt for a combination sink and cooker unit? Integrated motorhome cookers like the DOMETIC SMEV MO9722 can be positioned on either side. They take into account not only the layout of smaller campervan styles, such as the VW T6, but also the owner's personal preferences. They may not be portable, but they are certainly compact. Made with easy-to-clean materials and detachable parts, they minimize downtime and maximize workspace.

Portable butane stoves are two a penny. But even though cooking on the hob is more energy efficient than oven cooking, there's only so much you can cook on a single burner. Having a larger purpose-built campervan gas hob means you spend less time cooking, you use up less lighting and heating in the process, and you don't need to reheat your meals. Also, if energy efficiency is important but you'd like to have the convenience of an electric cooker (perhaps as back-up), then an induction hob may be just the thing. Alternatively, get ready to put that pressure cooker to good use, if you absolutely must bring out your inner chef.

Not wanting to leave you without a word of thanks for reading our blog, we'd like to thank you for taking time out of your day to read our posts and to invite you to explore our website at length in the new year. The models and ranges featured in this brief hobbyist's guide to campervan and motorhome cookers is only the tip of the iceberg; we have much more to share at Leisureshopdirect, and not nearly enough days in the year to do it.

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