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Choosing the Best Motorhome TV

Choosing the Best Motorhome TV

We have had so much interest in this blog in the last few years, it is clear to us that which 12V television you want for your caravan, motorhome or camper is clearly a continuously hot topic! Therefore, we feel it is very important to update you on the latest technologies available to you and have decided to add to this blog. If you are looking for a broad overview of 12V televisions, then the info you need is available below this new section. If you are want to know about the latest 12V smart TVs available for the touring market, then read on!

Over the past 30 years, Avtex has been a very credible and established company for the touring leisure market, specialising in distinct audio-visual items. They have an exceedingly proficient, devoted design team that focus on creating TV’s and other associated products, specifically for caravans, motorhomes and campervan. And with their latest range you will not be disappointed.......

Avtex Connected Smart 12V TVs at a glance

  • Very compact, neat and stylish design
  • Wi-Fi built-in for connected services and extra channels
  • BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 and UKTV Play free of charge
  • Freeview Play & Freeview HD
  • Catch-up TV available - Scroll forwards and backwards upto 7 days
  • Set reminders for upcoming progammes
  • HD Digital Tuner & HD satellite tuner built-in

Avtex, a very trusted, dependable brand

The new Avtex Wi-Fi enabled Connected TV series enables you to view TV via your aerial or a satellite dish and you don't need to purchase any more gear like a Freeview box. You can connect your television to the internet to access an entire new sphere of entertainment and enjoyment.

The new Avtex Connected Series of 12V Smart televisions
So, let’s look in detail at Avtex’s new connected range of televisions we sell here on Leisureshopdirect. The connected TVs are Wi-Fi enabled, enabling you to view TV (in HD) with your usual satellite dish or aerial, without the need for any extra equipment. Amazingly, you can use any available campsite internet to view endless TV. Maybe you like to watch your favourite programmes live or perhaps you prefer to catch the last of the days sun and use catch up services, like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, My5, UKTV Play or All 4. With the Freeview Play’s unique TV guide built-in you are able to look seven days past and select and watch programmes that have already been shown. You can also zoom up to seven days in advance and see what will be on during the week, setting yourself a reminder when it will be on. With so many new streaming channels, you will be spoilt for choice with movies, sport and documentaries for free! Sounds too good to be true!

Enjoy the biggest shows live and on demand all together in one place and all for free!

The Avtex 199DSFVP Connected TV
The Avtex 199DSFVP Connected TV.

The Avtex 199DSFVP TV
The Avtex 199DSFVP 19.5” WI-FI Connected TV with Freeview Play is the smallest widescreen television in the Avtex Connected TV series, so will most suit those adventurers who want the best but are very limited by space in their van. With the Avtex 199DSFVP you can watch new channels only accessible with a Connected TV, by simply connecting your Freeview Play TV to the available internet on your campsite. Get ready to sit back, put your feet up and relax, watching the best TV programmes. If you don’t have access to a good internet connection you can still enjoy HD TV through your regular aerial or satellite dish without the need for extra equipment. So really the Connected Series offers you the best of both worlds and helps you minimise the equipment you need to watch your favourite show whilst on tour and don’t forget after the initial purchase all the services are free. If you want to be able to travel far and wide, whilst still having the best TV viewing possible, you may want to invest in the Kuma 4G caravan and motorhome mobile pocket WI-FI kit with antenna.........

The Kuma 4G caravan and motorhome mobile pocket WI-FI kit with antenna.

The Kuma 4G caravan and motorhome mobile pocket WI-FI kit with antenna.

.....or alternatively, the Kuma WI-FI hotspot booster kit,

The Kuma WI-FI hotspot booster kit.

The Kuma WI-FI hotspot booster kit.

What exactly is Freeview Play?
If you want 95% of the nation’s favourite TV at the press of a button, whilst you are off on your adventures, then Freeview Play is for you. Don't forget with the Avtex Connected 12V smart TVs, it's all for free, no monthly payments. With a normal television, to access Freeview you need to purchase a Freeview box that connects to your television, but with the Avtex Connected Series it is already built-in, so all that's needed is for you to connect to the internet and over 70 channels, 15 HD channels and seven on-demand players, like BBC iplayer, will all be under your control with the simple click of a button! If you let time pass you by and you don't quite sit down in time for the live viewing of your programme, don’t stress out because Freeview has an electronic programme guide (EPG) that enables you to select programmes from up to seven days ago. Once you have clicked on your neglected programme on the EPG, you will click through to the correct player and you can sit back with a glass of your favourite tipple! (Please note you will only need your aerial to view the EPG, but to click through to your wanted programme you must be connected to WI-FI). Also, a TV magazine guide is superfluous with the Avtex Connected TVs, because this perfect system also allows you to scroll seven days ahead, so you can see exactly what you want to watch and then set yourself reminders of when it will be on.

Power options of the Avtex Connected TVs

All the TVs in the Smart Avtex Connected range can be powered by 12V, 24V or 240V mains AC, meaning you can have this amazing quality viewing either on holiday or at home. There is no need to be concerned that there will be issues with DC power supply, as the Connected range are built and tested to cope with any fluctuations that can occur on DC power, with circuitry designed for the movements and vibrations associated with being a valuable part of your caravan or motorhome.

If you are not so restricted with space, you may want to consider one of the larger 12V smart TVs in the Avtex Connected range, Avtex 219DSFVP 21.5 WI-FI Connected HD TV with Freeview Play, Avtex 249DSFVP 24” WI-FI Connected HD TV with Freeview Play or the Avtex 279DSFVP 27” WI-FI Connected HD TV with Freeview Play. We have a very detailed blog, , if you would like to find out more in depth info on these latest smart TVs.

Let's face it, many of our most relaxing moments are spent not in the open air, but in front of the motorhome tv. So we all want the best TV on the market for our RV. But what makes a TV 'the best' one out there? Is it the size, the weight, the display, the power, the software features, or all of the above? Come to think of it, why not just bring your favourite TV from home? And how can you improve reception, whichever TV you end up with? We would like to answer as many of these questions as we can with a list of essential things to look for as you scout for a motorhome tv.

First things first, though. Think about where you'd like your TV to be, and where you'd like to watch it from. Once that's settled, use the checklist below to determine what would be the best TV for your motorhome.

A standard TV using CRT technology isn't designed to work in a caravan or motorhome. It's intended for use in a static environment, where there isn't too much rocking and wobbling. So you may be able to take your TV from home with you on a short trip, but you'd be taking some risks. RV TVs, on the other hand, are designed to withstand all the shaking and the rocking your motorhome can throw at it.

There are range of LED TVs available and you could opt for a standard domestic 240V TV. This will of course be fine when you are on the hook-up but if you ever want to watch TV on 12V then this is not really an option.
Avtex 12v TVs
An RV TV is usually between 16" and 25" in diagonal, and not that heavy. People undeniably favour display size over width, so you probably have a large screen TV in mind. But you should be realistic and take the weight and the width into account too, because the TV will be subjected to wobbling and shaking. Avtex TVs are very popular among caravaners, because they come with thin HD LED display.

When space is at a premium the latest Avtex TVs offer an almost edge-to-edge display. Unlike other brands, it doesn’t have a plastic lip around the edge of the screen making the available display as large as possible. Avtex have instead opted for a tough Aluminium bezel which is far thinner and stronger than alternatives. This usually means the 21” Avtex (for example) is the same physical size as many competitors smaller screen option. Another option for those with very limited space is to buy a projector to display TV content on a flat surface, if the TV is too small or too far away.

In terms of energy usage, the 12v motorhome TV is a very popular choice, and by far the most common type of camper TV out there. But standard ac/dc powered TVs or combi 12/24V DC and mains powered ones are a fantastic choice for people who like to use them everywhere they travel. Please but careful buying a cheap 12V TV to use inside your motorhome. Many are adapted 240V TVs and are therefore not designed for the shrinking voltage of a Leisure battery. As you know, as voltage drops, the amps drawn increase. Unless you are careful, this could damage the TV or worse catch on fire…you have been warned! Avtex TVs as a comparison are designed exactly for this purpose. They have safety functions built in to switch the TV off if the voltage drops too low.

Another consideration when using a 12V TV is whether it has a physical on/off button. It may seem obvious but many don’t. If it doesn’t then even though it is "off" it will still be draining power from the battery.

Power-saving Energy Star certified TVs are also gaining traction among motorhome enthusiasts as they have a low power consumption. This is of course very important when you are hooked up to a campsite with a trip switch. As an example Avtex TVs draw a maximum of 2 Amps when powered from a 240V hookup.
Avtex TV with 12V/24V Soundbar
It's not just having a compact TV that matters, but also finding one that's feature-packed and easy to set up and use. A side-loading CD and/or DVD player, a full HD display, with instant recording onto your USB and live rewinding are just some of the features you'd expect to find on a decent camper TV. Keep in mind, though, that the slimmer the TV, the less powerful the built-in speakers are likely to be. Luckily, fitting a sound bar or a speaker system is a convenient way to accessorize a multi-functional RV TV with a bit of oomph.

The TVs built nowadays tend to come with built-in satellite receivers and tuners to pick up signals and even record content. Most people opt for these types of camper TVs, but also fit an antenna to their mobile home or opt for satellite TV. Even if the TV comes with digital tuners, satellite tuners, and with the Freeview HD platform with free access to tens of standard definition and several HD channels, setting it up can take a while. Some TVs feature the AQT one-button tuning system, whereby the TV automatically finds and sets your channels at the press of a button. Of course, it pays to ask other motorhome owners about their experiences with the type of TV you're interested in, especially if they can offer any tips on how to boost the signal strength. Once that's settled, if you're not impressed with the signal strength, you can look up stand-alone aerial booster amplifiers or even portable TV aerials with detachable amplifiers.

The price of a motorhome TV will depend on the display size and the features. Brackets, arms, holders, leads, carry cases, USB sticks, antennae, and other accessories will bring the final figure up. All things considered, you can expect a decent new motorhome TV with all the trimmings to set you back £300 to £600.

There are a number of Motorhome TVs that are available but we have chosen only to offer the top of the range Avtex TVs and the Vision Plus TVs. Both are a good choice from reputable brands. The Avtex TVs have more features but if your budget does not stretch that far then the Vision Plus TVs are also a very good choice.

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