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12 tips to keep you busy during the lock-down for your caravan or motorhome

12 tips to keep you busy on your caravan or motorhome during the lock-down

We all hope you are well and staying safe. As you are staying at home for the foreseeable future, with your caravan or motorhome parked on your driveway, we thought we would give you top DIY tips. Get your beloved home-away-from-home ready for freedom!

  • Check that you gas pigtail(s) are serviceable. Check the date on the rubber tube. They should not be more than 5 years old.

  • Remove your fridge vents and carefully vacuum the back of the fridge. Operate the fridge on gas for at least 5 minutes to disperse any debris on the burner. This is a favourite place for spiders.

  • As above, operate your heater and water heater on gas to get rid of any debris on the burners.

  • Check that the water pump in the flush tank of your cassette toilet is still working.

  • Clean out the waste tank of your cassette toilet with Thetford tank cleaner (shown below).

  • Spray the rubber seal on the waste tank with Aquarinse Spray (shown below).

  • Check the operation of all of the door, cupboard and window catches and lubricate where necessary. Apply some thin oil to the key slot of all locks.

  • Operate each corner steady in turn and grease the worm screw.

  • Lubricate the rubber seals on all rooflights. The Aquarinse spray can also be used for this.

  • You may want to replace the plastic insert that is fitted to awning and corner rails, if this has faded or shrunk. The Herzim strip 110 is the most common but other sizes are available (simply type herzim into the search bar).

  • A dirt build up tends to form around opening windows, when the windows are kept closed for long periods. Silky cream cleaner, (shown below), is good for removing this.

  • Operate your water system and check for leaks and dripping taps. Fill your water container and apply a dose of Puriclean, (shown below). Flush this through your water system in accordance with the instructions.