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The Fiamma awnings

There is a Fiamma Awning to perfectly suit every adventurer's needs!

With the first glimpse of sunshine for a good few weeks, thoughts of the up and coming holiday season fill our minds. With the unlikely proposition of safely adventuring abroad this year, most are turning thoughts to the best way to plan staycations. Caravans, camping and motorhomes seem to be more popular than ever at the moment, as they are a great way to get you and your loved ones out the house and away from the hum drum of every day normality! Here at Leisureshopdirect, we are being bombarded with questions about everything technical to do with the caravan and motorhome industry, but Fiamma Awnings seem to be coming up a lot, so we thought we would delve into the technical side of the Fiamma awnings, so that you can decide which one most suits your needs. Fiamma have a diverse range of caravan and motorhome awnings, that are exceedingly reliable, top quality and sure to make you the envy of the campsite!

What makes a Fiamma awning stand out from the rest?

Fiamma is without doubt, a very well-known worldwide company, pioneering market leading products that are exceedingly innovative. It is a very trusted name in the recreational vehicle industry, due to their ground-breaking products being so durable, dependable and eye pleasing in design. Fiamma now boasts more than 100 patents registered in their technical accessories for the recreational vehicle world. All Fiamma awnings are manufactured in their main factory and Head Quarters in Cardano al Campo, Italy, but they also have 8 manufacturing plants, where they focus on new technological innovations, so that they bring fundamental, excellent products to our industry. Here, we are going to be focussing on the elegant Fiamma awnings for the caravan and motorhome.

Fiamma awnings give you fantastic quality, elegance and dependability
Double your living space on the campsite with an elegant Fiamma awning.

Are you dreaming of whisking the family away, immersing them in nature, exploring new faraway places and relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine? Why not travel lazily through countryside lanes, ending up at the foot of a mountain or with a beautiful sea view! Travelling about in a motorhome is definitely one of the best ways to achieve these happy, soothing family times. If you keep an eye out when driving in the UK, there is a vast array or recreational vehicles travelling the roads these days. You will often see the traditional coach-style motorhome that generally have an over-cab bed. There are a good few micro motorhomes around, that have been converted from a people carrier or a smallish van. Then we come to the beautifully iconic campervans, like the much-loved Volkswagen campers, which have been very popular for over 50 years. They are great accommodation for two, whilst they can also be used very conveniently as the family car. Probably the biggest increase in popularity we are seeing in this industry is panel (larger) van conversions, which have enough head room to stand and if they have been cleverly designed, they can have a comfortable sleeping place, along with cooking and bathroom areas. The recreational vehicles that have the driving section as part of the main body of the van are the A class motorhomes and they can comfortably sleep a smaller family, with more room other essentials. A Tag Axel vehicle is a motorhome with an extra set of wheels on a longer axel, meaning the van can be bigger to accommodate more luxurious camping. Have you seen one of the very impressive American Recreation Vehicles, an RV? They are literally massive, often with slide-out bedrooms and some are more lavish than the average home! However great adventuring would be in one of these, I definitely wouldn’t fancy driving one down narrow Devonshire or Cornish lanes!!! Let’s not forget all the different sized caravans we see touring the countryside. So, whichever recreational vehicle you have, Fiamma have a motorhome or caravan awning that will suit your beloved home away from home. The Fiamma awnings will basically double your camping living space, enabling you to have shade in sunnier weather, but also a very welcome cover during rainy days; very essential to be able to get the kids out of wet clothes or rub the dog down, before they all clamber over the inside of the van!
Fiamma awnings come in lots of different designs, sizes and colours and they can be wall or roof mounted. The choice of fixing brackets for Fiamma awnings is vast, so that Fiamma can almost guarantee their innovative awnings will fit onto any recreational vehicle. You can choose a Fiamma awning that is winch opened or opened manually. These elegant, simple and easy to use awnings come in a great choice of durable fabrics, with elegant, streamlined case boxes and they boast so many pioneering features, you will be a very happy camper!

What features make the Fiamma awnings ground breaking?

The Fiamma Presto Fix
After you have pitched up and down a number of times, the awning fabric and the moving arms may annoyingly become mis-aligned a bit, meaning one side of the awning can stop closing perfectly. Don’t worry though, Fiamma awnings boast a patented adjusting system, called Presto Fix, that allows you to evaluate the closing of the front bar and make any adjustments needed to realign the closing front bar if needs be.
Keep your awning perfectly aligned with the Fiamma Presto Fix
Keep your awning perfectly aligned with the patented Fiamma Presto Fix System.

The Fiamma Auto-lock and Dual Security Feature
Many motorhome awnings can be quite noisy to open. Fiamma however, due to their German TUV certified Auto-Lock, are the only manufacturers to produce a silent opening feature. This self-locking winch safety system gives peace of mind as it stipulates the correct closing of the front bar with two small plastic flags inside the end caps- Fiamm’s Dual Security System. This device is made from exclusive long life aluminium mechanical parts, ensure it’s durability.
The Fiamma auto lock is a silent opening mechansim.
The Fiamma Auto lock is a silent opening mechanism.

The Fiamma One Way Roll System
Have you ever completely retracted your awning, only to find the canvas is wound the wrong way around the inner roller tube? Especially frustrating if you need to pack up quickly to get somewhere or if it’s windy and raining! If you have wound it the wrong way, it is not possible to close the case safely. Cleverly, Fiamma have patented their One Way Roll mechanism that only allows rewinding in one way, basically makes rolling the wrong way impossible. Simple idea, but very creative and useful!
Fiamma's One Way Roll mechanism, only allows you to rewind your awning the correct way.
Fiamma's One Way Roll mechanism only allows you to rewind your awning the correct way.

The Fiamma Dual Shock Absorber with extra strong arms
There is often a risk of cosmetically damaging your van during pitch up, especially if you are putting it up for the first time. Fiamma’s Dual Shock Absorber really helps protect the awning and your home away from home, because the awning canopy arms are fixed with a certified double bolt mechanism, “Double Block”, which makes it very easy to use, whilst also providing a lot more stability. The Fiamma awning arms are highly resistant, reinforced and articulated and the 3.5mm wire cables have been tested to make sure they can cope with at least 10,000 cycles of the awning going up and down; the wire cables are very strong and can easily keep a steady fabric tension of up to 32Kg.
Fiamma's Dual Shock Absorber really protects your awning and your vehicle.
Fiamma's Dual Shock Absorber really protects your awning and your vehicle.

The Fiamma Secure Lock System
Fiamma awnings are very sturdy due to them having telescopic legs with manual locking. This system allows you to change the height of the lead bar, which means you can adjust the head height in your awning. There is also a dual fixing position to the wall and ground.
 The Fiamma secure lock allows you to change the height of the lead bar.
The Fiamma secure lock allows you to change the height of the lead bar and therefore the canopy height.

The Fiamma awning canopy fabric
Fiamma’s state of the art manufacturing processes have been used to design, create and test their lastest fabric range. Fiamma guarantees reliability and durability in this top-quality fabric. It is very waterproof and has a high resistance to UV rays, meaning it will keep its colour for longer and it’s tension strength. It has no seams, giving it a greater resistance to water and tearing in unexpected winds. It has flame-retardant qualities and if you end up packing up in the rain, rewinding the awning in damp, it won’t do it any harm as it is rot proof, but it is always worth drying it out later at home.

The Fiamma awning panels
The Fiamma awnings are furnished with a Double Guide on the lead bar, which means you can attach two front panels. You may want to add Fiamma privacy rooms and panels or the Sun View XL or one of the many other fronts and sides Fiamma have available, which you can view in Fiamma Privacy Rooms and Walls.

Fiamma Awnings for the motorhome

Adding a Fiamma awning to your motorhome, will give you a lot more versatility and room on your adventures away. Why not double your living space and have the ability to stop whenever and wherever you want and pitch up. Freedom and independence. The Fiamma awnings are very easy to erect and stow away, meaning moving from campsite to campsite is stress free. You can choose from the Fiamma F45S, the Fiamma F45L, the Fiamma F40 or the Fiamma F35 Pro. Let’s discuss the different models of Fiamma awnings for the motorhome, so you can choose the model, size and colour that befit you best.

The Fiamma F35Pro Awning

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight awning for a minivan, 4x4, utility vehicle or station wagon, then the Fiamma F35pro awning could suit you down to the ground. It is very neatly packed in a lightweight anodized aluminium case and has a manual mechanism. If you are restricted by a certain budget, then this awning is the most affordable one and it comes in 5 different sizes, with a choice of casing colour (deep black or titanium) and fabric colour (royal grey or royal blue). There is a huge array of fixing brackets for the Fiamma awnings, ensuring the Fiamma F35 pro will fit onto any vehicle and the legs of the F35 are stored actually inside the roller tube, are very easy to take out and erect as they are telescopic and hinged. It is very convenient, easy and quick to put up. The reinforced arms keep the canopy fabric nicely tensioned. This awning is equipped with the Fiamma Double Guide, already discussed in detail above, so that you can install up to two front panels or other accessories.
Cleverly, the roller tube of the F35Pro permits you to roll the canopy fabric in both ways, meaning it is super quick and easy to put up and down. Also mounting the F35Pro on your van is really quite straightforward, as brackets are handily attached into the van walls or on roof rails. If you do decide you are happy to install this awning on a roof rack, a mounting kit is available separately and it means you won’t need to drill into your van at all. Alternatively, you may be purchasing the Fiamma F35 Pro for your caravan and it slides directly into the caravan’s rail, so there is no requirement of any brackets.
The Fiamma F35pro awning is a compact, lightweight awning perfect for the minivan or 4x4, utility vehicle or station wagon.
The Fiamma F35pro awning is a compact, lightweight awning perfect for the minivan, 4x4, utility vehicle or station wagon.

It is important to remember that the Fiamma Awnings do not come with fixing brackets and the reasons for this is that Fiamma have made so many different types of brackets, which enables these awnings to fit on such a wide range of vehicles. You need to look up the correct one for your chosen awning and vehicle, which can be done here, Fiamma F35 Pro Awning Mounting Brackets.
As with all the Fiamma products, many years of testing and development has enabled Fiamma to manufacture a top-quality canopy fabric for the F35Pro. It is totally waterproof, but also washable and creates a very airy, cheery atmosphere as the patterns are on both sides. It gives very good UV protection and it doesn’t easily fade, meaning you will have a great looking awning for many years. The fabric has sun reflective qualities, which allows you to stay cooler on hot, sunny afternoons. It is multi-layer abrasion resistant and has no seams, which makes it a lot stronger and more resistant to tearing in sudden winds. It is also rot-proof, so if you are unfortunate enough to be packing up in the rain, it isn’t the end of the world to wind it up wet. However, we would always advice you to wind it out at home in sunny weather.

If you decide you want to make your Fiamma awning into a room, or have more privacy, then you might want to investigate the different panels that can be purchased for the Fiamma F35pro. The Fiamma Blocker Pro is a front panel that has one large full light crystal window and a vinyl extension to the floor. It is also made from a rot-proof washable vinyl that also has UV protection. It is simple to install it using the Double Guide with elastic hooks and pegs that come with it. Make sure you buy the right size to fit the size of the F35pro you have.
The Fiamma Blocker Pro is a front panel gives protection from the elements and a good degree of privacy.
The Fiamma Blocker Pro is a front panel gives protection from the elements and a good degree of privacy.

A Fiamma Sun View is a very useful front panel that fits all Fiamma awnings with a front bar guide and they are made of translucent light filtering material, which blocks out about 80% of light. The Fiamma Shade Sun View is made with translucent light filtering material to protect from sun and rain extending the shade surface. Suitable for all awning models and other awning brands with guide in the lead bar.
The Fiamma Sun View fits all Fiamma awnings with a front bar guide and blocks out about 80% of the suns rays to protect your family and loved ones.
The Fiamma Sun View fits all Fiamma awnings with a front bar guide and blocks out about 80% of the suns rayys to protect you and your loved ones.

The Fiamma F45L awning is perfect if you have a big family or friends to accommodate

The Fiamma F45L Awning is without doubt one of the best awnings currently available in the leisure vehicle industry. It comfortably delivers a fantastic covered expanse, large enough to adequately house family and friends. It is especially great awning for the larger motorhomes and large panel van conversions, due to its extra wide roller tube, which is in cased in a bigger cross-section awning case, giving this awning far more rigidity, stability and strength to function well. Fiamma have been very careful to over-engineered this awning to ensure many years of use, keeping you a happy camper. The Fiamma F45L motorhome awning boasts many innovations and modernisations, creating a very easy to use, cutting edge awning and the prime, top-notch choice for your family’s adventures. Fiamma have over 90 styles of specialised brackets to ensure the Fiamma F45L will fit to nearly every van out there. It has been made for installation on the wall of your van. (Remember, on Leisureshopdirect, the choice of brackets is always displayed below the description, on each Fiamma awning pages). It also has the Fiamma Presto Fix (enables you to always close the lead bar perfectly, even over time), the Fiamma Dual Shock-Absorber to absorb heavy stress on the awning, a great Roller Support system, facilitating the rolling up of the canopy fabric. Fiamma’s Dual Security function indicates when you have correctly closed the lead bar and the Reinforced Arms keep the fabric nicely tensioned. Fiamma’s One Way Roll guides the direction of rolling up the fabric and won’t let you do it wrong. The Double Guide system allows you to install two front panels of your choice or other fixing accessories. Fiamma’s Secure Lock allows you to choose the height you want the lead bar and the telescopic legs can adjust to support this. They have reinforced joints. Also worth mentioning is the Cable ducts on the arms which allows cables to pass through, so you can have accessories like the Fiamma LED kit.
The Fiamma F45L boasts many innovations and modernisations, creating a very easy to use, cutting edge awning and it is the prime choice for your family's adventures.
The Fiamma F45L boasts many innovations and modernisations, creating a very easy to use, cutting edge awning and it is the prime choice for your family's adventures.

The Fiamma F45L is operated via a handle and a winch unrolls and rolls up the awning fabric. It’s extra strong extruded aluminium case makes it very manageable and light and it has a highly resistant external coating, that comes in either polar white or titanium in colour. The vinyl canopy is UV resistant, highly waterproof and washable. Along with easy maintenance, it is cool and cheerful in bright colours on both sides of the canopy.

The Fiamma Double Guide allows you to fix up to 2 interchangable panels.
The Fiamma Double Guide allows you to fix up to 2 interchangable front panels.

How can you make the Fiamma F45L onto a complete enclosure?
It’s great to have shade for your family to shelter under, but you may be interested in the array of the Fiamma side panels that are available, giving you and your loved ones some privacy, by creating an enclosed room. The Fiamma F45 Privacy Room is very popular amongst Fiamma motorhome awning customers. It is made from quality, sturdy materials and the grey tones make it a very elegant and modern addition. It is composed of 1x front panel with door and window with mosquito net, 2x side panels with windows with mosquito net, 1x curtain kit for all the windows of the enclosure, 1x Fast Clip installation kit (2+2 aluminium tension poles), 1x Kit elastic ropes with quick hooks and 1x Mega Bag, dim. 140x27x40cm. If you have a large family or friends are going to be visiting, then why not create more space with this Fiamma F45 Privacy Room. It can transform your awning into a comfortable sitting or dining room and the widened windows create a spacious, atmosphere.
The Fiamma Privacy Room is a selection of easily attachable panels, that create a fully enclosed room to give you and your loved ones privacy and extra living space.
The Fiamma Privacy Room is a selection of easily attachable panels, that create a fully enclosed room to give you and your loved ones privacy and extra living space.

The Fiamma Sun View is a convenient front panel for all the awnings with the front bar guide. It is made with translucent light filtering material, blocks about 80% of the light. If you don’t want a completely enclosed room under your Fiamma F45L, then you may want to consider the Fiamma Blocker Pro. This front panel is equipped with one large full light Crystal window and vinyl extension to the floor. Made of rot proof vinyl, washable fabric with UV protection. Simple to install using elastic hooks and pegs provided. Another alternative is the Fiamma Privacy Ultra Light, which is very quick and easy to install.

The Fiamma F45S is perfect for any vehicles from large motorhomes to campervans

The Fiamma F45S is comparable in design and shape to the F45L, just smaller in size. It is thought to be the most popular box-style awning in Europe. It has had years of Fiamma innovation and advancement, making it a top notch, trustworthy, easy-to-use awning. It is a wind out awning, that is nicely compact, taking up minimal space when not in use. Fiamma have invested a great deal into continual evaluation and evolution of the F45S and so there are lots of fabulous accessories to make jaunts away even more luxurious. It is very safe and sturdy to operate, with an easy-to-hook winch loop. The Fiamma F45s has automatically extending arms and all but the 190 have drop-down legs which conveniently fold back into the strong aluminium case. There is a nicely varied choice when it comes to the look and finish of the Fiamma F45s. There is a choice of polar white, deep black or titanium for the casing and the you can have the canopy in royal blue or royal grey. The lengths vary from 190 to 450cm to ensure you get the right awning for your home away from home. It has all the same, outstanding useful awning features like the Double Guide for installing two front panels, Auto-Lock Safety (fast and silent closing and opening), the Dual Security Device (perfect long term closing; peace of mind it’s safe before travelling), the Fiamma Presto Fix (adjusting system for perfect closing) and the One Way Roll (ability to only roll the fabric back in the correct way). The Fiamma F45S also boasts the Dual Shock Absorber (an absorbing bracket with dual bolt to protect awning and vehicle in sudden bad weather), extra strong arms (reinforced articulated arms with double steel cable, enabling you to maintain an optimal canopy fabric tension) and finally the Secure Lock (so that legs can be fixed to the ground or wall and the height of the lead bar can be adjusted due to telescopic legs). Read above for a deeper analysis of these innovative awning features.
The Fiamma F45S is the most popular box-style awning in Europe
The Fiamma F45S is the most popular box-style awning in Europe.

The Fiamma F45S canopy in detail
Fiamma have invested years of testing and improvement into the canopy fabric used in all the F45S awnings and their current material is multi-layered, creating extra abrasion resistance and it is completely waterproof and washable. It is also flame retardant and has the same pattern on both sides of the fabric. It has UV properties to resist fading in the sun, ensuring you will not only enjoy years of excellent service, but it will continue to make you stand out on the campsite! You will be able to keep your family cool during hot weather due to its reflective properties. Ingeniously, it has no seams on the canopy fabric making it is very strong and much more resistant to tears that may occur during unexpected gusts. If you are unfortunate enough to be packing up pitch in the rain, it will not do any harm to pack away this awning damp, as it has rot proof properties. However, it would always be a good idea to air it in dry weather later on.

Which panels fit the Fiamma F45S?
As with the Fiamma F45L awning there are many side and front panels to make your time on the campsite even more comfortable. The Fiamma F45 privacy rooms will enable you to double your living space, by making an enclosed room. The Fiamma Sun View will ensure you and your family have shade. The Fiamma Blocker Pro gives you protection from the elements and some privacy. The Fiamma Privacy Ultra Light is an option you may want to consider as it is very quick and easy to put up.

Fiamma don’t just making inspiring awnings for motorhomes. Many caravanners love the high quality, simplicity and ease of use that the Fiamma caravan offer, especially those who love touring and need an awning that can be quickly and easily pitched. The Fiamma Caravanstore awning is not only easy to use, but sturdy and lightweight. It has manual operation and is the only awning for caravans with a tubular rewind for wrinkle-free fabric. This is a patented wide roller that literally only takes 45 seconds to completely roll out. It can be rolled either way…… maximum ease of operation. These are just some of the reasons the Fiamma Caravanstore awning is the best-selling caravan awning in Europe.

The rafters and rods of the Fiamma Caravanstore fit neatly inside the aluminium roller-tube. There is no vibration when travelling and you don’t loose any loose parts when you open the bag to pitch up. The legs are attached, hinged and telescopic so cannot fall out and be mislaid. The awning bag is very comfortable to handle, with soft anti-scratch tape and a self-lubricating zipper. The mulit-layer canopy is waterproof, rot -proof and UV resistant, providing an excellent shelter from the sun. It comes in royal blue or royal grey.

The Fiamma Caravanstore awning is available in multiple lengths from 190 to 440cm, so there is literally a size to fit nearly all caravans. The Caravanstore awnings from 280 upwards have the options of fitting a complete enclosure for privacy and comfort. The Fiamma Double Guide system is on the lead bar, which allows you to install up to two front panels, like the Sun View XL, Blocker and Tie Down S, and the Privacy room. It is also worthy of note that the Fiamma Caravanstore awning 310 model upwards, it is possible to partially open the awning. There is easy regulation with arm adjustment and different fabric tensions. The Fiamma Caravanstore awning easily fits onto the caravan awning rail and there is a rubber wall fixing kit to ensure protection of the vehicle’s side walls. There is also a central rafter fixing kit that comes as standard from model 225 upwards, providing extra stability.

So, which Fiamma Caravanstore should you choose? The awning fits to the standard awning rail that is already fitted to the vast majority of touring caravans. However, it can also be fitted to other vehicles with a straight, horizontal awning channel, including minivans and campervans. When you are deciding upon which size of Fiamma Caravanstore awning to choose, you must measure the length of the Straight, horizontal awning channel on your caravan. This will tell you the absolute maximum size of the awning your caravan can take. You must compare this straight awning channel measurement to the Awning Bag Length A. There is a table on the description page of the caravanstore and in this table you can identify the correct model size for you. Just be aware that the awning bag length may be longer than the awning size.

It is also worth commenting on the importance of checking for impediments such as lights over doors or marker lights that may hinder you installing you Fiamma Caravanstore Awning. It requires 15cm of clear wall space below the awning rail for its full length. Why not join the hoards of other happy campers and add a Fiamma Caravanstore awning to your beloved home away from home!

The Fiamma Caravanstore Zip awning

Fiamma do not sell the Fiamma Caravanstore Zip awning as a complete item, so if this is your chosen awning for your van then you need to purchase the Fiamma Caravanstore Zip Top, along with the Fiamma Zip Privacy Room. These two products are joined together with zippers and haver proven to be a very quick and easy pitch up. The Innovative Fiamma Caravanstore ZIP system joins these side panels to the fabric of the awning with two specially designed, sturdy zips, which means that within literally a couple of minutes the awning can be transformed into a complete room, enabling you to double your living space, entertaining friends and family. A private space, protection from rainy weather or much needed shade on a sunny afternoon…….the Fiamma Caravanstore Zip awning could revolutionise your holidays away in your home away from home.

The Fiamma Caravanstore Zip Awning comes in a range of sizes, to suit a large number of different caravan types, from 280cm to 550cm and you can choose from either royal blue or royal grey in colour. When buying the awing top, you will be supplied with the canopy, 1 Caravan Support Leg with sizes 440 and below or 2 Support Legs with sizes 500 and above. The 440 and above awnings also come with a Caravanstore rafter for extra support. There is no need for any fixing brackets or drilling, as it simply slides into the awning rail of your caravan and then rolls out (a patented wide roller which enables wrinkle free rolling out and rolling away), with drop down legs. When deciding upon which size you need, simply measure the straight part of the awning rail on your caravan. If you measure 450cm for example, then you would go for the 440 size of Caravanstore awning. The Caravanstore is the perfect awning for caravanners who want a really quick and easy to erect awning, as there is no need for pitching and pegging like is necessary with more traditional poled and air awnings. Within minutes of parking on your chosen pitch, you will be able to sit back, put your feet up with your favourite tipple in hand and enjoy the shade and shelter of your Caravanstore. In their latest Caravanstore Zip Awning design, Fiamma have increased the extension of the canopy up to 250cm, offering you more relaxing room. There is a new flexyblock system that increases the rafter tension to accommodate this extra extension.

This awning comes in a soft, grey, sturdy bag, which has a self-lubricating zipper and anti-scratch tape. It has the Fiamma Double guide on the lead bar, which allows you to choose and attach up to 2 of the front panels from the array Fiamma offers. The larger Caravanstore awnings, from the 360 upwards, allows you to only partially open the awning, if you are just wanting a small amount of shade.
If you decide you want your Fiamma Caravanstore Zip awning to function as a room, as well as shade and shelter, then you will be looking to purchase the Fiamma Zip Privacy Room as well. These panels transform the canopy into a complete enclosure, doubling space for you and your family to dine, relax and play. Fiamma have given it a new look, making it even more stylish and practical, with widened windows, more rounded contours and the inclusion of grey tones, giving a sleek modern look. This part of the Fiamma Caravanstore Zip awning will come to you with 1 front panel that has a door, window and mosquito net, 2 side panels also with windo ws and mosquito nets, 1 curtain kit for all the windows to provide warmth and privacy, 1 central tension rafter, 1 rapid set installation kit (2+2 aluminium tension poles), a vehicle skirting to keep out drafts from under the caravan, 1 elastic hooks kit for secure fixing and a mega storage bag for it all to go in. The Fiamma Caravanstore Zip awning is the perfect solution for quickly increasing your caravan space, enabling you to choose if you just want shade on occasions or if you want an extra room for those longer stays away.

It is definitely worth mentioning that the Fiamma F35 Pro we discussed above for motorhomes, fits equally well onto caravans, to give you the extra space and comfort to make your adventures away in your beloved home away from home as restful and relaxed as possible.
The Fiamma F35 is a very quick and easy awning to pitch up.
The Fiamma F35 is a very quick and easy awning to pitch up.

With the Fiamma brand, you can be sure of the excellent quality, durability and elegance their products will offer you. Make this summer season one to remember and with a Fiamma awning you are sure to create those essential family memories. These Fiamma awnings are the most sophisticated, stress free and reliable awnings on the recreational vehicle market today. Look forward to adventures away, under a starry night sky, in your favourite spots close to the beach, up on moorlands or at the foot of a mountain. Mount up a Fiamma awning, double your living space and explore! Fiamma helps you to fully enjoy every moment of freedom on the road.