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Campervan Accessories

Campervan Accessories

At Leisureshopdirect we know that there are thousands of you out there whose first love really is their campervan! Whether you have in your possession a brand-spanking new model and just require a few campervan accessories to act as cherries on a rather beautiful cake, or you are well-into a long-standing relationship with your camper and want to give him or her a facelift, or even that you are going to whole-hog of renovating your camper, Leisureshop Direct supplies thousands of campervan and caravan accessories and spare parts at very competitive prices.

If it’s coming up to your campervan’s birthday (and don’t try to tell us that you don’t have this date marked on your calendar!) and want to indulge in a wee gift, then browse our Accessories section: from thermal blinds to bike racks, from melamine tableware to wine goblets, you’ll find campervan accessories to spruce up your home-from-home on our site.

If you’re anything like us and spend a great deal of time day-dreaming about your next trip away in the ‘van, you’re also likely to spend time planning the next upgrade, refurbish or addition to your campervan. Every time we go out, we think of something else we want to add or change about ours! And, if you are planning a longer road trip and know that having a box of campervan or motorhome spares readily available is an essential part of the planning, you’ve come to the right place.

Campervan Accessories for Renovations

Perhaps you have plans to renovate your camper’s kitchen? Leisureshop Direct can provide you with the campervan accessories you need to replace fridges, ovens and grills, water heaters, sinks, drainers and taps at prices that you are unlikely to beat elsewhere. Our extensive range of camper and motorhome accessories include those required for all the major functions in your ‘van: water heating, central heating, refrigeration, showering and caravan toilets, water storage, cooking and security. If you’d rather up-cycle the appliances and equipment you already have in your van, you will find our extensive listings of campervan spares invaluable. We have thousands of exploded diagrams to help you see how and where to fit a particular part.

Dometic, SMEV, Bosch and Truma Campervan Accessories

At Leisureshop Direct not only do we pride ourselves on great customer service and fantastic value, we also ensure that the campervan accessories we stock are the best quality, with brands equipment and appliances from Dometic, Bosch, Truma, SMEV and Thetford across our listings. And if you find the part or appliance you need listed cheaper on another website? Tell us – we will do our utmost to match it!

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