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Caravan refrigerators 'need to be thoroughly cleaned' when storing over winter

Storing caravans over the winter months is important, according to Worldofcaravanning.co.uk.

If stored in the correct way, a caravan is then ready to use immediately when the summer months come around again.

It is crucial that caravan refrigeration owners ensure the fridge in particular is spotlessly clean before closing up the caravan. This also applies to the shower, toilet and oven.

Once it has been thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry, the fridge door must be propped open to avoid mould.

So that no frost damage is caused to the caravan, all water should be drained away, the site recommends.

"Whilst having your caravan outside your house is practical when you are using it every week, local bye-laws sometimes dictate that it cannot be stored there year round," the site explains.

According to Campingexpert.co.uk, as well as leaving the fridge door open, small cupboard doors should also be left slightly open for ventilation too. However, close larger doors to prevent warping.