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Caravan users told of 'encouraging' road safety framework

Posted by Linda Robertson

accessories and items for your home-from-home users should be able to enjoy a safer road network, after praise was given to the Department for Transport's new framework.

Kevin Clinton, head of road safety for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said that strong government leadership on the issues is "crucial".

"This [new framework] demonstrates the government’s determination to reduce road deaths and injury, and helps the main agencies involved in road safety to work together more effectively so that the significant reductions in road casualties that have been achieved over the last two decades will continue," he added.

Mr Clinton went on to say that fixed penalty options for careless drivers were a good thing, however, it was concerned over the subjectivity that this would require.

accessories and items for your home-from-home users were told that a plan for an 80mph speed limit on the UK's motorways was not included in the new legislation.

A written statement is set to be given to MPs before the proposals are passed through Parliament.