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Dorema Caravan Awnings - the 2018 and 2019 improvements

Dorema have been market leaders for years, producing innovative quality at the lowest possible prices. With Main offices in The Netherlands, all production occurs within the EU. The designated English distribution site is in Castleford, and they also have sales offices in France, Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Finland.

Ever developing, Dorema caravan awnings are renowned for the perfect fit, due to the huge size array. So how do you find the perfect fit for your caravan? To find the perfect fit, you need to measure from the ground, up and over the caravan side that you intend to fit the awnings to, and then down to the ground on the other end. Following the built in track of your caravan really helps to get the perfect measurement. Remember, dependant on your pitch, the distance from floor to caravan might vary slightly, as you may need to use the stabilisers to level your caravan. You must ensure any variant in this distance stays within the size bracket. Then all you need to do is cross reference your measurements with the sizes available. The smallest size available for a Dorema caravan Awning is 4 – this is a measurement of 725 – 750cm. Each size increases in increments of 25cm, some awnings go all the way to a size 22, which encompasses a massive 1175 to 1200cm. So you see, Dorema really does cater for all sizes of caravan!

Getting the perfect fit ensures optimum performance from your awning – allowing the draft skirt system to sit well and minimising draughts and leaks. The multifunctional draft skirt is a special solution that works for all aerodynamic caravan shapes.
Dorema Awning size guide
Along with the multifunctional draft skirt, the new Dorema President and Garda Awnings feature a double zip system. The unique Annex double zip system allows you to replace the side panel after the annex had been fitted; this creates a handy storage area that can stay out of sight until needed. Otherwise, you could always add an inner tent to the annex to insulate the annex and create a cosy sleeping space. All the annex designs are specific to the awning – ensuring a perfect match in fabric and intended use. On most Dorema awnings, there is a central net ventilation panel that can be closed with a zipped panel. The high quality curtains can slide on and off a sewn in plastic track, so the curtains can be cleaned or removed easily. The zips are covered with matching material for extra protection and a smooth visual aesthetic. All these small details reflect Dorema’s dedication to ensuring the best experience possible with their Caravan Awnings.
Dorema awning features
Dorema categorise their awnings for intended use, so bear in mind your average usage when purchasing your awning.
There are seasonal awnings, suitable for constant use and longer periods from March to October, such as the Garda 240, 240 deluxe and XL270, and the President 250, XL280 de luxe and XL300. The Horizon AIR is also seasonal, and features the easy air frame system, which makes pitching far simpler! No metal frame to construct, just make sure the air pressure is monitored; any additional inflation is a normal part of the long term maintenance of the seasonal pitch.

There are touring awnings that are suitable for long touring holidays and short breaks, so these are ideal if you intend to use the awning approximately 8 weeks of the year between March and September. Included in this category are the Daytona Poled (240, XL270 and XL300), and also the Daytona AIR. The new air frame of this Daytona reduces pitching time as it simply inflates once positioned! Dorema even have a De Luxe Electric air pump, which is a High performance, rechargeable pump, with integrated 12V DC battery and standard 110-240 AC DC adaptor. The Pump is perfect for quick inflation of Dorema Air awnings, such as the Horizon and Daytona Air, saving the need for manual pumping.

Dorema poled awnings come with 25mm diameter steel poles as standard – you can upgrade the pole structure for an additional price. You can choose whether to replace certain parts by purchasing the poles individually, or you can acquire a whole new frame. The simplest upgrade is to the thicker 28mm steel poles, which is designed to be a stronger frame. The poles and frames are also available in 28mm aluminium, which is a much lighter material and reduces the overall weight. It is rust free and half the weight of the steel poles, but unfortunately is not recommended for seasonal site use. If you want strength and a lighter weight, fibre tech poles are the answer. Using the very latest in fibreglass frame technology, Fibre Tech Plus is a top quality woven fibreglass tube that is incredibly strong, easy to handle and simple to erect. The unique construction of the Fibre Tech poles ensures maximum strength at all times.

When seasonal pitching, you need to consider adverse weather conditions, and Dorema have you covered with additional items that will help keep your awning where you left it!

All Dorema awnings are equipped with Safe Lock System clips for fitting Storm straps. This set of two straps, springs and anchors is designed to provide extra protection for your awning in severe weather conditions. This latest development in awning security eliminates all known problems with other types of storm straps. You can also purchase a storm poles for your awning – designed to add extra stability to any Dorema awning.
Once you have your Dorema Caravan Awning pitched and secure, you can add a homely touch with a Dorema Starlon Carpet. Dorema's user friendly carpet ensures optimal compatibility with your new awning as is produced in both grey and blue. This new, user friendly carpet is available in an array of sizes and it is suitable for weekend campers as well as the more enthusiastic permanent site camper.

The Dorema Starlon carpet incorporates environmentally friendly fibres into an exclusively designed weave structure; Dorema have been able to make the Dorema Starlon carpet lightweight and incredibly strong, with a texture that is soft and comfortable, especially when the little ones are running around in their bare feet. Accidental stains such as coffee or red wine are easily removed by using a damp cloth. Any stale smells from underneath the carpet are prevented due to the special breathable weave construction of Dorema Starlon carpets.

All new Dorema awnings come with a Quality certificate, which guarantees the awning for 2 years. Dorema use the very latest technologies available to ensure their products are trouble free, and that you, the customer, are able to have many happy holidays with their products.
Dorema Starlon Carpet size Guide