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With all the environmental reports and information, we are all becoming far more conscious of our environment. We have a duty to help the planet, and that is at the forefront of many minds. When you are at home, you are required by your UK council to recycle along-side your rubbish collections to minimise waste. Even shops now make you think about the amount of bags you need, and encourage you to reuse ones you already have. Saving electricity is eco-friendly and wallet friendly too – who doesn’t want to save money on the utility bills?! Don’t let all that good work go to waste when you head off on your camping adventure! There are so many things you can do while on site to reduce your carbon footprint, and here is some Eco Camping Equipment to help you.
1) A huge thing you can do to help the environment is get on your bike! All you need is good old leg power to go out and explore your new surroundings on a bicycle! It is so easy to take your bicycles with you, and with a host of bike racks available to add to your host of Eco camping equipment, there will be something to suit any situation. Whether you are a couple in a caravan, or a family in a motorhome, you will find a suitable bike rack here. Cycling has always been one of the most eco-friendly modes of transport – they can be simple to use and maintain, and amazing exercise too! You can average 12 mph on a bike, as opposed to 3 miles per hour on foot. This greatly expands your adventure radius while maintaining completely clear air! No burning fossil fuels, no fumes, just the whizz of wheels as you peddle. Add a reusable water bottle and saddle bags for carrying a picnic; now you are set to enjoy a full day at your own speed. When packing a picnic, think about single use plastic – I know it’s easy to consume individually wrapped items, but it is up to you to make better choices. Beeswax wraps are fast becoming a great wrapping choice – easy to use and reuse, these are generally made of fabric scraps, which again is astoundingly economical. Add to this the fact that the wrap is far more breathable than plastic; it allows food to stay fresh for longer, reducing plastic and food waste.
Get on your bike
2) Being eco-friendly isn’t all about recycling. Making conscientious choices when choosing your cleaning products can also minimise your impact. There are special dry wash Eco cleaning solutions for the exterior of your caravan or motorhome, such as Miracle Drywash. These negate the use of water, and no harmful chemicals are washed away onto the floor, so it’s a win, win! Add this cleaner to your Eco camping equipment; it can be used anywhere without worrying about the surface underneath your ‘van; Simply spray on, wipe with a clean cloth, then wait a few seconds and wipe off with another clean cloth! Super simple, no water required, and leaves a lovely shine finish.
3) Another way to minimise your water usage is to install an economical shower head. The Ecocamel Jetstorm Shower Head is designed to give you a power shower feel whilst saving water and electricity. Or you can up your style game with the Orbit Showerhead. Both of these shower heads feature a unique inbuilt Aircore Technology that injects air directly into the water stream, which means you use up to 45% less water. The jetstorm can be used on low flow systems, and with the patented technology that draws air through an air intake and mixes it with water flow, it creates turbulence that in turn increases the water pressure coming out of the showerhead. So that means no more trying to wash in a trickle of water! You will find that you actually spend less time in the shower, as the power shower is far superior in rinsing product away.
4) Do your part and go bamboo! We all know that plastic is a huge burden on the environment – from the production to disposal, so next time you need to buy a set of crockery, chose a different material. There is no need to compromise on style or durability, and they are light and easy to clean. They don’t scratch and mark up like plastic, and bamboo is fast becoming the material of choice. The compressive and tensile strength of bamboo, coupled with its flexibility, makes bamboo crockery a durable option. The material itself is ridiculously sustainable (did you know that some species of bamboo can grow up to 4cm per hour?!) and it is believed that the viscose fabric has a unique antimicrobial bio-agent, which makes is antibacterial, antifungal and odour resistant. So swap out your plastic purchases, and it even has a smaller footprint than metal, as the acquisition of the material is far less impactful upon the earth.
5) Fit solar panels to the top of your ‘van! Great for the environment, and perfect for the cost conscious among us! Generate your own electricity and be self-sustainable, plus there is no need to hook up and pay rates on the campsite! All you need to do is mount and wire a master panel, and then see how many add-ons you can fit onto your roof! As the sun hits the panel, the kinetic solar energy is absorbed and converted into a source of energy - this will power your laptop as well as your fridge or any other electrical accessory in your caravan. They work best in constant sunlight, so bear that in mind before you pitch under a tree! The subsequent converted power can be used to charge your leisure battery; it is surprising how little sun is actually required, so you can still manage Eco camping uk, even with the English weather! A 50w solar panel can produce up to 3 Amps each hour in bright sunny conditions. On a good sunny day, allowing for the changing position on the sun in the sky (lower in the morning and evening, overhead at noon), you should expect a 50w panel to create 14 to 18 Amps of battery power. As mentioned, most solar panel systems will still produce power in less than ideal conditions.
solar panels are the perfect eco camping choice
6) Go fair-trade! It is reassuring to know that fair-trade fabric is helping the cotton farmers by ensuring they get a good price for their produce. It is believed that fair-trade is making a significant positive impact on the world, so make sure your reusable shopping bags are fair-trade cotton, not plastic. Eco camping equipment can be morally rewarding too!
7) Use bio toilet cleaner. The Aqua Kem Green is an environmentally conscious, highly effect cleaner for your cassette or portable toilet. It stimulates biological activity in your waste tank; Micro-organisms biologically break down the toilet waste in the tank, while still delivering outstanding odour control. You can even empty into a septic tank, due to the earth friendly biological properties.
8) Swap to LED lighting! LED has fast become the lighting of choice, and it is possible to install in most circumstances! LED bulbs offer low energy consumption with significant light performance. The LED bulbs contains white LED’s built into a plastic or glass housing, and the LED’s have 90º beam angle for significant light output. LED bulbs don’t get warm during use, so significantly reduce heat build-up (and accidental burns!). Comparatively, a traditional 10W halogen G4 bulb consumes 10 watts (0.81A); this is the same output as for 8 LED bulbs!! Switching to LED means that you do not need to worry about running your leisure battery flat just to get a bit of light and it’s also great for the environment!
9) Swap screens for board games! Charging Ipads and phones and other electronic devices can be quite a strain on your consumption. Go old school and enjoy traditional games. Camping and vanning is all about getting away from it all – escape the screens when it’s raining! Take the time to get consumed with a board game – they are great for personal interaction and giving the other people in your life your undivided attention. You will be surprised at how refreshing it can feel to step away from screens, and it is amazing for your mental health too. People thrive on personal interaction – use this time to reconnect with your fellow campers and add games to your Eco camping equipment.
10) Trickle charge your van when it is not is use! Prevent flat batteries with this amazing little device, which slowly trickle charges your battery with a solar panel! No need for jump leads or booster packs, as this little device, when used correctly, can ensure your battery never dies! Complete with crocodile clips or 12v lighter adapter, the trickle charger ensures there is no over change or damage to your battery, while helping to maintain a charge.
Being eco-friendly doesn’t need to be a hassle – it can save you money, waste and your sanity!
What Eco camping equipment do you swear by? Let us know so we can all benefit from a cleaner earth. Let’s make Eco camping UK the way forward.
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