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The best camping chairs in 2020

The best camping chairs in 2020.......tried and tested

Currently most of us are dreaming of sunny adventures in our home away from home, whilst we muddle through this rather rainy, dank January! Use the dark evenings wisely and brainstorm all of the ways you can make your future escapades more exciting and most importantly more comfortable. We thought we would take the time to review some of the best camping chairs that are available for this season. Here at Leisureshopdirect we sell a great selection of folding camping chairs, that you can browse through, and will suit all your adventurous needs and they come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Everyone can be comfy on the campsite!!

Best camping chairs in 2020

What are the best camping chairs in 2020?

After a long fun day of playing campsite games, swimming and exploring the local countryside, sitting down on the hard-uneven floor of your awning, the damp grass or perching on the caravan steps, isn’t really what you deserve and soon becomes a little tiresome! Roughing it for a weekend might be bearable, but if you venture on longer camping holidays, you need to invest in the best camping chairs for you and your loved ones so that you can have the comfiest holidays possible. These types of portable, folding, or inflatable camping chairs will make a massive transformation to your campsite contentment. You may decide that portability (like being able to attach to your rucksack) is the most important best camping chair factor, so you will need to consider the size and weight, or you may only need your camping chairs to fold up and stack well and be focusing on optimum padding and luxury. Some of our customers like to maximise comfort but also be able to use their chair at the table for mealtimes and evening card games. The best camping chair for you will depend on what type of camper you are! Generally, the more comfort you want the heavier the camping chair will be. Who knew there would be so many decisions to make about something as simple as a chair? Many camping chairs (and all the ones we sell here on Leisureshopdirect) these days are very good quality and will last a long time if you look after them properly, so you want to make the right choice as your behind could be well looked after for many seasons to come! However, don’t panic as we have tried and tested many and are here to talk you through some of our bestselling camping chairs.

Outwell Grand Canyon camping chair

Outwell Grand Canyon Camping Chair in detail
Dimensions: 74 x 75 x 122/136cm (WxDxH)
Weight: 6Kg
Max Loading weight: 150Kg
Material: Textiline, 100% polyester mesh with quick-dry foam. Powder coated aluminium frame.
Seat height: 45cm
Reasons to buy- 7 unique seating positions, moulded removable head rest and extra backrest padding for ultimate comfort, extra width and easy to put up and down.

If you want one of the very best camping chairs with enhanced comfort, at an affordable price, then you will be very pleased with the Outwell Grand Canyon Camping Chair. It is very pleasing on the eye and the ability to adjust the angle of the back rest into 7 different positions makes it a very versatile chair. A comfortable place to lie back and catch the suns rays, a slightly reclined armchair for reading your favourite book or a perfect seat to pull up to the table and dine in. It’s 45cm seat height (same as a household dining chair) makes it the ideal dining chair. The extra seat and back rest padding allows you to settle in comfort……..great news for those of you who plan to do a lot of taking it easy, after you’ve completed the pitch up marathon!

If you sometimes need a helping hand to get up (applicable to us all after a few glasses of our favourite tipple!) the hard arm rests will provide you with a great deal of support and you can safely push down on them to facilitate your rise! These armrests are ergonomically designed with an easy grip. This really is a very sturdy camping chair. The Outwell Grand Canyon also boasts a width of 74cm, quite a lot more room than other standard camping chairs, with widths of around 65cm. Very nice to clamber into ones sleeping bag and still fit into your favourite chair on a cold evening! If you are looking for this chair, but not in the wide option then the Outwell Kenai Camping Chair offers you all the same comfort and features but in the standard size. This luxurious camping chair combines a quick-drying padding with Textiline mesh fabric and features a water repellent material beneath the fabric to prevent the foam padding from soaking up water if left out in the rain. It is wipe clean, durable and Outwell provide reassurance with the 3 year warranty they offer. I purchased two of these Outwell Grand Canyon camping chairs a few years ago and the only down side I can possibly think of is that they are so comfortable it is everyone’s mission is to claim one first and I hardly ever get to sit in one!

Outwell fabric

The Outwell Grand Canyon Camping Chair is made from a textiline mesh fabric.

Isabella Thor camping chair

Isabella Thor Camping Chair in detail
Weight: 5.5Kg
Max Loading weight: 120Kg
Material: Polyweave (60% PVC Coating/40% Polyester) with aluminium frame
Seat height: 45cm
Reasons to buy- 8 unique seating positions, v comfortable moulded head rest, easy to put up and down, fab sleek modern look

You’ve had a very fun, busy day and have just poured yourself a glass of your favourite wine. All you need to do is sit back and relax, whilst keeping one eye on the kids playing in the distance, whilst you way for the scrumptious dinner being cooked by your partner. Well the Isabella Thor folding camping chair is the key to this well-earned vision being real! It is by far the most popular chair made by Isabella and they have been making it for a number of years now, having always received very positive reviews. This is genuinely a very comfortable chair and as you would expect from an Isabella product, you definitely will not be disappointed with the quality. It is constructed of a strong, but lightweight aluminium frame so is very easy to move around and won't contribute too much weight to your payload. The comfort is partly due to the material used, which is a very hard-wearing polyweave and also gives the chair its fabulous modern and sleek look. It comes complete with a neck support / head rest and again this is a very versatile camping chair as it can be put in any one of eight positions. This means you can wine and dine in it, or just as easily an afternoon nap or star gaze on a cloudless night! The hard arms give assistance for standing and its design makes it a sturdy seat, even on uneven ground. There are optional extras for the Isabella Thor camping chair, like the Isabella chair foot rest, Isabella side pocket or the Isabella Chair Bags, that really help your campsite life to be luxurious and easy. Its also worth mentioning that they are light for a large chair and super easy to open out and put away. There’s nothing more humiliating than pitching up at a busy site and having to tussle with wilful folding chairs, in front of other relaxing smug campers, especially if your awning wasn’t well behaved on erection!
The Isabella Thor foot rest

It is possible to buy a foot rest to go with the Isabella Thor Camping Chair

Outwell Lake Superior camping sofa

Outwell Lake Superior Inflatable Sofa in detail
Dimensions: Size: 170 x 83 x 74 cm (WxDxH) (Pack size: 51 x 20 x 42 cm)
Weight: 10Kg
Material: 100% polyester and frame of sturdy and durable inflatable PVC
Seat height: 37cm
Reasons to buy- great for snuggling up- fits 2 adults, easy to put up and down with a built-in 230W

So you have your camping chairs and are perfectly happy with them, but you want that bit of extra comfort when watching TV or relaxing in the evening. Transform your awning into a comfy sitting room by sinking into the Outwell Lake Superior inflatable sofa and discover comfort without compromise. The sofa fits 2 adults and is the ultimate in outdoor living as it has a built-in 230W pump for easy inflation. It has a removable cover, so it’s easy to clean, but is also very soft and durable as its PU coated. Although not ideal for using at the dining table, with it’s seat height of 37cm, there is room in most awnings for a comfy corner, to help the kids wind down, reading a book or watching their favourite movie. If you have the space you could also get the Outwell Lake Huron inflatable chair, an armchair which matches the Lake Superior sofa……ultimate comfort in your home away from home.

Vango Embrace camping chair

Vango Embrace Soft Arm Camping Chair in detail

Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 88cm (WxDxH)
Weight: 5Kg
Max Loading weight: 120Kg
Seat height: 49cm
Reasons to buy- cosier wrap-around feel, extra width and easy to put up and down, v affordable price

If you are looking for a strong, sturdy chair that has a less rigid structure, then the Vango Embrace wrap-around chair is perfect for camping and caravanning trips. It really offers a snug and comfortable hugging feel, whilst giving you a lot of room to get comfy. These are very popular chairs amongst our Leisureshopdirect customers and we have had nothing but 5 star reviews for the Embrace. The Vango Embrace is made from a steel, texturized frame, making it strong and reliable for all kinds of outdoor uses and it is very sturdy even on the most uneven ground. Vango have designed a fantastic camping chair here and its at a very affordable price. Look at it…doesn’t it shout out sit in me!!!!

Folding camping chair sofa, the Outwell Sardis Lake

Outwell Sardis Lake Sofa in detail
Dimensions: 125 x 57 x 97cm (WxDxH)
Weight: 8.1Kg
Max Loading weight: 2 x 120Kg
Material: 100% polyester, two tone, with powder coated steel frame
Seat height: 50cm
Reasons to buy- seats 2 adults (more small children!), easy and quick to put up and take down, more homely feel, great look

Why not get cosy and curl up together with your family on the ultra-comfy Outwell Sardis Lake padded folding two-seater sofa. It is extremely robust with its solid steel frame and the ultra-soft cushioning offers home comforts anywhere. It has been conveniently designed with features like a very handy pocket at the back, especially useful to stow away a book when the kids are shouting for help. Exceptional home from home comfort combining rugged steel frames with durable, well padded fabrics……what more could you want?! We have found the Outwell Sardis Lake sofa ideal for our children to sit up at the camping table for dinner. Its extra height is ideal for them and it helps to keep them confined!

Chairs, chairs, chairs…it’s easy to misjudge how much we depend on them for comfort and ease until we are away from home. After a day or two of camping or touring without something comfortable in which to park one’s posterior, however, is enough to make it apparent just how important they are for a civilized holiday. Hopefully, whether you are looking for folding camping chairs, inflatables, wrap-arounds like we have discussed or for different styles like directors chairs or beach chairs, you will find out what suits you best here on Leisureshopdirect.