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Caravan Air Conditioners

Now that you have got your caravan all tucked up ready for the winter and will not be using it for a few months, now is the time to consider improving the caravan accessories you have. If you travel abroad in the summer you might have found it very hot in your caravan. Have you ever thought of having an air conditioning unit fitted? Now would be the time!

Exactly what do we mean by air conditioning?

The generally accepted definition is a system that both cools and dehumidifies the air. This latter aspect is very important as lowering the humidity is a major factor in achieving comfort levels. Air conditioning systems that work by refrigeration achieve these goals. The systems used are similar in principle to those found in domestic refrigerators. A refrigerant gas is compressed and cooled along with the resulting cool liquid is then allowed to vaporise inside a heat exchanger through which the air within the van is passed. This vaporisation process produces a very cold gas which cools heat exchanger. Air passing through the heat exchanger is thereby cooled and excess moisture condenses out so the resulting air feels much fresher and less humid.

Why fit air conditioning?

It is a fact that our climate is getting warmer and, in recent years, we have seen record summer temperatures. Temperatures of 38.5 °C (101 °F) has been measured in the UK. With temperatures soaring towards these sorts of levels even shady pitches may become uncomfortably warm. And, whilst warm summer temperatures aren't guaranteed with the UK they actually are for a lot of areas of mainland Europe, especially the popular camping destinations of Southern France and Spain. Within these sorts of climatic conditions the relatively lightweight construction of caravans and motorhomes implies that they can heat (and cool down) quickly making some type of temperature control important. (The white, cream or silver exterior finish seen on 99.99% of the caravans and motorhomes makes a contribution to this by reflecting heat during the summer time and reducing radiated heat in the winter.) Shady pitches and open windows is only able to do so much to help keep the temperature down, beyond that air conditioning is needed.

Clean, fresh air in your caravan

Types of Air Conditioners

The south of France, Spain, Morocco - some holiday destinations that can really can heat up. So it’s liberating when the climate inside of your caravan provides you with a comfortable environment to suit you. There are several air conditioning units on the market - the leaders are those manufactured by Truma and Dometic.

Truma Air Conditioning Units

Internally Mounted Air Conditioning Units

These products are made to floor mount inside a bed box or similar space and preferably close to the axle. What this means is they will have little impact on the outfits stability when on the move. An additional advantage is the fact that, for any given cooling capacity, Truma’s units appear to be a little bit lighter than other designs. Cooling air is drawn in and expelled via the floor or side of the vehicle. Wiring is generally easy but ducting is required to have a proportion of your cold air to some higher level to be effective. With some van layouts this may be simple to achieve by hiding the piping inside existing furniture. However, where this is not possible, it might be difficult to get a neat installation

Storage compartment air conditioning systems such as Truma’s Saphir air conditioning systems, you can adjust the cooling temperature of the vehicle exactly to the own taste. A high cooling power level along with effective humidity reduction and ideal air distribution means your camping holiday is guaranteed to be a relaxing experience, wherever the ideal destination is. Installation in the storage compartment shifts the centre of gravity downwards, improving the handling o