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Best camping tables for 2020

The best camping tables of 2020

Are you combatting the January and Feburary blues by dreaming of the forth coming season’s adventures in your beloved home away from home? Well, we avid caravan and motorhomes owners here at Leisureshopdirect definitely advise it, since it certainly helps take the edge of the current dank, rainy weather! So, continuing the theme of last week’s blog of optimum comfort and practicality focussing on the best camping chairs, The best camping chairs of 2020......tried and tested, we thought we would now look at the best camping tables for the 2020 season.

Granted that on the whole, a camping table may at first glance seem a relatively banal purchase, but if you like the outdoors and al fresco dining, then a camping table can greatly enhance your campsite life. Maybe you have a vision of your family and friends enjoying quality time with a scrumptious dinner under the stars, or perhaps you enjoy camping in remote places and need a lightweight, easily transportable table. If it’s just the two of you, you might be looking for a very sturdy smaller camping table, that’s still easy to move in and out of the awning and one that can be conveniently stowed away when not in use. The best camping tables effectively extend your living area from your awning into your pitch space. You will find the they keep campsite life a lot more organised and accessible. You could also use them for stowing your camping essentials, away from the dust and ants, especially at night when your table is not in family use.

Vango Granite Duo Range of tables

The best camping tables give you extra space for food preparation, a hearty meal with wine, playing cards or a board game, building space for toys like Lego, or a lovely space to place a lantern and watch the evening stars. A heavier camping table can be used for placing barbeque grill (please note only very sturdy camping tables are fit for this type of use) and can be used for preparing and cooking food on the table. The camping tables may have convenient storage pockets, cup holders and drawers that you can store your pots, pans, cutlery and dishes when not in use, or a place to clear books, pens and toys when the table needs to be set. You could even arrange your camping kettle and cups on top of the table for a make-shift drinks station during the day.

If you lead a hectic life, getting away can often be a great time to catch up properly with family members, spending valuable time chatting. Well, finding the best camping table, that has the right space and comfort for you, will mean you catch up and dine with optimum relaxation!

So, lets look at the best camping tables of 2020:

Before we look at each of these in detail, let’s just delve into the characteristics of the best camping table before you consider buying one.

Straightforwardness of putting up and down
It’s easy to overlook this attribute when buying one and we all hate having fellow campers eyeballing us, as we struggle to set up any aspect of our pitch! Even if you are purchasing one online, it is pretty easy to work this out by looking at the design of the table and analysing how easy they are to fold and unfold. Always a good idea to check any reviews of the best camping table for you by other campers, as if your design does have problems, other customers have usually written about them.

Size and shape of table when folded down
Firstly, you need to consider what type of camper you are. If you have your caravan on a seasonal pitch, you will probably not be overly concerned about how small your camping table folds down to. If you like touring all over and you have lots of other camping essentials to squeeze into your car, then folded size is probably more relevant. So, check that your table can be easily folded into a compact pack, so that it is easier to manoeuvre it around and stow safely away. You may like to look for a camping table that comes with a carry bag.

Weight of the camping table
If you are wild camping, then the best camping table for you will definitely weigh as little as possible. If you enjoy touring in your home away from home and have the space to stow away a heavier table, weight may not be such a concerning factor. Still, it’s always a good plan to keep the pay load of your caravan in mind, so minimising weight is never a bad thing.

The best camping tables offer a rigid structures and stability, so it is a good idea to scrutinise the design of the legs on the camping table you are most interested in. Many of the camping table designs have adjustable legs, which enables you to make your table level and steady on sloping or uneven ground.
Whether you are seeking a camping table to seat just the two of you or to seat your expanding family and friends, we have some ideal possibilities below. So, take a pew and explore Leisureshopdirect’s best camping table reviews, to help you find the right one for you.

Relax in luxury with the best camping tables

The Outwell Corda Picnic Table Set

  • Frame: Steel
  • Size: Table: 86 x 86 x 71 cm (WxLxH) / Chair: 43 x 40 x 75 cm (WxLxH)
  • Max load: Table: 80 kg, Chairs: 100 kg
  • Table top: Durable and waterproof plastic
  • Seat Height: 43 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Pack size: Table: 43 x 86 x 6 cm / Chair: 43 x 5 x 91 cm
  • Weight: 14.8 kg

The Outwell Corda Picnic table

Get the family together with the Outwell Corda Picnic Table Set, which is ideal for families of 4 or a group of friends. It really is a great set for the garden or camping holidays with its waterproof moulded plastic table top and four chairs that literally unfold in seconds. Its inner steel frame makes it a very sturdy option. There is no assembly required, so you can literally get going and pitch-up! The built-in plastic handle makes it easy to move when not in use. There is also a carry bag which makes it very easy to move around and stow away when you are on the move. Lounging around, playing board games or cards, with a glass of your favourite wine is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of camping and with the Outwell Corda Picnic Table Set your perfectly safe from it keeling over in a breeze!

The Vango Granite Duo 120 Camping Table
If the weather suddenly takes a turn for the better whilst you are out and about touring, there is a great possibility you could become inundated with family and friends! If you know this is likely to happen to you it may be worth investing in a larger camping table to save your new guests from having to eat dinner on their laps! One of the best camping tables for you would be the Vango Granite Duo 120 Camping Table.

  • Weight: 5.82kg
  • Packsize: L81.0 x H61.0 x W7.0cm
  • Max Load: 30kg
  • Length: 120.0cm
  • Width: 80.0cm
  • Height: 71.0cm

The Vango Granite Duo 120 Table

As you would expect from the world renowned Vango brand, the Vango Granite Duo range is very durable, good-looking and of high quality. The Granite Duo 120 is the larger table in the range and has a large granite effect table top (which is very easily cleaned, has a modern look and is extremely resilient), that can comfortably seat up to 6 people. A very useful feature is the ability to adjust the legs so you can set the table to stand at coffee table level, which is great for children building toys or just for you to set your drinks on in the day. Or it can be adjusted to dining table height, so you can wine and dine whenever you like. It is also worth mentioning that camping chairs come in all different shapes and sizes, so their seat height might not be standard, but with the leg height adjustment of the Vango Granite Duo table range, you can always have your table at a convenient height for you to sit at. With this best camping table, you also have the ability to alter the feet, which ensures you a stable, level, surface on uneven ground. Not only that, the Granite 120 table is lightweight and compact due to its aluminium frame, making it easy to store and transport to and from the campsite, whilst being very strong. It does not come with a carry bag because it folds into a compact carry case design. With a high maximum lading weight of 30kg, you and your loved ones can feast like kings!

If you like the look of Vango Granite Duo 120 Camping Table, but you don’t have as many campers to cater for, then don’t panic, as Vango have thought of you all! The Vango Granite Duo 90 table is perfect for a group of four and the Vango Duo 60 table comfortably seats two. We have known campers to buy the Duo 60 as a side table for camping essentials like kettles, cool boxes and then when guests come, they can have it next to the Duo 90 or 120 to create a larger seating plan, but still keeping everything looking co-ordinated and ship shape! Alternatively, you could opt for the 8 seater, the Vango Granite Duo 160 Camping Table.

The larger Vango Granite Duo 160 Camping Table

The Vango Granite Duo 160 will allow you to seat lots of loved ones.

The CPL Compact Camping Table
If you are new to the exciting life of camping and don’t yet have much camping furniture, then why not solve two problems with one solution and get the CPL Compact Camping Table and 4 chairs, as it comes with four matching chairs, all at a very reasonable price.

  • Strong Steel Frame
  • Max load 100kg
  • Textile mesh easy wash fabric
  • Folds to a compact size
  • Size: 116 x 65 x 57cm (HxDxW)

  • 4 Adjustable legs
  • Easy clean surface
  • Size: 80x 60 x 69cm Height
  • Weight: 6.6kg

The very popular CPL Compact Camping Table and chairs set

The CPL is definitely one of the best camping tables, as it is one of our best sellers and our customers are always very happy with it. It has a great clean looking surface and will suit any camping occasion. It is simple, yet stylish and it is very versatile as it comes with handy adjustable legs for altering the table height or to level up on uneven ground. It is foldable to a compact size for easy carrying and storage. These Crusader Lollipop Chairs have built in pillows and 6 different incline settings, making them perfect for dining, reclining slightly for comfort reading or laying back, relaxing in the sunshine. They take a maximum load of 100kg. If you already have the best camping chairs for you and your loved ones, then the https://www.leisureshopdirect.com/outdoor/camping-furniture/tables/cpl-compact-camping-table CPL Compact Camping Table can be purchased on its own and will comfortably seat 4.

The Outwell Kamloops Camping Table
If you are looking for the ultimate more environmentally friendly option, that is super stylish, but very durable, then the Outwell Kamloops Camping Table could be a very good option for you.

  • Frame: Aluminium
  • Size: 72 x 100 x 70 cm (WxLxH)
  • Pack size: 37 x 100 x 8 cm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Max load: 80 kg
  • Table top: Bamboo

The Outwell Kamloops Camping Table

The Outwell Kamloops Camping Table is a hardwearing, smart and environmentally friendly table made from lightweight bamboo. It’s sleek lines and colour really make it stand out……why not add a splash of glamour to your homely pitch! Kamloops is ideal for campers who want a stylish package of modern design, comfort and durable materials. It is water resistant for short periods, so it won’t matter if you go out on an adventure and it rains. The adjustable feet mean you can make it level and stable on uneven ground. The practical handles make for easy portability and it isn’t too heavy to manoeuvre it around. Once folded, it has a small pack size and included is a carry bag to save it from scratches and make storage even easier.

The Outwell Kamloops Camping Table folds down well

The table top being made of Bamboo has a number of braggable advantages! Bamboo is a very durable wood. The outer layer of the stem is quite dense and strong. It has a tensile strength (ability of a material to resist forces trying to pull it apart) slightly lower than steel and about 10 times stronger than soft woods such as pine. Its flexural strength (ability of a material to bend without breaking) is higher than any other wood, so bamboo is both flexible and elastic. As a result, items made from bamboo tend to be very resilient and resist breaking when placed under stress. As it is amongst the fastest growing plants, with some varieties growing up to 4 cm in an hour, compared to other wood it can be a much more easily replenished natural resource……we all need to be thinking about the environment with any purchases we make in the current climate. It is also very pleasing on the eye, so a great option to make the best camping table with!

The Vango Orchard 86 Camping Table and Chairs Set
In my family, we have two young children and surprise, surprise they are very capable of making a mess when eating, which generally ends up in having to give our material camping chairs a very good wipe down. The Vango Orchard 86 Camping Table and Chairs set would be a very good solution for us as we have a seasonal pitch so don’t have to pack everything up very often. We could keep our (quite expensive) material camping chairs for relaxing and have this Vango set for dining. We have the space in our awning for both!

  • Weight: 14.4kg
  • Packsize: L86.0 x H25.0 x W44.5cm
  • Chair Depth: 47.0cm
  • Chair Width: 40.0cm
  • Chair Height: 71.0cm
  • Seat Height: 45.0cm
  • Seat Width: 35.0cm
  • Max Load: 80kg

The Vango Orchard 86 Camping Table and Chairs Set

Be a glamorous camper, look sophisticated at meal times with this this matching table and seats! The Vango Orchard Table & Chair Set gives great comfort and convenience, with style, but remains very practical, making it one of the best camping tables. This is an excellent camping addition for all family meals on the campsite. The Vango Orchard Table and Chair Set features a large table and 4 chairs which are lightweight and waterproof. The table top is easy to clean and completely waterproof, so you don’t need to be worried about bringing it into the awning every night. With a steel frame, it is strong and reliable and the handy carry handle for easy transportation, makes this set perfect for campsite meals wherever you may be. A really trusty family camping table that will last you for many camping trips to come.

Relax at your camping table

We have only really looked at camping tables suitable for dining (although some can be lowered for other uses) and there are many designed for other uses. For example, the Outwell Nain Low Camping Table is a very popular choice by our customers. It makes an ideal coffee table, a bedside unit or a small table for the children to play.

It is easy to misjudge how much we depend on a sturdy, level table for our comfort and ease until we are away from home. After a day or two of camping or touring without something practical and comfortable to pull a chair up to it becomes very clear how important they are for a civilized holiday. Hopefully, whether you are looking for a table for two, or one that seats many, a very lightweight table, or one that is extra sturdy, like we have discussed here, you will find out what suits you best here on Leisureshopdirect. Many of the best camping tables do not come with chairs, meaning you will need to purchase some separately, but don’t panic because we have a huge array of folding camping chairs that will suit your chosen camping table.

Wishing you happy, comfortable camping!