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Dometic 10 series Fridges

Dometic 10 series Fridges

Dometic fridges are the norm for caravans and RVs. But few caravanners know how far back this love affair between Dometic fridges and recreational vehicles goes. It all started in Sweden, the cradle of technological innovations and the birth place of Electrolux Leisure Appliances. Virtually unknown to us today, this company established the brand Dometic in the USA in 1968. Since then, it has focused exclusively on Mobile Living, a concept that had always been at the core of the business. Five decades down the line, here we are, still very fond of this brand in the UK. At Leisureshopdirect, we understand the need for efficient and powerful mobile refrigeration, and that's why we stock the popular Dometic 10 series.

Browse our website for a great selection of Dometic 10 series fridges designed specifically for motorhomes, campervans, and caravans. We have a great range of fridges to choose from, each with distinguishing innovative features to suit any application. Simply browse our catalogue for the ones that will serve you the best. Rest assured, choosing the right fridge won't take long. The Dometic 10 series boasts best-in-class cooling technology.

For campervans, stylish van conversions, and luxury motorhomes, we recommend compressor-powered technology. Known as two-way refrigerators, the appliances that use this technology are fuelled by both 12-volt battery and 230volt power. They can be a slightly noisier than an absorption fridge, but they run efficiently on battery power, switching from one source to the other automatically. Offering strong and consistent cooling, they can double up as freezers. They also operate at full efficiency regardless of ambient temperature or inclination. In comparison absorption fridges only bring the internal temperature down compared to the ambient temperature. In the UK this is not too much of an issue but if you spend time in the hotter climates of Europe then you would definitely benefit from owning a compressor style fridge. To enjoy all these benefits, look no further than the RC 10.4 and 10.5 models - part of the Dometic 10 series. And for added peace of mind, browse our catalogue for extra batteries and chargers, to make the most of your fridge in every situation.

To caravanners looking for reliable mobile refrigeration, we recommend absorption-refrigerators. Also known in the touring industry as three-way refrigerators, these appliances operate on 12-volt battery power, 230-volt battery power, and LPG gas. They're also silent, which makes them ideal for caravan owners who spend a good deal of the day indoors. The fact that they need to be level to run is also an important point to recognise. When it comes to safety, ventilation is a basic requirement for three-way fridges, meaning that there will be the requirement of an external vent fitted onto your caravan, campervan or motorhome. This is why compressor style fridges are so popular among van converters as they do not require an external vent. How many VW T6 van conversions do you see with an external plastic vent screwed to the side…not many is the answer! Another disadvantage of absorption fridges, as previously highlighted, are that these fridges are affected by ambient temperature.

Whichever model you choose, you can do so knowing that Dometic is a name synonymous with quality, and Dometic 10 series fridges, in particular, feature some spectacular specs. Keep your food and drink fresh in your campervan, motorhome, or caravan with a fridge that's easy on the eye, extremely convenient, ergonomic, and elegant. These appliances come with a crisp and compact outline, metal handles, intuitive controls, and excellent cooling performance.
Take the Dometic RC 10.4 range, for example. It comes with 70L or 90L capacity – more than enough for a touring family. Both these stylish Dometic 10 series fridges feature compressor technology, a must-have for boats, panel vans, and campervans. If ventilation is a problem, choosing the right fridge needn't be. These are noiseless and spacious appliances with removable freezer compartments and a built-in front ventilation panel. Whether yours is a Fiat Ducato, a Ford Transit, or a Mercedes Sprinter, it can easily be retrofitted with Dometic 10 series fridges from the RC range. To top it off, both models feature LED light bars, two-point locking mechanism, LED display, and a boost function for fast-forward cooling.
A step up from the 10.4, the Dometic 10.5 range features models with doors that can open both ways. So, rather than choose a side to fit your hinges on, upgrade to the 10.5. The double hinged door makes opening from every angle a breeze, prevents little accidents, and saves you space in the process. But that's not the only reason to choose a Dometic RMD 10.5T or 10.5XT. These latest generation absorption refrigerators come with automatic selection for their energy source. Be it a 12 V, 230 V, or gas hook-up, this clever fridge will decide the most efficient source for every situation. But the most obvious feature of the 10.5 range is the storage space. The Dometic RMD 10.5T comes with 153L of space, while the Dometic 10.5XT boasts a whopping 177L capacity. To top it off, the eye-catching TFT soft-touch control panel is flush with the door and very easy to operate.

Whichever of these models you opt for, you can do so knowing that Dometic 10 series fridges are backed up not only by Dometic's reputation, but also a very generous 2-year warranty. And we here at Leisureshopdirect make it our business to see to it that you're happy with your order. Buy your fridge online and have it delivered in a flash to your home, office, or even campsite.