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A short break offers 'a taste of a place'

 Posted by Greg Throughton

A short trip can be the perfect way to get a taste of a place, an expert has told people with Seitz caravan rooflights.

Heather Carswell, a spokeswoman for Lonely Planet said to caravanners that spending a few days in a place can "entice you to return on a longer visit and explore" what else there is on offer.

A recent study by Continental Tyres revealed that from the age of 18 the average Brit will go on six short trips a year and but only take three long trips every two years.

By doing this they will travel an average of 4,146 miles every year and by the age of 24 they will have driven the same distance as if they had circumnavigated the world.

Ms Carswell added that going on a short holiday has the advantage of being able to fit around work and family commitments and they often cost less than a longer break.