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Are Brits 'losing touch' with the UK countryside?

Posted by Linda Davidson

Caravan taps owners could be losing touch with all of the ways they can enjoy the British countryside on caravan trips, the National Trust has suggested.

The group has announced a six-month Outdoor Nation nationwide project following a series of studies which indicated a disconnection with the natural environment.

Reports have shown that 64 per cent of children play outside less than once a week and the distance children stray from their homes has decreased by 90 per cent since the 1970s.

Fiona Reynolds, the trust's director-general, said that for generations British people marvelled at the beauty of the countryside through art and literature and explored what it had to offer.

She added: "We can't ignore the fact that, whether through pressures of time or physical access, as a nation we seem to be increasingly disconnected from the fabric of the country."

Perhaps more worryingly, 26 per cent of teenagers believe that bacon comes from sheep and children are more likely to recognise a dalek than a magpie.

Lonely Planet recently urged Brits to make the most of their days off after a survey revealed that the nation is wasting their time off work.